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USJ LLC A new goods store “Hollywood Specialty Store” will open to meet the diverse needs of guests.

[USJ LLC] New goods store “Hollywood Specialty” that meets the diverse needs of guests
Store (Hollywood Specialty Store)” opening decided
Press release: July 3, 2024
Hollywood Specialty, a new goods store that meets the diverse needs of our guests.
Store (Hollywood Specialty Store)” opening decided
*The park’s first “LOVE HAS NO LIMIT” charity T-shirt is now available! Collaboration with Sesame Street and Peanuts is also available, limited to the same store* In order to further improve the shopping experience by responding to the various needs of guests and supporting smoother shopping, Universal Studios Japan has opened a store called “Hollywood” that sells park original goods.
Store (Hollywood Specialty Store)” will open on Friday, July 12, 2024. In addition, as a limited item only available at the same store, LOVE will donate a portion of its sales.
LIMIT charity T-shirts will be on sale from Saturday, August 10th. We are launching a charity project where you can participate in CSR activities as part of your enjoyment of entertainment within the park. Hollywood Specialty Store Exterior Perspective
* ■Original goods general store “Hollywood Specialty Store” *

Our store opens as a general store with a wide variety of goods, similar to the Universal Studios Store and Rodeo Drive Souvenirs. By incorporating “displays”, we will improve the shopping experience for our guests.

* [Display and product development ideas] *

Traditional general stores mainly display products by category, such as sweets and stuffed animals, but at this store, we have introduced displays divided by character. This is one of the features of our store, based on feedback we often hear from guests shopping at our general store. In addition, by selecting and expanding popular standard products, we will lead to a smoother and more satisfying shopping experience.

* [Measures to make shopping even more enjoyable] *

The wearable goods corner located in the center of the store is designed by a young employee who serves as a project leader, paying close attention to details such as the position of mirrors and product placement.

* ■Store overview*
・Store name: Hollywood Specialty Store
・Opening date: Friday, July 12, 2024
・Characters handled: Minions, Sesame Street, Peanuts, Super Nintendo World, etc. Minion Banana Cushion
Snoopy headband
elmo stuffed toy
Minion Chocolate Crunch
■LOVE HAS NO LIMIT Charity Project
Universal Studios Japan will adopt the CSR slogan “LOVE HAS NO” in April 2024. LIMIT (Love Has No Limit)” was announced. From Saturday, August 10th, “LOVE HAS NO LIMIT” with an eye-catching heart-shaped logo will be available.
We will be launching a charity project in which guests can
participate, with a portion of the sales going to charity. In addition to the basic heart logo design (shown on the right), the lineup also includes a Sesame Street design that makes use of Cookie Monster’s colors and a Peanuts design that uses Snoopy’s original drawing. A lookbook will also be released that will suggest a variety of ways to wear it. We are planning various collaborations in the future and will make announcements from time to time.
LOVE HAS NO LIMIT Charity T-shirt

In addition, to commemorate the sale of T-shirts, a participatory charity campaign on SNS will be held for a limited time starting from “International Charity Day” on September 5th (Thursday), to encourage as many people as possible to “LOVE”
We would like you to know the thoughts and activities behind “HAS NO LIMIT”. LOVE HAS NO LIMIT official logo

* [Background of this project] *
Social contribution activities are becoming more and more familiar as we hear the terms social contribution and SDGs more frequently. At Universal Studios Japan, in addition to the activities we are promoting with our partners and our employees, we are also starting a charity activity that you can participate in within the park. Together with the guests of Universal Studios Japan, we hope to go beyond the park and contribute to creating a future filled with smiles for children.

* ■“LOVE HAS NO LIMIT Charity T-shirt” overview *
・Sales start date: Saturday, August 10, 2024
・Sales price: 4,500 yen (tax included)
・Sales store: Hollywood Specialty Store
・Donation: A portion of product sales will be donated to organizations that support “creating a future filled with smiles for children.” Details such as the recipient organizations will be announced along with the donation results around the end of 2024.

* ■“LOVE HAS NO LIMIT” CSR project *
Universal Studios Japan will change its CSR slogan to “LOVE HAS NO” from April 2024.
LIMIT (Love Has No Limit)” and is promoting a new project. We express respect and gratitude for all people, the global environment, and the local community in the word “LOVE,” and we hope to stay in the park with boundless “love” and super entertaining “creativity.” We aim to provide society as a whole with an “awakening” to move forward toward the future, and a future where children are filled with smiles.

* LOVE HAS NO LIMIT special page * * *

* ■About Universal Studios Japan*
Universal Studios Japan is Comcast NBC
Belongs to the universal group. Universal Studios Japan has
established itself as a major landmark in the entertainment and leisure world, attracting many guests not only from Japan but also from overseas.
We provide the world’s highest quality entertainment, including not only popular Hollywood movies but also full-fledged attractions and shows themed around a variety of world-famous entertainment brands such as Japanese anime, as well as seasonal events that guests can fully enjoy. Masu. We welcome you as the “Super Genki Special Zone”, a special place where all guests can break out of their shells and become “super energetic” through an unforgettable experience of “super excitement and excitement” that can only be found here. 2001
It has continued to innovate since its opening in 2007, and in recent years has seen the “Wizarding World of Harry Potter” become extremely popular, as well as the groundbreaking “Jurassic Park” area. “The Flying Dinosaur”, a popular flying coaster, “Minion Crazy Ride” where you can enjoy unimaginable “Crazy Mecha” with Minions in the popular area “Minion Park”, and a theme park based on the world of Nintendo games. In the new area “Super Nintendo World”, you can enjoy an unprecedented “play experience” where you can actually use your whole body to unleash your playing instincts. is growing
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