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Yasui Construction Home&nico Disseminating the appeal of Home & Nico on YouTube – Interview conducted by housing concierge Ukai

[Yasui Construction Home&nico] Disseminating the appeal of Home & Nico on YouTube – Interview conducted by housing concierge Ukai
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Press release: July 2, 2024
Spreading the appeal of Home and Nico on YouTube – Interview conducted by housing concierge Ukai
*Introducing our commitment to performance, high level of design, and knowledge, including earthquake resistance tests not found in other companies and the early introduction of housing performance labels* *
Yasui Construction Co., Ltd. (Home & Nico | Representative Director: Koichi Yasui), headquartered in Konan City, Aichi Prefecture, operates a housing business centered on new housing, remodeling, renovation, real estate, etc. According to housing concierge Ukai A special interview video has been released on YouTube. Mr. Ukai is an expert who carefully selects and introduces only excellent construction companies from all over the country based on “correctness and health.” This time, he visited Home & Nico and introduced its unique technology and services. *
In the video that was released, Mr. Ukai gives a detailed introduction to Home & Nico’s features and strengths, and introduces the design philosophy we use to build houses through a model house on a small lot.

The video can be viewed from the YouTube link below.
There are three features of Home and Nico that were introduced in the video. *1. We have 9 first-class architects with a wealth of knowledge and experience. A first-class architect will be in charge*
The model house that incorporates passive design boasts a high level of design power, even though it is a high-performance house with calculated air flow. The selection of materials and design shines through to make your home larger and more beautiful even on a small space.
* 2. Conducted seismic diagnosis of all buildings for exciters* Home and Nico is also thorough in seismic diagnosis. Based on the seismic strength calculated on the drawings of the house, we also perform dynamic earthquake resistance diagnosis using a vibrator on the actual house. By actually shaking the house a family lives in and evaluating its seismic performance, you can build a stronger house.

For detailed earthquake countermeasures, please see the link below.

3. Quickly respond to energy-saving performance labels
The energy-saving performance display system is a new system that started in April 2024.
This system is a national effort to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050, and aims to improve the energy-saving performance of existing homes, such as existing homes and pre-built homes, by making the
energy-saving features of homes available to consumers. It is displayed in an easy-to-understand manner.
Energy-saving performance labels clearly indicate a home’s energy consumption performance, insulation performance, and estimated utility costs at a glance, but this is not mandatory for custom-built homes. However, from the moment the house is handed over to the customer, a newly built house is also considered a “used house.” Therefore, at Home & Nico, we will discuss this energy-saving performance display system with our customers and discuss ways to protect their assets.

At Home and Nico, we regularly hold various tours, including the model house that we interviewed. Please feel free to join us for a tour.

Yasui Construction Co., Ltd. Home&nico
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