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Home » LINE Yahoo Yahoo! JAPAN app has been renewed. As the first step, we have newly added “Assist,” where you can check useful information for your daily activities, and “Follow,” so you don’t miss out on topics that interest you.

LINE Yahoo Yahoo! JAPAN app has been renewed. As the first step, we have newly added “Assist,” where you can check useful information for your daily activities, and “Follow,” so you don’t miss out on topics that interest you.

LINE Yahoo Corporation
[LINE Yahoo] Yahoo! JAPAN app has been renewed. As the first step, we have newly added “Assist,” where you can check useful information for your daily activities, and “Follow,” so you don’t miss out on topics that interest you.
We aim to create an app that is more closely connected to the lives of each user.
To commemorate the renewal, a campaign will be held from July 24th (Wednesday) in which 2 people win PayPay points worth up to 100,000 yen in 1 second (*1)! Furthermore, the “Pedometer Debut Campaign (iOS only)” is also being held.
LINE Yahoo, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as LINE Yahoo) will renew the “bottom navigation” of the “Yahoo! JAPAN” app. As the first step of the renewal, we have started providing new “assist” and “follow” services.
[Image 1: &3=129774-560-560-D5607CBC85F4B80B80b80B80B80B80B80B80BD73EB80BD73B80BD73Eb52450 c85b2f-1200X628.png]
The “Yahoo! JAPAN” app, which is a representative service of “Yahoo! We provide information and functions such as news, search, weather and disaster notifications, and great deals in one app. The “Yahoo! JAPAN” app aims to be an app that lets you know what you need to know and want to know, from global topics to information about your daily life and interests, and we are constantly improving its functions and providing information. In order to improve convenience, the “Yahoo! We will place “Trends (*3)” in the “Lower Navigation” at the bottom of the app screen. This allows users to open the app and access a variety of information with a single tap. The newly established “Assist” is a place where you can quickly check
information that will be useful to you “now” and “in the future.” In response to your needs, we provide information and functions necessary for daily life in an easy-to-access format. For example, in addition to displaying the weather in a set area, train departure times at frequently used stations, horoscopes, schedules, etc., it also suggests recommended event information tailored to the user. It is useful for gathering information before going out every day. “Follow” is a place where you can check information about topics that interest you all at once. For example, by following topics you don’t want to miss, such as your favorite celebrities, hobbies, regions, or industries, related news will be aggregated and you can check the latest information. There are approximately 40,000 themes available, and you can follow the theme that matches your interests. According to our own research, the number one reason for acquiring information through smartphone apps is “I want to know what’s going on in the world,” second place “I want to know about things, people, and things I like,” and third place “I want to know what’s going on in the world.” I want to know useful information for daily life.” (*4) This time, we have enhanced the functionality to better meet user needs by providing these highly needed information as “assist” and “follow”. As a result, in addition to being able to quickly check what’s happening in the world, such as the news, from “Home” as before, “Follow” allows you to check “information about things, people, and things you like”, and “Assist” allows you to You can easily check “information that is useful for daily life” without having to spend time or effort searching for it. Additionally, we are currently holding an iOS-only campaign where you can earn PayPay points by using the newly implemented “Pedometer (*5)” in “Assist.” Display useful information for your daily activities all at once! “assist” – “Quick Info” that helps you understand the current situation – You can check useful information all at once in the morning, noon, evening, and night. Tap each panel to see more detailed information. *Depending on the item, registration or cooperation with other apps may be required. Weather: Displays the weather every 3 hours.・Washing Index: Suggests how well laundry should dry and how to dry it according to the climate.・Fortune telling: Displays the results of horoscope.・Finance: Displays Nikkei average and NY Dow stock prices.・Timetable timer: If you register the route and direction of the station you are using, the time until the next departure will be displayed in a countdown format.・Pedometer (*5): Displays the daily and weekly step count and daily kcal consumption. We will run a campaign where you can win a lottery if you reach the set daily step count. PayPay points will be awarded depending on the lottery results.・PayPay balance: Displays the PayPay balance, number of points, and points scheduled to be awarded from Yahoo.
