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HIKKY Co., Ltd. Daikin Industries, celebrating its 100th anniversary, exhibits for the first time at the “Vi rtual Market”!

[HIKKY Co., Ltd.] Daikin Industries, celebrating its 100th
anniversary, exhibits for the first time at the “Virtual Market”! *HIKKY Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 3, 2024
Daikin Industries, celebrating its 100th anniversary, exhibits at the “Virtual Market” for the first time!
*Introducing a photo spot and game where you can experience the charm of the room air conditioner “risora” in the Metaverse*
HIKKY Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Yasushi Funakoshi, Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as HIKKY) acquired the Guinness World Records (TM) from July 20th (Saturday) to August 4th (Sunday), 2024. “Virtual Market 2024” is the 12th time of the world’s largest metaverse event “Virtual Market (commonly known as Vket)”.
Summer” will be held. At this event, Daikin Industries, Ltd., which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2024 (Headquarters: Osaka City / President and COO: Naofumi Takenaka)
Daikin) will be exhibiting for the first time. We will be exhibiting a booth in the city of Parareal Osaka, which will serve as a corporate exhibition venue, where you can experience the charm of the room air conditioner “risora” through photo spots and games.
Daikin will be exhibiting at this virtual market with the aim of attracting the interest of young people, especially the digital native generation, who have little experience purchasing air conditioners. We aim to make people feel more familiar with air conditioners and air through a fun experience that can only be done virtually.
Daikin booth overview
Inside the booth, we have prepared experiential content that allows you to experience the appeal of the room air conditioner “risora”, which is only 185mm thin and comes in a wide variety of colors to match the room and space.
* ▼Take a commemorative photo at a photo spot that changes with your favorite “color” *
Users can change the look of their room by selecting the taste of the room and the color of risora, and can take commemorative photos in the room of their choice.
Room layout and risora ​​switch
Furthermore, when the color of the user’s own avatar is extracted using the eyedropper function, the risora ​​panel changes to a similar color. You can experience the “ideal space” created by air
conditioners with textures and colors that match your lifestyle on the Metaverse.
You can take a commemorative photo with a risora ​​whose color is similar to your own avatar.

* ▼Manipulate the airflow and aim for the goal! “Pichon-kun” mini game * Inside the booth, you can also enjoy a mini-game where you have to carry the Daikin air conditioner character “Pichon-kun,” who is familiar from commercials and other Daikin characters, to the goal on the airflow of the air conditioner.
A character mini-game that uses the airflow of an air conditioner. *Comment from Daikin representative*
Daikin will be exhibiting at the virtual market for the first time in order to convey the appeal of air conditioners to young people in a new way. The content that we especially hope you will enjoy is the color change gimmick of the stylish room air conditioner “risora”. You can change the panel color to your favorite color to match your avatar or favorite character. You can also choose the color of your avatar with an eyedropper, and enjoy coloring with your friends. Furthermore, our popular character “Pichon-kun” will also appear in the Metaverse for the first time. We look forward to seeing you at the Daikin booth!

* [About Virtual Market (commonly known as Vket)] *
The world’s largest VR event where you can buy and sell 3D items such as avatars and real products (clothes, PCs, food and drinks, etc.) at a venue located on the Metaverse. Held since 2018, it is a pioneering Metaverse event that boasts over 1 million visitors from Japan and all over the world, and has been recognized by Guinness World Records (TM)*. In addition to buying and selling products, we will also offer “experiences” unique to the virtual space, such as riding rides, watching movies, and participating in live music performances at the venue. Furthermore, it is possible to communicate by voice between visitors, allowing them to enjoy the immersive feeling of touring the city together in the real world.

This virtual market started with the purpose of buying and selling 3D data products between individuals, but in recent years, major companies wanting to enter the Metaverse business have expanded the sale of real products, creating new possibilities for VR commerce. *As the largest number of booths at a virtual reality market event

* [About Daikin Industries, Ltd.] *
Company name: Daikin Industries, Ltd.
Address: Osaka Umeda Twin Towers South, 1-13-1 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0001 (34th floor general reception)
Representative Director, President and COO: Naofumi Takenaka Founded: October 1924
Business details: Air conditioning/refrigeration equipment, chemicals, oil equipment, special equipment, electronic systems

* [Virtual Market 2024 Summer Event Overview] *
Real venue: Belle Salle Akihabara, Shibuya Sakura
Collaborative content will be held at Stage, Tokyu Plaza Shibuya, TKP Akihabara, Osaka Midosuji Hall, and other facilities and stores in Akihabara and Shibuya.
Official SNS:
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Official website:
How to visit:
You can visit the special world in VRChat from VR equipment or gaming PC.

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