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Home » Inagora Co., Ltd. Inagora, which operates a cross-border e-commerce business, captures inbound demand and fully supports Cosme Kitchen’s “Tabi Mae” and “Tabi Ato” measures.

Inagora Co., Ltd. Inagora, which operates a cross-border e-commerce business, captures inbound demand and fully supports Cosme Kitchen’s “Tabi Mae” and “Tabi Ato” measures.

Inagora Co., Ltd.
InAgora, which operates a cross-border e-commerce business, captures inbound demand and fully supports Cosme Kitchen’s “Tabi Mae” and “Tabi Ato” measures.
~ Increasing awareness with Redbook and promoting repeat purchases with the Wandou app ~
InAgora Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and CEO: Yongyeon Weng; Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; below: “InAgora”) has partnered with “Cosme Kitchen” (hereinafter referred to as “Cosme Kitchen”), a natural and organic select shop operated by Mash Beauty Lab Co., Ltd. (President: Yoko Toyoyama, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo). We will begin strengthening measures against inbound visitors (foreign visitors to Japan) in the kitchen. Recently, as the yen remains historically weak and the number of inbound tourists increases, “cross-border
e-commerce” is attracting attention as a way to get customers to purchase additional products they found in Japan after returning home. As a measure to capture inbound demand, InAgora uses pre-travel marketing measures to lead people to stores during their stay in Japan, and to continue purchasing through online stores such as the Fangdou app to receive purchases and additional purchases after returning home. We will provide you with.
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Outline of partnership with Cosme Kitchen
Cosme Kitchen’s concept is “Delicious food for your skin and soul.” We carefully select natural items from around the world, including unique natural and organic cosmetics, aromas, herbs, miscellaneous goods, and detergents. I am proposing it. From March 2024, we will start selling products from three brands: F ORGANICS / O by F / Mitea ORGANIC on the Fengdou app.
Inagora has been operating the Fengdou app since 2014, offering a wide variety of Japanese products suitable for cross-border e-commerce, and targeting Chinese customers who are fans of Japanese products. In addition to the Fengdou app that we operate, we have also opened flagship stores on multiple e-commerce platforms from major Chinese companies, making full use of marketing methods unique to China’s SNS that are suited to the characteristics of each e-commerce platform. We have developed a complex business in China and have accumulated cross-border e-commerce management know-how.
Chinese travelers use SNS to complete everything from the planning stage of their trip to sharing post-trip reviews, so it is important to create points of contact and approach individual travelers on China’s unique SNS, which is the most used. Masu.
InAgora, which has strengths in China’s unique SNS management, has recently opened an official Cosme Kitchen account on the SNS app “Redbook”, which is called the Chinese version of Instagram, and through content production and distribution. , we will strengthen our efforts to increase awareness with an eye on inbound demand. In addition, we will promote purchases through the cross-border e-commerce service “Fengdou App” operated by InAgora as a place for repeat purchases after returning home.
Expectations for cross-border e-commerce due to weak yen effects and recovery in inbound tourism
According to the “Trend Map 2024 First Half” released by Nikkei BP in May 2024, which analyzes trends in the fields of marketing,
consumption, and technology, the future potential score of
“cross-border EC” in the consumption trend field increased by 0.27 points. 3.67, showing the highest growth in future prospects since the previous survey. Demand is expected to continue to grow, with the number of foreign visitors to Japan exceeding 3 million in a single month for the first time in March 2024. The reason why we are focusing on cross-border e-commerce is to play the role of a receptacle when these foreign visitors to Japan feel an affinity for the products and company brands they encountered in Japan and want to purchase or make more purchases after returning home. The prevailing view is that there is huge hidden potential for growth.
Inbound measures provided by InAgora
InAgora offers a total approach to attracting customers through a series of “Tabi Mae”, “Tabi Naka”, and “Tabi Atto”.
1. Tabi Mae: Agency official account management, word-of-mouth measures, KOL promotion on China’s mainstream SNS
2. Tabi Naka: Measures to attract customers to stores mainly based on China’s mainstream SNS + popular reviews
3. Travel Atto: At the cross-border EC service “Fengzu App” operated by InAgora, and the proxy purchasing service “Nichita City Shu”          Providing a place for repeat product purchases
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Inbound measures provided by InAgora
InAgora will continue to introduce more Japanese products to customers around the world, including China, and provide a place where they can enjoy Japanese products and lifestyle.
What is Cosme Kitchen?
[Image 3:×295.jpg] Delicious food for your skin and heart.
It’s all about more than just your skin and hair.
To deliver something that makes your heart happy.
Cosme Kitchen is a select shop that stocks unique natural and organic cosmetics from around the world, as well as aroma and herbal teas, miscellaneous goods, detergents, and other natural items.
■Official WEB STORE:
■Official Instagram: ■Official Twitter:
■Official LINE:
■Mash Beauty Lab Co., Ltd. Overview
Head office location: 5F Kojimachi Dai Building, 5-7-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Company establishment: September 2010
Representative Director and President: Yoko Toyoyama YAMU
Business details: Manufacture, import, and sale of cosmetics URL:
■Inagora Co., Ltd. Overview
Head office location: 6th floor, Sumitomo Ichigaya Building, 1-1 Ichigaya Honmura-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Company establishment: December 15, 2014
Representative Director and CEO: Eiji Okina
With the slogan “Shopping has no borders,” we operate a cross-border e-commerce business that sells excellent Japanese products and services overseas via the Internet, as well as complex ancillary businesses such as content production, logistics, and overseas marketing associated with the above. I am. We started our business with a focus on the Chinese market, and have expanded our business to include Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and North America, delivering high-quality Japanese products to users in target countries. InAgora is a one-stop solution-type B to B to C cross-border e-commerce company that solves all of the problems that Japanese companies face when considering expanding overseas: cross-border information, cross-border logistics, and cross-border payments. We operate the platform “Wandou Platform”. By taking charge of all processes such as product translation, logistics, payment, marketing, customer service, and expansion to other channels, we absorb the cultural gap between Japanese companies and overseas consumers and support Japanese companies’ expansion overseas. . Japanese companies can expand into huge overseas markets simply by shipping their products to InAgora’s Japanese warehouse, which is easier than adding a single domestic e-commerce shop.
[Image 4:×803.jpg] “Wandou Platform” image
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