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Home » Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture Multicultural coexistence halo-halo strange! A Filipino woman from Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture, who aims to make society halo-halo, appears in “Fukuchiyama Incident”!

Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture Multicultural coexistence halo-halo strange! A Filipino woman from Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture, who aims to make society halo-halo, appears in “Fukuchiyama Incident”!

To all members of the press
Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture
Multicultural coexistence halo halo strange! A Filipino woman from Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture, who aims to make society halo-halo, appears in “Fukuchiyama Incident”!
◆The 8th installment of the “Fukuchiyama Incident” series to support “changers” who are changing the land associated with Akechi Mitsuhide! ◆Josephine Taniguchi, who struggles to support foreigners after experiencing cultural and language barriers, appears.
Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture, which is associated with Mitsuhide Akechi, has participated in the latest work of the city promotion project “Fukuchiyama Incident”, which supports “changers” who take on challenges and change the city. We welcome Josephine Taniguchi from the Philippines, who is striving for cultural coexistence. At the same time, we will launch the multicultural coexistence project “Hello! Hello Hello Project.”
[Image 6:×2700.jpg] “The Fukuchiyama Incident” is a citizen-participation series project in which creators active in the advertising world and city hall staff work together to introduce people who are taking on challenges to surpass Mitsuhide Akechi, who built the foundation of the city. . We are spreading the word about Fukuchiyama’s “changed people” through posters and full-page newspaper advertisements.
The eighth eccentric person is multicultural community organizer Josephine Taniguchi, affectionately known as “Karen.” Having faced cultural and language barriers when moving to Fukuchiyama City, I have been devoting my energy to supporting foreigners for many years. Fukuchiyama City, where more than 1,200 foreigners currently live, is making further changes in order to achieve multicultural coexistence, “a world where all people can mix and mingle and respect each other” as described in the headline of this work. Masu. Starting this year, the city’s project in which Karen also participates will be called the “Hello! Halo-halo Project,” using the Filipino word “halo-halo,” which means “mix and mix,” and as a kick-off, Karen’s thoughts will be widely communicated. For this purpose, we created two types of posters for “Fukuchiyama Incident”, one in Japanese furigana and the other in English.
The motif is halo-halo, a Filipino shaved ice that means “mix and mix.” The upper part of the “Fukuchiyama Incident” visual shows what is inside the mind of the changed person. Karen’s motif is the shaved ice “halo-halo,” which is a typical sweet from her home country of the Philippines and symbolizes multicultural coexistence. Halo-halo means “mix together” in Tagalog. Ingredients unique to the Philippines (ube [purple yam], sago [tapioca], etc.) and ingredients introduced from Spain, America, and Japan (leche flan [pudding], ice cream, ice, red beans) are placed in a bowl, stirred, and eaten. . With the
cooperation of Karen and other Filipinos and producers in the city, this product is the only Fukuchiyama x Philippines product that includes ingredients from Fukuchiyama (Tamba chestnuts, strawberries, black beans, red beans, eggs, rice). It became a unique halo halo. Hello-halo project started! Hello hello exchange meeting too We positioned this announcement of the “Fukuchiyama Incident” as the kick-off for the “Hello! Hello Hello Project,” and we plan to hold a “Urban Development Seminar where Foreigners Can Participate” on July 23rd (Tuesday), and “Karen” on August 4th (Sunday). We will be actively engaged in activities such as “Halo-Halo Exchange Meeting with Ms. Karen”, “Bon Odori Exchange Meeting proposed by Karen! Participated as a foreign dance group”, and study sessions in mid-August. (Co-sponsors: Fukuchiyama City, NPO Kyoto Tamba/Tango Network)
[Image 2:×612.jpg] “Fukuchiyama Incident” Part 8
“To create a world where all people can mix and match and respect each other.” There are currently over 1,200 foreigners living in Fukuchiyama. In recent years, the circle of support for foreigners has expanded, and one person who is also involved in support activities as a foreign immigrant is Josephine Taniguchi (commonly known as Karen).
Karen’s activities are difficult to explain in a few words.
From hosting multicultural exchange events to providing support for visa procedures and providing care for families struggling with language barriers and children who are not attending school, we are dealing with a variety of issues that are difficult to see.
Despite being told that it must be very difficult, he says, “Helping people is what makes me happy.”
Karen introduced me to halo-halo (shaved ice dessert), a typical sweet from her home country of the Philippines.
“Halo-halo means “mix it up” in Tagalog. Food from many different countries is mixed together to create an exceptionally delicious dish. I’m sure the people and cultures are the same.”
