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Home » Ferris University Ferris University, Japan’s oldest modern educational institution for women, is the only one in Japan to promote educational reform with top management consisting of all female presidents and vice presidents.

Ferris University Ferris University, Japan’s oldest modern educational institution for women, is the only one in Japan to promote educational reform with top management consisting of all female presidents and vice presidents.

Ferris Jogakuin Educational Corporation
Ferris Jogakuin University, Japan’s oldest modern educational institution for women, is the only one in Japan* to promote
educational reform with top management consisting of all female presidents and vice presidents.
– First reorganization of all faculties since the university’s opening, creating a new “Open Ferris” –
Ferris University (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture/President: Rui Kohiyama, hereinafter referred to as the university) is pleased to announce that it will open the College of Global Liberal Arts in April 2025. This is the first time in 28 years since the School of International Exchange was established in 1997 that a reorganization involving a major change in the faculty organization has occurred, and the first time that the entire university has been reorganized since its opening in 1965. Prior to this, a new president, Rui Kohiyama, will take office in April 2024, and this will be the only private university in Japan to have a top management system with a president and two vice presidents (Professor Ryoko Takei and Professor Mako Suginohara). We are promoting reform.
As Japan’s oldest modern educational institution for girls, our university has inherited a 150-year tradition of Christianity and girls’ education in Yokohama, a city of internationality and diversity, under the educational philosophy of “For Others.” Ta. Alumni from around the world apply their Ferris learning to take on leadership roles in their respective companies and organizations. Currently, as the industrial structure changes, the requirements for university education to develop human resources are also changing rapidly. Therefore, from April 2025, our university will progressively reorganize its current three faculties and five departments, resulting in one faculty, three departments, and nine majors. This reform, which aims to provide education unique to a women’s university and the functions of a modern university, will be carried out under the theme of “Open Ferris” and will implement the following three steps.
[Image 1:×288.jpg] First, we will “open up” a wide range of learning opportunities, including practical skills and abilities, to many students. For example, the Faculty of Music will have a new major in Music and Physical Expression, which will provide a place where students can comprehensively learn expressions that are not limited to music. The study of music itself became one of the sub-majors launched last year, and along with the practical skills of design, data science, and career development, students from any department can choose to do so. Masu. In addition, newly established courses in other departments will be open not only to new students but also to current students. Through this, we will prioritize students’ individual interests and
intellectual curiosity, and foster women’s self-esteem.
Next, we will “open up” Ferris to society, promote collaboration with local communities, businesses, educational institutions, etc. more than ever, and provide students with opportunities for practical learning outside of the university. For example, with Sotetsu Holdings, Yokohama City, and Yokohama National University, with which we have already concluded a four-party memorandum, we will collaborate more than ever in areas such as the development of local communities and the utilization of local resources.
Finally, we will “open up” an environment that supports academic knowledge and activities related to gender, both throughout the university and outside the university. Our university opened the Gender Studies Center in 2023, creating a university-wide system to engage in gender-related learning and activities. On the 22nd of last month, we held a symposium commemorating the first anniversary of the establishment of the Gender Studies Center and the appointment of a female president, and from now on, we hope to further “open up” and encourage scholarship and activities related to gender both inside and outside the university. to go.
With this reorganization, all students will be able to acquire global knowledge through learning that aligns with their interests, and will also be able to acquire the skills required in the real world after graduation. In Japan, which continues to rank 118th out of 146 countries in the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index released in June 2024, we aim to produce “new women” for the 21st century and realize “Open Ferris”. I will continue to do so. Today, July 3rd (Wednesday), we held a media presentation regarding the opening of the new faculty, and President Kohiyama announced the background of the reorganization and the university’s vision.
“The space of Ferris, a women’s university, is a base for women where women can develop their self-esteem. With this reorganization, we will place women at the center, while at the same time creating a base that is “open” to diverse people and society. We hope that by studying at our university, you will develop the ability to be independent and self-respect, and also be able to love others. We will add bold innovations to our more than 150 years of experience in educating girls.”
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] Additionally, Vice President Ryoko Takei explained the newly established Faculty of Global Liberal Arts from the perspective of a music business and arts management expert and practitioner faculty member. We will need people who will be key people in a multicultural society, such as Japan’s first symbiotic communicator major, people who will contribute to becoming a tourism-oriented nation through inbound demand, and people who are familiar with each country’s culture and can apply their theories and skills to the entertainment industry. We have introduced a specific curriculum that will produce talented people.
[Image 3:×2600.jpg] In the second half, we welcomed Haruka Namba (Representative Director of Hands UP Co., Ltd.), an alumnus who is active as an entrepreneur, and President Kohiyama and Vice President Takei held a talk on the theme of “Women’s Activities in Japan and the Role of Women’s Universities.” A session was held.
[Image 4:×2600.jpg] Only in Japan*: Based on the “Basic Survey on Educational
Corporations” conducted by the Japan Private School Promotion and Mutual Aid Corporation, the aggregated results of the FY2020 survey on the number of students, faculty, etc. (released in February 2024, only for 4-year universities) [Reference URL】■University official website
■University official Instagram [Speaker profile]
Rui Kohiyama
President of Ferris University. She specializes in American women’s and gender history, American Christian history, and the history of Japan-US relations. Completed the doctoral program at International Christian University Graduate School (academic doctorate). Her publications include “American Women Missionaries: The Background and Influence of Their Coming to Japan” (University of Tokyo Press, 1992, winner of the Naoyama Women’s History Award) and “The Gospel of Empire: Lucy Peabody and American Missions Overseas” (Tokyo University Press, 2019, winner of the Nobuyuki Nakahara Award from the American Society of American Studies), “The New Woman of the Meiji Era: Toyohisa Sasaki and His Daughter Nobuko” (Keiso Shobo, 2023), etc. President of Ferris University from April 2024.
[Image 5:×430.jpg] Ryoko Takei
Vice President for Business Promotion at Ferris University.
Specializes in art management, production, and marketing. Graduated from the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo, completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Columbia University, and completed the doctoral program in the Department of Musical Arts, Graduate School of Music, Showa University of Music. After working at Dentsu, McKinsey, Walt Disney Japan, etc., he taught and conducted research on marketing and management strategy as a professor at the GLOBIS Graduate School of Management, before joining the Ferris University School of Music.
[Image 6:×420.jpg] Haruka Namba (Haruka Namba)
Representative director of Hands UP Co., Ltd. Graduated from Ferris University (September 2023). She started hosting events and modeling since her student days, and won the grand prize in many beauty pageants. His experience studying abroad in the Philippines during his second year of university inspired him to launch Hands UP, a student organization that aims to raise awareness of the SDGs. Currently, with a vision of maximizing individual happiness and potential, she is working with generation Z student staff to solve issues that exist on earth, such as environmental issues and human rights issues.
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