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Benesse Holdings Co., Ltd. Benesse’s English class B Studio opens a new course “Global Course” to train English skills, thinking skills, and expressive skills that can be used in the world

[Benesse Holdings Co., Ltd.] Benesse’s English class B Studio opens a new course “Global Course” to train English skills, thinking skills, and expressive skills that can be used in the world
*Benesse Holdings Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 3, 2024
Benesse’s English class Be Studio launches a new course “Global Course” to train English skills, thinking skills, and expressive skills that can be used in the world
*A new school building “Global Thinking Specialized School” will be opened in Tokyo, and a high-level course that can be continued from preschool to high school will start in September 2024, and logical thinking will be taught in both native language (Japanese) and English. Instruction in language*

Benesse B Studio Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Yuko Ikeno, hereinafter referred to as B-Studio), a subsidiary of Benesse Holdings Co., Ltd. that operates English classes, has its flagship in Tokyo Opera City (Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku). In addition to opening a new school building, “Global Thinking Specialized School,” we will also start a new high-level course, “Global Course,” on September 2, 2024.

In this course, we will be offering a “Global Course” for
preschoolers and elementary school students this year, and our in-house selected instructors will teach you “logical thinking,” how to formulate your own opinions, and how to communicate, with content appropriate to each age group. We will teach you presentations etc. in your native language (Japanese) and English. We provide an environment that meets the needs of students who want to continue improving not only their English skills but also their thinking and expressive skills from early childhood to university entrance exams, with an eye on future advancement to overseas or domestic universities and global success. To do.
In addition, to launch the new course, we will also hold an
information session and trial lesson session that you can participate in online or in the classroom.
Since its founding, Be Studio has not only been a place to learn English, but also to help each child become who they want to be and what they want to be.
We support the growth of children as a place where they can realize two types of BE (the future they want to become). With this new course, we aim not only to improve English proficiency, but also to help children realize who they are and want to be, and we will make full use of Benesse Group’s resources to provide maximum support. Start with the aim of

* ■Overview of the new course*
Benesse’s English class B Studio “Global Preschool and Elementary School Course” ▶Start date
Monday, September 2, 2024
Hatsudai Tokyo Opera City 2nd floor
3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-1407
“Global Course”: Preschool to high school students
*For the first year, applications will be accepted for students up to the 6th grade of elementary school (courses will be held at any time for higher grades).
*Those aged 0 years, 9 months to 3 years old can enroll in the general course. ▶Lesson format
Up to 140 minutes once a week / Class for 6-8 people
*Varies depending on age and course
Lessons are taught by bilingual or foreign instructors
*Some lessons are taught by a team of two Japanese instructors and a foreign instructor.
▶Course content
For children who are thinking of playing an active role in a global society in the future, we will help them acquire not only the English skills of “listening,” “speaking,” “reading,” and “writing,” but also logical thinking and problem-solving skills that can be used globally. Furthermore, we aim to acquire the expressive ability to logically organize information, situations, and one’s own thoughts and convey them accurately and effectively to others in English.
Toward the above acquisition goals, B Studio provides the optimal curriculum for each skill field, such as “training to develop logical and clear personal opinions” and “acquisition of grammatical knowledge and English expressions to accurately convey one’s own opinions.” To do.
▶Other incidental services
We provide the following additional services upon request.
1. Study room in the classroom and Japanese/English good book corner 2. Learning progress interview (counseling)
3.Providing audio/video teaching materials and apps for home use ▶Tuition Fee Tuition Fee (Monthly)
・Global elementary school course: 27,830 yen (tax included)
・Global infant course: 21,670 yen (tax included)
*Course fees may vary depending on region, etc.

* ■Customer inquiries regarding this course*
* ▶Inquiry number: 0120-815-896*
*Reception hours are 10:00-18:00 (excluding Sundays, holidays, and designated holidays such as Golden Week, Obon, and New Year’s holidays)
*Please call 03-6633-8536 from some internet lines.

* ■About holding trial lessons*

At the Global Thinking School, we will be holding trial lessons for courses for each age group, including new courses, on the following days and times that you can participate in online or in the classroom. For inquiries and applications, please contact the above inquiry number (0120-815-896).

* ■Background of the new course*
EF Education First has been announcing “EF” since 2011.
According to the EPI English Proficiency Index Ranking, the English proficiency of Japanese people is on the decline. The 2023 data released in November 2023 analyzed the test results of 2.2 million people from 113 countries and regions, and Japan was ranked 87th (80th in the previous year)*1 (see chart on the right). Ta. In an era where people are conscious of their future global career paths, it is thought that parents are also widely aware of these issues with Japanese English proficiency.

Perhaps because of this background, the Benesse Educational Research Institute began a joint research project with CEDEP, the University of Tokyo, in 2023, and conducted a multi-year survey of children’s lives and the child-rearing practices of their parents. According to the results of the 2023 survey, approximately 70% of parents wanted their children to acquire English skills that could be used in real-life situations. However, on the other hand, we found that more parents also thought that “I want my child to acquire the ability to think and express” and “I want my child to have a variety of experiences right now.” I did. *2 (Figure below)

*Survey targeting 3,205 households with children born between 2016 and 2017. The numbers in the left (orange) bar are the mother’s answers, and the numbers in the right (blue) bar are the father’s answers.

Based on this awareness of parents, B Studio responds to the needs of parents who want to “learn English” by not only improving English skills such as “listening,” “speaking,” “reading,” and “writing,” but also globally. We decided to start this new course because we believe that providing a program that fosters practical logical thinking, problem-solving, and expressive skills will gain widespread support.

*1) Hult / EF Corporate Education “English proficiency benchmark “EF EPI English Proficiency Index” 2023 world ranking released.
~Japan ranks 87th out of 113 countries/regions~”
) Quoted data from. The graph was created in-house.
*2) University of Tokyo CEDEP/Benesse Educational Research Institute joint research “Survey on the lives and upbringing of infants (infant panel survey)” (
) conducted a multi-year survey of 3,205 households nationwide with children born between 2016 and 2017 about the lives of their children and how their parents were raising their children. In addition, we plan to publish new analysis of the data analyzed for the 6-year-old questions used this time.

* ■About Benesse Bee Studio Co., Ltd.:* **
Benesse B Studio Co., Ltd. is a Benesse Group company that primarily provides English education for children. Benesse English Classes, an English class business
Centered around “B Studio”, we offer international preschool projects for children from 1 year old to pre-school age, English lesson contract projects for kindergartens and after-school children, and events that provide intensive English experience on weekends and long holidays. In addition to our business, we also operate the Benesse Grimm School, which fosters Japanese language skills through reading. We offer a wide range of learning and experiences that leverage the strengths of the Benesse Group, which has been involved in children’s education for many years, not just in English. *About details about this release*

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