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Home » Hagiwara Co., Ltd. Hagiwara Co., Ltd. has added a new size to its “close-up tatami mats” that are connected and do not shift.

Hagiwara Co., Ltd. Hagiwara Co., Ltd. has added a new size to its “close-up tatami mats” that are connected and do not shift.

[Hagiwara Co., Ltd.] Hagiwara Co., Ltd. has added a new size to its “close-up tatami mats” that are connected and do not shift. *Hagiwara Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 3, 2024
Hagiwara Co., Ltd. has added a new size to its “gap-free tatami mats” that are connected and do not shift.
*3-sided connected type and 6-sided connected type have been added, making it easier to match with various scenes. *
Hagiwara Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture), an interior manufacturer that has been providing rush products for 132 years since its establishment, will introduce a new size of “tatami mats” that are connected and do not shift from the end of August 2024. We will start selling on our EC site.
The conventional 9-sided connected type is approximately 4.5 tatami mats when expanded, but in response to requests for a more compact size, we have created a 3-sided connected type (approximately 1.5 tatami mats) and a 6-sided connected type (approximately 3 tatami mats). ) has been added to make it easier to match with various scenes.
You can combine multiple pieces according to the size you want. * Just unfold it to create a tatami space. Folds compactly when not in use* “Gap-free tatami mats” are tatami mats that are half tatami-sized and are sewn together using a special method. Normally, when you lay tatami mats, they tend to shift over time as you go about your daily life, making it easy for dirt to accumulate. “Gapless tatami mats” have tatami mats connected to each other, so they won’t shift. It becomes compact when folded, making it convenient for cleaning and transport.

* “Rush” has a humidity control effect and “resin” is durable and can be wiped with water *
■Igusa type
Igusa’s ability to regulate humidity by absorbing moisture in humid environments and releasing the retained moisture in dry environments is like a natural air conditioner. You can stay dry and comfortable even in the humid Japanese summer.
We also recommend placing it under your futon and using it like a tatami mattress.
■Resin type
It has the wonderful features unique to polypropylene, such as “high durability,” “resistant to mold growth,” “resistant to sunburn (discoloration),” and “non-staining.” Recommended for those who like the atmosphere of tatami and Japanese-style rooms, but don’t like the scent of rushes.
It can be wiped clean with water, so it is safe for homes with small children and pets.

* You can choose from two colors: green and brown. *
* In addition to the conventional 9-sided connection, 6-sided connection and 3-sided connection are newly added. Now easier to match with various scenes*
■9-sided connection type
Size: Approximately 225 x 225 x 1.1cm (approximately 4.5 tatami) Folded size: approx. 75 x 150cm
Price: 24,990 yen (tax included)
■6-sided connection type
Size: Approx. 150 x 225 x 1.1cm (approx. 3 tatami mats)
Folded size: approx. 75 x 75 cm
Price: 14,990 yen (tax included)
■3-sided connection type
Size: Approximately 75 x 225 x 1.1cm (approximately 1.5 tatami) Folded size: approx. 75 x 75cm
Price: 7,990 yen (tax included)
Development started from concerns raised by the child-rearing generation. Our company has been developing, manufacturing, and selling tatami mats for many years. Development began based on feedback from employees who were raising children that their children would shift the tatami mats and dirt would accumulate in the gaps between them. While coming up with various ideas, we found a new form of connecting tatami mats and began manufacturing it.
Comment from Tsukimoto, the person in charge of development, Product Development Department
In order to connect multiple tatami mats without shifting them while folding them compactly, the connecting parts needed to be durable. We installed a new sewing machine specifically for connecting tatami mats at our factory, and completed a series of prototypes using a special sewing method. The 9-sided connected type has a registered design. (Registered Design No. 1771657)
We considered various ways to fold it, and decided on the current folding method while considering the balance between “compactness” and “fewer gaps.”
We would be happy if you could enjoy using tatami mats easily. *About Hagiwara Co., Ltd.*
Founded in Kurashiki in 1892 (Meiji 25) as a wholesaler of rush production areas. Currently, we are expanding globally from planning to manufacturing, importing, wholesaling, and retailing interior products in general.

Company name: HAGIHARA Co., Ltd.
Address: Head Office/884 Nishihara, Nishiachi-cho, Kurashiki-shi, Okayama Prefecture
Main phone number: 086-465-6016
Established: 1892
Capital: 48 million yen
Representative Director and President: Hideyasu Hagiwara

* About Hagiwara Factory *
We are an online shop based on the concept of “enriching your life starting with just one piece.”
We sell rugs, carpets, and interior accessories made with carefully selected materials, focusing on the rush products that Hagiwara Co., Ltd. has been handling since its founding.
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