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Guerlain Co., Ltd. Guerlain New release commemorative event held

[Guerlain Co., Ltd.] [Guerlain] New Rouge Je-Release Commemoration Event Held *Guerlain Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 3, 2024
[Guerlain] New Rouge Je- release commemorative event held
* Choose from a total of 40 colors and 2 finishes to create an infinitely customizable Rouge Gee*
*Experience your own style at an event*

Guerlain Co., Ltd. New-Rouge
To commemorate the release of J-, we will be holding an event at Isetan Shinjuku Store, Iwataya Main Store, Ginza Mitsukoshi, Hankyu Umeda Main Store, and Kobe Hankyu. guerlain makeup
Why not create your own It style with expert makeup services? * -Event schedule-*
* July 10th (Wednesday) – July 16th (Tuesday) Isetan Shinjuku Store Main Building 1st Floor Cosmetics/Promotions*
* July 24th (Wednesday) – August 6th (Tuesday) Iwataya Main Store Main Building 1st Floor KIRAMEKI BOARD*
* August 14th (Wednesday) – August 20th (Tuesday) Ginza Mitsukoshi Main Building B1F GINZA Stage*
* August 14th (Wednesday) – August 20th (Tuesday) Hankyu Umeda Main Store 2nd floor Kotokoto Stage 21*
* October 2nd (Wednesday) – October 8th (Tuesday) Kobe Hankyu Main Building 2nd floor Beauty Station*

* Please check this out for details. *

*Makeup service by makeup experts*
New Rouge, which takes advantage of Guerlain’s know-how and Guerlain Makeup Creative Director Violette’s artistic color sense.
Je-. Guerlain Makeup is available in 40 colors in 5 shade categories: red, orange, plum, pink, and nude.
Our experts will suggest shades that suit each individual.
*Iconic lip is now reborn*
Fifteen years after its first appearance, Guerlain’s signature jewel lipstick – Rouge Ge – opens a new chapter in its legend.
The first-generation Rouge announced in 2009
Je-, a luxury lip case created by jewelry designer Lorenz Baumer, created a huge stir in the makeup industry at the time. Furthermore, in 2018, we made a bold renewal with specifications that can be customized by freely combining refills and cases. It has established itself as an innovative and fashionable lipstick.
In 2024, Guerlain Makeup Creative Director Violette will introduce nine new lip cases, as well as a satin
A new rouge that has a total of 40 shades, 24 finish colors and 16 velvet matte finish colors, and is also perfect for lip care. J- was born.

* ●Rouge Je *

Rouge has evolved further
J- has been reborn as a lipstick that celebrates the beauty of your lips more than ever before. Contains skin care ingredients that smooth the texture and lead to plump and moisturized lips by promoting turnover while protecting the lips. Satin has a silky feel and a glossy shine, and velvet has a high-quality velvet-like finish. The two matte finishes each use carefully selected highly pigmented pigments to provide long-lasting, crisp coloring. Furthermore, the formula leaves your lips soft from the moment you apply it, and it stays comfortable for 16 hours*.

*Results of self-scoring by 30 subjects.

* ●Rouge Je Case *

Under the direction of Guerlain Makeup Creative Director Violette, Rouge Ge has been reborn with 9 different designs.
Case-. Chic and timeless style offers even more customization possibilities. By collecting cases, you can change your lipstick to match your daily fashion and mood. The nine new cases are organized into three categories: “Timeless,” “Ornament,” and “Pattern.”

*Pre-sale at Guerlain Official Boutique on Tuesday, July 2nd* *Pre-sale on Wednesday, July 10th at Isetan Shinjuku store and meeco* *The page will be released on July 3rd (Wednesday) at 10am.
*Nationwide release on Monday, July 15th*

* Rouge Je, 24 colors, 5,170 yen each (tax included) *
* Rouge Je Luxurious Velvet, 16 colors, 5,170 yen each (tax included) * * Rouge Je case 9 types in total, 4,730 yen each (tax included) *

*If you bring your pre-renewal Rouge Ge case to any Guerlain counter nationwide and cooperate with recycling, you will receive a Guerlain membership.
Get 30 program points. *
*Points can only be given once per person, regardless of the number of cases brought in.
*Available at Guerlain counters in department stores nationwide and La Boutique Guerlain Ginza Six.
*Guerlain’s commitment*
Since its founding in 1828, Guerlain has created exceptional products that incorporate natural fragrances and the bounty of nature. Guerlain has a mission to pass on the history of beauty cultivated through these products to future generations.

* “In the Name of Beauty”
We pledge to take action to enhance nature into art and pass on its splendor to the next generation. It is the symbol of the brand and the Together with bees, which are also indicators of boundaries. *

We hope to work together with all like-minded people to create a more beautiful and responsible society for the future and a sustainable global environment.
, I hereby swear.
*About Guerlain*
Guerlain was born in Paris, France in 1828. Since its founding, the company has brought to the world an outstanding range of fragrance, skin care, and makeup products. Our mission is to protect, develop and pass on our unique traditions to the next generation.
For more than 195 years, Guerlain has been inspired by beauty, excited by innovative ideas, and created bold creations.
I have continued to be captivated by each one. Guerlain is committed to making every woman more beautiful. Every woman, famous or unknown, is an eternal muse for Guerlain. Their beauty, individuality and free spirit are the creations of Guerlain.
It gives me inspiration for my work.

*Made in France*
Since its founding in 1828, Guerlain has always been committed to production in France. 1828, near the Arc de Triomphe in the Etoile district of Paris
Established the first factory in. Since then, I have never left France. Guerlain’s outstanding know-how has been highly praised, and the French Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has awarded it the Living
Heritage Company (Intangible Cultural Heritage Company)” 2005, Fran This award has been given to Guerlain since its inception by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Guerlain is strongly conscious of its social and environmental responsibilities and has integrated sustainable development into its corporate strategy for over 15 years.
. Guerlain is committed to eco-design, preserving biodiversity, responding to climate change, and creating an environment where people can lead positive social lives. In particular, we strive to protect honey bees, one of the most important creatures on earth. Guerlain will continue to work with multiple partnerships, with honey bee conservation at the heart of our objective.

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