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KGK Kyodo Giken Chemical Co., Ltd. Primer for electroless plating “Metapian”

[KGK Kyodo Giken Chemical Co., Ltd.] Primer for electroless plating “Metapian”
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Press release: July 2, 2024
Primer for electroless plating “Metapian”
*Process transformation = contributing to CO2 reduction*
High-performance electroless plating primer solution “Metapian”

Kyodo Giken Chemical Co., Ltd. (KGK) has developed a high-performance primer (undercoat) that can greatly simplify the pretreatment process for electroless plating. A high-quality plating layer can be formed by simply applying a primer to the base material and drying it. In addition to improving productivity by consolidating processes, it can also contribute to resource conservation. We will propose this product for future uses in electronic devices, automobiles, functional materials, etc. We have developed a high-performance electroless plating primer called “Metapian.” Because the particle size of the solution is minute, ranging from 50 nanometers to 150 nanometers (nanometer is 1/1 billion), it is difficult to precipitate and has excellent dispersion stability.
Uniform plating can be achieved on non-conductive materials such as resins, ceramics, and non-woven fabrics. It is heat resistant up to 330℃ and maintains adhesion even under high temperature conditions. Electroless plating does not use electricity, but forms plating by immersing it in a plating solution. In addition to being able to handle three-dimensional shapes and irregular curved surfaces, it has a uniform thickness and can be plated on wiring patterns. Normally, 10 to 25 or more pretreatment steps such as degreasing, etching, and water washing were required, but with Metapian, pretreatment can be completed in just two steps: coating the base material and drying, making it possible to significantly shorten the process. This reduces the amount of environmentally hazardous substances used in the plating process, leading to a reduction in waste liquid and raw materials. The price is expected to be around several tens of thousands of yen per kg.
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