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Plat Home Co., Ltd. Plat Home announces “EasyBlocks Resource Monitor”, an appliance product that can monit or resources and traffic

[Plat Home Co., Ltd.] Plat Home announces “EasyBlocks Resource Monitor”, an appliance product that can monitor resources and traffic *Plat Home Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 3, 2024
Plat Home announces “EasyBlocks Resource Monitor”, an appliance product that can monitor resources and traffic
On July 3, 2024, Plat Home Co., Ltd. (stock code: TSE Standard 6836, Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director: Tomoyasu Suzuki, hereinafter Plat Home) announced the new lineup of EasyBlocks series “EasyBlocks”.
We announced “Resource Monitoring” (Easy Blocks Resource Monitoring).

The newly announced “EasyBlocks Resource Monitor” can be used with the existing monitoring appliance “EasyBlocks Resource Monitor”. This product is based on “monitoring” and incorporates new resource monitoring functions and traffic monitoring functions, and realizes not only aliveness monitoring but also monitoring of network traffic and server resources and visualization of usage status.
Previous “EasyBlocks”
This is the long-awaited new lineup of the EasyBlocks series that responds to customer feedback and requests regarding “monitoring”. EasyBlocks Resource Monitor Product Image
Use Case
o As a life and death management tool for customers and your company You can monitor in real time whether your company’s or customer’s servers and network equipment are operating normally, and use it for operation and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

o As a network anomaly detection tool
By constantly monitoring the amount of network traffic, it is possible to detect unusual amounts of traffic, which can be used as a sign of unauthorized access.

o As a tool for conducting network assessments
Since network traffic volume can be monitored quantitatively, it can be used as a tool for diagnosing the performance of educational institutions and corporate networks.

Main product features
o Alive monitoring function
・Ping monitoring
・Port monitoring
・Service monitoring
・User-defined monitoring

o Resource monitoring function
・Network traffic monitoring
・CPU usage rate monitoring
・Memory usage rate monitoring
・Storage usage monitoring

o Display function
・Traffic volume graph display function
・Graph display function for various resource usage rates
・Monitoring map function
・Monitoring results history display function

Display screen for resources, traffic, etc.
Surveillance map screen
Open price

Shipping start date
Mid July 2024

Related URL
・“EasyBlocks Resource Monitor” product information

・Image download page (for media)

Online seminar information
In conjunction with the announcement of EasyBlocks Resource
Monitoring, we held a seminar sponsored by our company on July 31st titled “EasyBlocks Resource Monitoring”.
We will be holding an “Introduction Online Seminar”. We will introduce the product and give a demonstration showing the WebUI, so please take this opportunity to participate.

・Online seminar information details

About Plat Home
Plathome is a developer and manufacturer of micro servers and IoT gateways. Since our founding in 1993, we have been a pioneer in Linux servers, supplying our own servers to the communications and networking fields. Our representative product, the ultra-compact Linux server “OpenBlocks(R),” is used in a variety of areas that support Japan’s social infrastructure, including major telecommunications carriers, logistics, transportation, finance, the energy industry, and government offices. In the growing field of IoT, our IoT gateways based on Linux servers are widely used in major industries.

About EasyBlocks series
The EasyBlocks series is a network appliance server that has been installed by 7,000 companies since its release in 2011. Celebrating 13 years in 2024, monitoring series, Syslog series, DHCP series, PacketiX A total of 7 lineups are available, each with different functions such as VPN. This is Plat Home’s signature product series, which is said to be “low cost” and easy to install with “no need for construction and operation effort.”

Contact information regarding this announcement
For media inquiries, please contact:
・Plat Home Co., Ltd. Product Marketing Department
Tel 03-5213-4373 / Fax 03-3221-0882

Customer inquiries:
・Plat Home Co., Ltd. Sales Department
Tel 03-5213-4370 / Fax 03-3221-3766

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