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ORIX Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Aizu/Higashiyama Onsen Onjuku Toho Collaboration with Aizu Wakamatsu Tourism Bureau Officially introduces online avatar tourist information service

Orix Hotel Management Co., Ltd.
[Aizu/Higashiyama Onsen Onjuku Toho] Officially introduced online avatar tourist information service in collaboration with Aizu Wakamatsu Tourism Bureau
Monitors will be installed in the Toho lobby from July 3rd (Wednesday) ……
Aizu Higashiyama Onsen Onyado Toho (Location: Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, General Manager: Yoshio Miyazaki, hereinafter referred to as “Toho”) has started providing online tourist
information services via avatars from today by installing monitors in the facility. I will let you know.
[Image 1: &s3=101028-261F72264308AE7233E9AEFB73 7005fe-1920X1080.jpg]
Tourist information avatar (image)
This service is a service where you can receive guidance from an avatar in the Toho lobby. A monitor displaying an avatar will be installed in the lobby, and operators from the Aizu Wakamatsu Tourism Bureau will respond to questions from users via remotely controlled avatars. The monitor can be used by anyone, including not only those staying at Toho but also those sightseeing in the area. Aizuwakamatsu City is home to many sightseeing spots such as Tsuruga Castle, Oyakuen Garden, and Mt. Iimori, as well as attractive gourmet foods such as Kitakata Ramen and Aizu Sauce Katsudon. The staff who are well-versed in the area’s charms will fully convey the charms of Aizuwakamatsu City, and by becoming an avatar, users can feel facial expressions and body language, allowing users to enjoy realistic communication. receive. This initiative was introduced in response to the results of the “Online Avatar Customer Service Demonstration Experiment*” conducted in collaboration between Orix Hotel Management Co., Ltd., which operates Toho, and Aizuwakamatsu City. In addition to the traditional face-to-face tourist information center, we are working as part of a new tourism project that utilizes online avatars and allows you to receive tourist information remotely. Toho will continue to work towards regional revitalization while aiming to contribute to the development of tourism through the use of new services such as these. Please have fun and experience the new tourist information. * Release dated February 16, 2024: Demonstration experiment of online avatar customer service at Onjuku Toho where a person’s alter ego “avatar” provides hospitality .html 1. Regarding the provision of tourist information services
[Image 2: &s3=101028-261-1fe5570540220A6B4510DF1 BC389F-1628X1161.jpg] Actual monitor installed in the Toho lobby
A monitor will be set up in Toho’s lobby to display your avatar. When a customer speaks to an avatar, an operator from the Aizu Wakamatsu Tourism Bureau will respond remotely and provide information about sightseeing in the city, recommended sightseeing spots, souvenirs, etc. through the avatar. The monitor is a service that can be used by people other than hotel guests and allows them to receive information about Aizuwakamatsu City without having to visit the tourist information center. [Service period] July 3, 2024 (Wednesday) to February 28, 2025 (Friday)
       9:00-16:30        *Service will be suspended from October 1st (Tuesday) to November 30th (Saturday), 2024. [Monitor installation location] “Aizu Higashiyama Onsen Onjuku Toho” lobby counter 2. Background of introduction
From February 17th (Saturday) to March 17th (Sunday), 2024, Orix Hotel Management Co., Ltd., which operates Too, and Aizuwakamatsu City will collaborate to offer the avatar customer service service “AVACOM” provided by AVITA Co., Ltd. We conducted a demonstration experiment using . In the demonstration experiment, monitors on which avatars are displayed will be installed at two locations: Toho and Tsuruga Castle, and a dedicated two-dimensional bar will be installed at Tsuruga Castle where customers can connect to their avatars from their smartphones or tablets. A poster with the code was posted. When a customer speaks to an avatar on the monitor installed in Too, operators at two locations, Too and Aizuwakamatsu Station Tourist Information Center, operate the avatar and answer any questions they may have about the facility or tourist attractions in the city. We responded remotely. During the demonstration period, the main purpose of users of the monitor installed in Toho was to ask questions about tourism, and a certain effect on user satisfaction was observed, so we decided to introduce the “Tourist Information Service” this time. I was lucky to do so.
■“AVACOM” overview
“AVACOM” provided by AVITA Co., Ltd. is an online customer service that streamlines customer service using AI technology such as avatars and generative AI. It supports multi-platforms, and by utilizing AI and remote customer service, we can increase sales and contracts through online customer service on the website, improve inquiry efficiency, unmanned stores and reception desks, and save labor. Contributing to resolving labor shortages. By combining AVACOM and AVITA representative Hiroshi Ishiguro’s more than 20 years of avatar research results (licensing rights to more than 70 patents, know-how gained through demonstration experiments, etc.), we support a wide range of DX from major companies to small and medium-sized
enterprises. At the same time, we are creating a new way of working and employment called avatar workers, who can work from anywhere in the form of an avatar from a remote location. URL: Co., Ltd. Overview – Headquarters: 1-25-1 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo Established: June 2021 Representative: Hiroshi Ishiguro Business details: Avatars and generative AI Service development utilizing avatar (avatar customer service “AVACOM”, rope play support service “Abatore”) / avatar production contract / BPO sustainability initiatives by avatar personnel: ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS, including 14 inns and hotels.・A total of 22 facilities operated and supported by hotel management will focus on the four pillars of “decarbonization,” “environmental consideration,” “safety, security, and comfort,” and “coexistence with the local community,” which are important to the entire ORIX Group. We are actively working on sustainability initiatives. As part of this, we launched the “Regional Co-Creation Project” in May 2021, and have so far discovered and created many new tourism resources, including collaborating with local companies and local governments and utilizing ORIX Group resources. I have come. By continuing to communicate new attractions of the region, we aim to create a long-term, stable fan base for the region and the facilities we operate, and encourage a virtuous cycle by revitalizing the region. Aizu Higashiyama Onsen Onyado Too: “Aizu Higashiyama Onsen Onyado Too” is a long-established store located on a hill at the entrance to Aizu Higashiyama Onsen, in the inner parlor of Aizuwakamatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture. It’s an inn. At “Sora-no-Yu,” which appears to be floating in the air, and “Tanagumo-no-Yu,” an open-air public bath with a view shaped like a terraced rice field, you can enjoy a wonderful view overlooking Aizu’s castle town and a sense of openness. Masu. Official website: Instagram account: About the Ryokan Collection: The Ryokan Collection values ​​Japanese tradition and harmony. , a collection of numerous ryokan inns with individuality that are close to the local area. Based on the brand concept of “A time of rejuvenation that touches the local community,” we offer hot springs that give you a sense of calm and peace, as well as meals made with locally sourced ingredients, allowing you to enjoy not only the inn but also the entire area. Masu. We promise to soften your heart and provide you with a relaxing time. About ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS: ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS is the inn and hotel management business brand of ORIX Hotel Management Co., Ltd. We have a wide range of categories, from luxury to casual, centering on both inns and hotels, and provide experiences tailored to the various life stages of our guests in order to provide “places you’ll want to visit again.” We are delivering. In December 2023, we will open the new Atami/Izuyama Karaku, and currently ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS operates 14 inns and hotels under 5 brands, from Hokkaido in the north to Fukuoka and Oita in the south. It is expanding. ORIX HOTELS & RESORTS official website: HOTELS & RESORTS Instagram official account:

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