Karen hopes for a world where everyone can shine in their own way. That strong will is still saving someone today.
Josephine Taniguchi
(Multicultural Community Organizer)
Cooking cooperation: Vivian Nakai, Lisa Ezaki
Ingredients provided by: Ueda Farm, Okuda Farm, Green Farm Sogo, Kobayashi Farm, THE610BASE, Hata Chestnut Garden (in alphabetical order)
Fukuchiyama Changes vol.8
“I wish for a world where everybody ‘mixes together’ and respects each other.” Fukuchiyama City is currently home to more than 1,200 foreign residents. The circle of support for foreigners has been expanding in recent years, and Josephine Taniguchi (also known as Karen), who is herself a foreign resident, has been actively involved in support activities. Karen’s activities are difficult to describe briefly. From organizing multicultural exchange events to assisting with visa procedures and caring for families struggling with language barriers and children who have stopped attending school, she handles a wide variety of issues, many of which are difficult to grasp and to resolve. When we asked her how hard this must be for her, she responded cheerfully, “Helping people makes me happy.”
Karen introduced us to Halo-halo, a typical shaved ice dessert in her native country, the Philippines. “Halo-halo means ‘mixed’ in Tagalog. It symbolizes the various culinary influences of many countries in the Philippines. A mixture of different ingredients , it has a wonderful assortment of textures and flavors. I believe the same is also true of people and cultures.” Karen wishes for a world where everybody can shine in their own way. It is her strong will to “save someone every day.” ”
Josephine Taniguchi
Multicultural Community Organizer
Tranlated by Josephine Taniguchi
Fukuchiyama Changes is a project to support people who face and take on challenges.
Change person profile & comments
Ms. Josephine Taniguchi [Multicultural Community Organizer]
Josephine Taniguchi | Born in the Philippines, currently living in Fukuchiyama City. Commonly known as “Karen”. Filipino community organizer of the NPO Kyoto Tanba/Tango Network, representative of the Kyoto branch of Filipino English Teachers in Japan Global, and director of the English conversation school Good Life English School. After working as a supervisor at a hotel in the Philippines, he moved to Fukuchiyama City over 20 years ago. Based on her experience of experiencing difficulties in terms of culture and language, she has been engaged in support activities for many years, including supporting foreigners living in Japan with official procedures and caring for children and families with foreign roots who are not attending school. In addition, he is active in a variety of fields toward the realization of a multicultural society, such as lecturer activities in and outside the city to teach about English and other cultures, and in 2023 he will be a panelist at a disaster prevention symposium in the city.
[Image 3:×3900.jpg] Ms. Josephine Taniguchi (Mr. Karen)
[Image 4:×3900.jpg] Multicultural coexistence project “Hello! Hello Hello Project” has started! Everyone who cooperated with the “Fukuchiyama Incident” and project members
▼Comment from Josephine Taniguchi
I’m working as a volunteer here in Fukuchiyama and Kyoto City, as well as in some other places, with various public and private
organizations. One of the participants in one of my volunteer activities under TanTan (Kyoto Tanba Tango Network) was a staff member from the local government promoting the “Fukuchiyama no Hen” project. After a presentation, she approached me and asked for some details about “Halo-Halo.” She told me, “It’s so delicious,” which amazed and made me happy. She then asked me to include it in their project, “Fukuchiyama no Hen.” Through this project, we can share multicultural coexistence and promote “living an easy, peaceful, and comfortable life in the community.”
I am so grateful for being given the opportunity to be a part of this project. It was a valuable experience working with the whole team; your support and collaboration were essential to our success. Heartily, I will continue as a volunteer to share and help the people in the community in my own simple way. From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much.
(Japanese translation below)
I do volunteer work with various public and private organizations here in Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto City, and several other locations. One day, when I was volunteering with Tantan (NPO Kyoto Tanba/Tango Network), one of the participants was a city hall employee who was in charge of the Fukuchiyama Incident. After the meeting, she came up to me and asked me more about Halo-Halo. I was surprised and happy when I was told that it was “very delicious.” Then, he asked me to add halo-halo (mixed kose) to “Fukuchiyama Hen”. Through this project, we are sure to be able to communicate multicultural coexistence and promote “living comfortably, peacefully, and comfortably in the community.”