[Image 2:×1440.p ng ]
Quick info display example
– “My Schedule” to see the future – You can check your schedule and various events up to 13 days in advance. – “Yahoo! Calendar” cooperation: Information registered in “Yahoo! Calendar” (*6) will be displayed up to 13 days in advance.・Latest recommended events: Displays information on professional sports teams you follow (*7) and event information in the set area (fireworks, illuminations, festivals, etc.).
[Image 3:×720.png ]
“Yahoo! Calendar” information display example
[Image 4:×1440.png ]
“Recent recommended events” display example
*The previously provided “Notifications” and “Other” functions can be accessed from the top of “Assist.”
Check out all the information about people, things, and things you are interested in! “Follow”
You can check information about the themes you follow all at once. There are approximately 40,000 themes, and users can follow themes that match their interests, such as their favorite celebrities, sports teams, or industries they are involved in at work. After that, you can keep up with the latest information on each theme by simply checking “Follow”.
[Image 5:×1440.png ]
Example of theme search screen
[Image 6:×1440.png ]
“Follow” display example
*For more information on the functions, please see below.・Yahoo! JAPAN official blog for smartphones: ・Assist: ・Follow:・”Yahoo! JAPAN” app promotion page: [Pedometer debut campaign (iOS only)]
[Image 7:×340.png ]
■Campaign Overview If you log in to the “Yahoo! JAPAN” app with your Yahoo! JAPAN ID and reach the goal set in the “Pedometer” in “Assist”, you will be able to draw a lottery ticket once a day. ・Campaign page: *Cooperation with “Healthcare” is required for the first time only. *Please update the app to the latest version before participating in this campaign. *This campaign is applicable to the iOS version of the “Yahoo! JAPAN” app (iOS 16 or higher). You cannot participate with any other OS. Please check the campaign page for other details. ■Number of prizes/winnings PayPay points worth 1,000 yen: 10 PayPay points worth 1 yen: 1,990,000 *Due to unavoidable circumstances, the prizes, target period, application conditions, etc. of this campaign may change without prior notice. ■Campaign period Currently being held until 23:59 on Wednesday, July 31, 2024 *This campaign may end without notice. Please note. *A similar campaign is planned to be held from August onwards. In the near future, as part of the second renewal, we plan to provide a “trend” feature that provides a ranking of search terms that are rapidly increasing, as well as background information such as “why and how” these words are becoming a hot topic. In addition, to commemorate the completion of the release of “Assist,” “Follow,” and “Trend,” starting July 24th (Wednesday), we will be running a campaign in which “2 people win in 1 second (*1)” will receive PayPay points worth 100,000 yen. We are also planning to hold one. LINE Yahoo! creates a “WOW” life platform and delivers “!” to everyday life. ” is our mission, and we will continue to provide services that impress our users, while also contributing to the realization of a richer and more convenient life through the power of the Internet. *1 The number of winning prizes ( (excluding W chance benefits) is 9,021,030 in total, and 9,021,030 ÷ 3,369,600 seconds = 2.7, which means that 2 people win per second, so it is written as “2 people win per second.” *2 “Nielsen Digital Content Audience Ratings” (monthly average from January to December 2022) compiled by Yahoo! JAPAN (brand level), men and women aged 2 years and older. Does not include overlap between smartphone and PC users *3 “Trend” will be implemented at a later date *4 Researched by LINE Yahoo, survey on the use of “Yahoo!
Crowdsourcing”, conducted in May 2024, survey target: “Yahoo! JAPAN” App users: 10,000 (10-80 years old) *5 Pedometer is only available on iOS. (iPad is not applicable) *6 In addition to the information you have registered yourself, by setting the Yahoo! Mail automatic schedule registration setting to Enabled, you can save reservation information received in Yahoo! Mail. Automatically register and display. *7 If you are following a professional sports team
(professional baseball, J League), the game schedule will be displayed. We plan to add other themes in the future.
More details about this release: