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Home » July 10th (Wednesday) On “Ultraman” Day, special items from FREAK’S STORE and the eternal hero “Ultraman ” who protects the earth will be released!

July 10th (Wednesday) On “Ultraman” Day, special items from FREAK’S STORE and the eternal hero “Ultraman ” who protects the earth will be released!

Daytona International Co., Ltd.
July 10th (Wednesday) On “Ultraman” Day, special items from FREAK’S STORE and the eternal hero “Ultraman” who protects the earth will be released!
To commemorate the release of special items, an ultra campaign will be held! A gorgeous ¥10,000 Ultra Coupon will be given to 20 people selected by lottery from among those who purchase “Ultraman” items! ……
FREAK’S STORE, a select shop operated by Daytona International Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director, President and Executive Officer: Akira Sasaki), will open on Wednesday, July 10th. On “Ultraman” Day, special items of “Ultraman”, the eternal hero who protects the earth – FREAK’S STORE some stores – Official online store Daytona Park – Haneda Ultraman POP UP – Ikebukuro Sunshine It will be released at Ultraman Heroes EXPO. In this project, we will focus on “Ultraman”, which everyone knows regardless of age, and will make a total of 11 T-shirts, including 5 “Hero Series” T-shirts, 2 miscellaneous goods, and 4 “Monster Series” T-shirts that appear in the work. We have a lineup of types.
[Image 1:×770.jpg] Item lineup
hero series
The main character of the 1966 work “Ultraman”, Captain Hayata, and the main character of the 1967 work “Ultra Seven”, Dan Moroboshi. FREAK’S STORE will offer 5 types of fashionable hero T-shirts and 2 types of special acrylic stands, including rare T-shirts designed with each transformation scene and T-shirts that collect the marks of the defense forces.
[Image 2:×595.jpg] Item 1. Ultraman transformation TEE shirt
A T-shirt depicting the scene in which the main character from “Ultraman”, Hayata, transforms into Ultraman. It is a penlight type and can transform into Ultraman by pressing the red button. It seems that Hayata’s team once mistook a beta capsule for a spoon.
Product Name: Ultraman Transformation TEE Shirt
Price: 6,600 yen
Color: NAV
Size: M,L
[Image 3:×595.jpg] Item 2. Ultraman transformation TEE
A T-shirt depicting the scene where Dan Moroboshi, the main character of “Ultra Seven”, transforms into Ultra Seven. With a shout, he puts the Ultra Eye on his eyes and transforms into Seven. How can you hear the cry of transformation?
Product Name: Ultra Seven Transformation TEE Shirt
Price: 6,600 yen
Color: NAV
Size: M,L
[Image 4:×595.jpg] Item 3. Bow tie TEE
A must-have T-shirt for fans of the Ultraman series that collects the marks of the organization “Boueitai”, which was established to protect humanity from monsters and aliens.
Product name: Bowei Tie TEE shirt
Price: 6,600 yen
Color: WHT
Size: M,L
[Image 5:×595.jpg] Item 4. Pointer TEE
A TEE shirt with a motif of the high-performance special vehicle used by the Earth Defense Force that appears in the 1967 film “Ultra Seven.” It is equipped with a number of special equipment such as a jet engine and can run on water, and can run at a maximum speed of 365km/h.
Product name: Pointer TEE
Price: 6,600 yen
Color: WHT
Size: M,L
[Image 6:×595.jpg] Item 5. Ultra Seven TEE
The name of Ultra Seven’s space boomerang, a weapon that can be freely controlled by brain waves, “Ice Slugger” is printed on the chest as a focal point. It is said to be the most well-known of Seven’s signature moves.
The design features the silhouette that appears in the opening scene and the word “SEVEN”, which is reminiscent of the Ultra Seven theme song that everyone has heard.
Product name: Ultra Seven TEE
Price: 6,600 yen
Color: BLK
Size: M,L
[Image 7:×595.jpg]
[Image 8:×595.jpg] Item 6. Ultraman acrylic stand
Item 7. Ultra Seven Acrylic Stand
A special acrylic stand of “Ultraman” and “Ultra Seven” commemorating the special items of “Ultraman” and Freaks Store.
Product name: Ultraman acrylic stand
ultra seven acrylic stand
Price: 1,650 yen
Size W 6cm x H 10cm
monster series
Monsters are indispensable for hero stories.
We will be developing 4 types of monster T-shirt series featuring silhouettes of popular monsters.
Pay attention to the kanji for “alien” and “kaiju” on the back.
[Image 9:×595.jpg] Item 8. Kaiju TEE BALTAN
Space Ninja Baltan Alien
Height: micro~50m
Weight: Zero to 15,000 tons
Birthplace: Planet Baltan
Because he likes the Earth, he plots to invade the Earth, breaks off dialogue negotiations with Ide and Hayata midway through, becomes gigantic, and begins to use his power. However, it was not good at the substance “Specium” that exists on Mars, and was eventually defeated by the Specium rays, and its mother ship was also destroyed. Product name: Kaiju TEE BALTAN
Price: 6,600 yen
Size: M,L
[Image 10:×595.jpg] Item 9. Monster TEE GARAMON
monster series.
Meteorite Monster Garamon
Height 40m
Weight 60,000 tons
Birthplace Chilsonia Yusei
It was sent to Earth by the planets in a meteorite called Garadama. With its nimble movements, it destroyed Kumagaya Dam, but when the commands from its electronic brain stopped, it ceased its activities. Product name: Kaiju TEE GARAMON
Price: 6,600 yen
Color: BLK
Size: M,L
[Image 11:×595.jpg] Item 10. Monster TEE KANEGON
monster series.
Coin Monster Kanegon
Height 2m
Weight 200kg
Birthplace: Tokyo suburbs
A monster that dies when the register on its chest reaches 0. The count increases by eating money. A transformed figure of a person obsessed with money.
Product name: Kaiju TEE KANEGON
Price: 6,600 yen
Color: WHT
Size: M,L
[Image 12:×595.jpg] Item 11. Monster TEE GANGO
monster series.
Brain Wave Monster Gango
Height 2.2m~50m
Weight 60kg – 60,000t
Birthplace: Space
At first, Gango only continued to play harmless pranks such as scaring people with a small monster about 2M in size, but after something happened, he turned into a huge and ferocious monster.
Product name: Kaiju TEE GANGO
Price: 6,600 yen
Color: WHT
Size: M,L
Ultra campaign where you can win ultra coupons!
[Image 13:×645.jpg] To commemorate the release of special items, we will be holding an Ultra Campaign.
A luxurious ¥10,000 Ultra will be given to 20 people selected by lottery from among those who purchased Ultraman items between July 10th (Wednesday) and July 21st (Sunday) to be used at Daytona Park. I’ll give you a coupon.
Application method
1.Enter from the entry button on the special page in Daytona Park (
2. Purchase “Ultraman” items from this project between July 10th (Wednesday) and July 21st (Sunday).
●We do not accept inquiries regarding the lottery method or winnings. ●Winners will be notified of their winnings by email address registered as members in early August.
●The prize coupon will be sent to you along with the coupon code when the winner is notified.
●Coupons can only be used at Daytona Park.
●Prizes may change without notice
●Winned prizes cannot be exchanged and winning rights cannot be transferred. ●It may be difficult to connect to the site due to network congestion or failure. Please note.
●You will be responsible for any communication charges incurred when applying. ●This campaign may end without notice.
●You can only participate from a computer or smartphone.
●If you have set the email reception rejection setting (domain specified reception), please set it so that you can receive emails from “”. If this is not set, you may not be able to receive emails regarding this campaign. Please check our privacy policy regarding our handling of personal information.
About sales
In addition to the FREAK’S STORE official online store and directly managed stores, this project item will also be available at the “ULTRAMAN TO THE WORLD HANEDA AIRPORT” held at Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and the Ultraman Heroes EXPO 2024 Summer Festival held at Ikebukuro Sunshine. To do.
At “ULTRAMAN TO THE WORLD HANEDA AIRPORT” held at Haneda Airport Terminal 1, some items will be on sale starting July 3rd (Wednesday). ■Release date/Release store
July 10th (Monday) 12:00~
Official online store “Daytona Park” ( FREAK’S STORE directly managed store
・Tokyo Solamachi
・Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza
・Fukuoka Parco
■EVENT venue store
Venue: Haneda Airport Terminal 1 2nd floor Marketplace
Event period: July 3rd (Wednesday) – August 4th (Sunday) 9:30 – 19:00 (until 18:00 on the last day)
・Ultraman Heroes EXPO 2024 Summer Festival
Venue: Ikebukuro Sunshine City
Event period: First half/STAGE1: July 20th (Sat) – August 5th (Monday) Second half/STAGE2: August 7th (Wednesday) – August 26th (Monday) *Closed on Tuesday, August 6th
About the work
“Ultraman” work synopsis
Hayata, a member of the Scientific Investigation Team, a special team that deals with all kinds of strange incidents, collides with a mysterious red ball while flying a patrol.
His true identity is Ultraman, an alien from Nebula M78. When Hayata loses his life in a collision, Ultraman proposes that he give his life and work for peace on Earth. In this way, they become one and stand against the monsters and aliens that threaten peace.
“Ultra Seven” work synopsis
Earth is being targeted. A terrifying invasion is approaching from space. Fixed-point observer No. 340 of Nebula M78 is moved by the courage of the Earthlings he happens to meet, and decides to stay on Earth as Moroboshi Dan, a young man who borrows that person’s appearance. In times of crisis, he transforms into his original form and fights in cooperation with the elite team Ultra Guard, and is named “Ultra Seven”, meaning his seventh companion.
[Image 14:×180.jpg] It started with the desire to “convey the richness and excitement of America to Japan.”
Since our founding in 1986, we have selected items that we think are really good, mainly clothing, but also culture and art.
A select shop that proposes realistic ways to enjoy a rich lifestyle as a freak who actively enjoys life experience.
FREAK’S STORE Official Online Store “Daytona Park”
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Daytona International Co., Ltd.
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Founded in 1986. Including the core select shop FREAK’S STORE, the sustainability-themed concept store Firsthand, and the communication media FREAK, the first collaboration standard in the select shop industry. Works on residential buildings such as FREAK’S HOUSE. Utilizing the collaboration planning and event production know-how born from the “love” and “enthusiasm” cultivated at FREAK’S STORE, we are also promoting SDGs-related initiatives with unique project contents such as corporate alliances and local promotions. Corporate site (
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