I am truly grateful for the opportunity to participate in this project. Creating “Fukuchiyama Hen” with the entire team was a valuable experience, and it was only with everyone’s support and collaboration that we succeeded. As a volunteer, I will continue to share and help people in the community with all my heart and in my own simple way. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. the next deployment
▼Fukuchiyama City Multicultural Coexistence Project “Hello! Hello Hello Project” ○ “Hello-Hello Exchange Meeting with Karen” will be held on August 4th (Sunday) at THE 610BASE! Details will be announced in early July. (Fukuchiyama Hen HP, Fukuchiyama City official Instagram and official X)
○Other lineups include “Urban development seminar where foreigners can play an active role” July 23rd (Tuesday) @ Happiness Fukuchiyama, “Karen’s idea! Bon dance exchange event where foreigners can participate as a dance group” mid-August Such. Announcements will be made from time to time.
○ Poster posting (sequentially): Fukuchiyama Castle castle tower / JR Fukuchiyama Station Concourse North Exit Vision / Fukuchiyama City Library Central Building / Civic Exchange Plaza Fukuchiyama 1F Vision / Fukuchiyama City Hall / various locations in the city, etc. *Recruiting locations for B2 posters
○Full-page advertisement in local newspaper (Ryotan Nichinichi Shimbun) (dated July 3)
“Fukuchiyama Incident” series so far
What is “Fukuchiyama Incident”?
Fukuchiyama City’s city promotion project “Fukuchiyama Hen” is a citizen participation series that supports “changers” who are taking on challenges and changing the city. The purpose is to expand the circle of challenge and the circle of support.
The eccentric people, creators active in the advertising world, and city hall staff work together to create the visuals, and widely introduce the eccentric people of Fukuchiyama City through posters, full-page newspaper advertisements, etc.
“Mitsuhide Mind Project” Vol. 3 is themed on the “challenging spirit for town development = Mitsuhide mind” inherited from Mitsuhide Akechi, a local Sengoku warlord who attracted attention in the Taiga drama, and as a project commemorating the 85th anniversary of the city’s incorporation, a Mitsuhide look-alike will be created. After public recruitment, the program will start on June 2, 2022 (440 years after the Honnoji Incident). We have introduced the statement “Fukuchiyama Incident Begins.” and 8 people who have changed so far. We are also holding a night talk event using the library, giving away goods and hometown tax donations.
[Image 5:×2205.jpg] “The Fukuchiyama Incident Begins” edition (2022)
Mitsuhide Akechi Lookalike Contest Grand Prix Ao Akiyama [4th year student at Fukuchiyama Public University] *At the time
Part 1: “I want to create an encounter with sustainable music” (2022) Sawako Yoshida [clarinetist/entrepreneur] *At the time. Currently, he has taken a break from performing and is focusing on being an entrepreneur.
Part 2: “I want to make Fukuchiyama a city where people can be proud to be from” (2022)
Shichi Iwaki [SomAbito Representative/Camp Life Creator]
Reference: “‘Wanting to be useful’ leads to ‘wanting to do’” (2023) Toyafumi Sasai [7th Oeyama Oni Soba Shop Co-Manager]
Part 4: “I want to make agriculture more vibrant by connecting people, things, and things” (2023)
Kanako Kobayashi [Representative of Kobayashi Farm]
Part 5: “I want to make Kebara a village that will last for a thousand years” (2023)
Kazuya Mizuguchi [Representative of Kebara Rice Terrace Wonder Village Project] Part 6: “I want to deliver the sake produced in the Rokuninbu” (March 2024) Jun Imagawa [11th generation brewer of Towa Sake Brewery]
Part 7: “We want to make Fukuchiyama a city full of dreams and support through sports” (April 2024)
Mr. Shota Katano [Representative of Fukuchiyama United General Incorporated Association]
Part 8: “A world where all people can mix and respect each other” (July 2024) Josephine Taniguchi [Multicultural community organizer] *This work For details on each, please visit the “Fukuchiyama Incident” website
“Fukuchiyama Incident” Part 8 Staff Credit
CD/C: Maiha Sato AD: Moe Furuya Photography: Kyozo Kira D: Yuri Yoshida Photography technique: Kenichi Okamoto Retoucher: Motonao Sakurai Hair and makeup: Junko Yoshikawa Cooking cooperation: Vivian Nakai, Lisa Ezaki Ingredients provided by: Ueda Farm, Okuda Farm, Green Farm Sogo Kobayashi Farm THE610BASE Qin Kurien (alphabetical order)
“Fukuchiyama Incident” Part 8 Japanese furigana version
[Image 6:×2700.jpg] “Fukuchiyama Incident” Part 8 English version
[Image 7:×2700.jpg]

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