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Home » WILLER Co., Ltd. Inbound experience content “Wander Japan” “Autumn Blossoms and Flavors” where you can enjoy autumn in Japan will be held!

WILLER Co., Ltd. Inbound experience content “Wander Japan” “Autumn Blossoms and Flavors” where you can enjoy autumn in Japan will be held!

[WILLER Co., Ltd.] Experience content for inbound tourists “Wander Japan” “Autumn Blossoms and Autumn Blossoms” where you can enjoy autumn in Japan
Flavors” will be held!
*WILLER Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 3, 2024
Experience content for inbound tourists “Wander Japan” “Autumn Blossoms and Flavors” where you can enjoy autumn in Japan will be held!
WILLER creates new value born from movement and CROSS (fusion) that transcends the boundaries of fields.
ACROSS Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Katsushi Shukutani, hereinafter referred to as “WILLER”)
ACROSS”) is a fall-only experience content “Wander Japan” that allows inbound tourists and foreign residents in Japan to experience Japan’s scenic scenery and beautiful culture.
“Autumn Blossoms and Flavors” (hereinafter referred to as “this tour”) is available on the multilingual reservation site “WILLER TRAVEL” (

Sales will start from today, July 3rd (Wednesday).

In recent years, with the increase in inbound tourists, domestic tourism demand in Japan has changed significantly. Inbound tourists are highly interested not only in the three major metropolitan areas but also in the local nature and culture, and nature experiences and food culture are becoming increasingly popular. On the other hand, the areas where the content is located are difficult to access by public transportation.
The challenge is that there are many cases where it is difficult and difficult to visit. The language barrier is also a major obstacle for inbound tourists.
From this background, WILLER
ACROSS provides content that directly connects attractive spots scattered throughout the region with urban areas and allows you to enjoy the nature and flavors of autumn. Admiring flowers such as cosmos and overseas
The 1-day tour “Autumn Blossoms and
Flavors” was planned following the spring “Spring Flower Tour”.

The main points of this tour are the following three points. 1. Convenience of transportation: difficult to access due to the use of charter buses exclusively for inbound tourists
We connect locations efficiently and provide comfortable transportation. 2. Eliminate the language barrier: Each plan will be accompanied by an English-speaking tour coordinator (tour conductor).
We will guide you to various places, so you can participate with confidence without worrying about language barriers.
3. Providing local experiences: In addition to the main cosmos viewing or fruit picking, each plan includes famous sightseeing.
Since we also stop by facilities and spots, you can have a variety of experiences with one plan.

WILLER ACROSS will continue to strengthen the inbound market and develop attractive services that meet needs.

* ■ [Wander Japan] “Autumn Blossoms and Flavors” tour overview where you can enjoy autumn in Japan *
* ・Tour details: * **

* [Fruit picking plan] *
* -Plan 1.-Grape picking (from Tokyo)*
* Stop by Oshino Hakkai and Oishi Park, tourist spots in Yamanashi Prefecture, * * You can enjoy grape picking at Nakagome Farm. *
[Implementation date] September 3rd (Tuesday) to September 6th (Friday) [Travel fee] 19,500 yen to 22,500 yen per person
* -Plan 2.-Pear picking (from Nagoya)*
* Stop at Monet’s Pond in Gifu Prefecture and Inuyama Castle in Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture, *
* You can enjoy pear picking at Fruitpia Yamanoue. *
[Implementation date] September 1st (Sunday) to September 10th (Tuesday) [Travel fee] 14,500 yen to 17,500 yen per person
* -Plan 3.-Grape picking (from Osaka)*
* Grape picking at Chiba Fruit Park in Wakayama Prefecture, * * Enjoy sightseeing at Mt. Koya Okunoin & Kongobuji. *
[Implementation date] September 1st (Sunday) to September 10th (Tuesday) [Travel fee] 16,800 yen to 19,800 yen per person
* [Cosmos viewing plan] *
* -Plan 4.-Hitachi Seaside Park (departing from Tokyo)*
* Viewing cosmos at Hitachi Seaside Park, *
* You can enjoy roses and other flowers at Ashikaga Flower Park. * [Implementation date] October 21st (Monday), 26th (Saturday) to 28th (Monday) [Travel fee] 15,800 yen to 18,800 yen per person
* -Plan 5.-Dream Cosmos Garden (from Osaka)*
* Stop at sightseeing spots such as Kinkaku-ji Temple and Nara Park, * * You can enjoy various types of cosmos at Yume Cosmos Garden. * [Implementation date] October 14th (Monday) to 16th (Wednesday), 20th (Sunday) [Travel fee] 14,800 yen to 17,800 yen per person
* -Plan 6.-Awaji Hanasajiki (from Osaka)*
* Stop at Onaruto Bridge Memorial Museum on Uzu-no-michi, Uzu-no-oka in Tokushima Prefecture,*
* You can enjoy cosmos at Awaji Hanasajiki. *
[Implementation date] October 20th (Sunday)
[Travel fee] 13,800 yen to 16,800 yen per person
* -Plan 7.-Refresh Park Toyoura (departing from Fukuoka)*
* Stop at Motonosumi Shrine and Akama Shrine in Prefecture,* * You can enjoy cosmos at Refresh Park Toyoura. *
[Implementation date] October 8th (Tuesday), 9th (Wednesday), 12th (Saturday) to 16th (Wednesday)
[Travel fee] 16,800 yen to 19,800 yen per person
*All photos are for illustrative purposes only.
*Actual scenery and photo image may differ depending on flowering conditions. *Entrance fees to each facility and fruit picking experience are included in the tour price listed.

* ■What is WanderJapan?*
“Wander Japan” can only be experienced in that area.
Experiential content for inbound tourists where you can experience “interaction with people”, “culture unique to Japan”, and “Japanese content”
is. Tours where you can feel the four seasons of Japan and walking around the city with a guide
1-day tours where you can enjoy gourmet food and activities, and other activities with local people.
Inbound tourists can easily enjoy interaction and cross-cultural experiences, increasing the value of the experience for participants. * ■WILLER ACROSS company profile*
Company name: WILLER ACROSS Co., Ltd.
Representative: Katsushi Yadoya
Address: WORK VILLA KYOBASHI 6th floor, 1-13-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
ACROSS Co., Ltd. is engaged in a solutions business that provides services that connect people, businesses, and local communities through transportation, solves problems faced by customers, local communities, and society, and creates new value.
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