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Home » July 6th Tamura Buildings Group Environmental Business Division Safety Conference will be held

July 6th Tamura Buildings Group Environmental Business Division Safety Conference will be held

Tamura Bills Group
[July 6th] Tamura Buildings Group Environmental Business Division Safety Conference will be held
Becoming a more sustainable company by paying attention to safety ……
Tamura Enviro Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shimokosaba, City, Prefecture, Representative: Kazuo Higo), which is
responsible for the environmental business of Tamura Buildings Group Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kurokawa, City,
Prefecture, Representative: Iyuki Tamura), Carrot Tamura Co., Ltd. (Head office: Misumi, Nagato City, Prefecture
(Representative: Kiyoshi Okimura) will hold a safety conference on Saturday, July 6th. The main content is confirmation of on-site guidelines and training on accident prevention. As an industrial waste collection, transportation, and processing company that engages in environmental recycling, we carry out inspections once every six months not only to protect our employees from danger, but also to provide our customers with high-quality, safe, and secure services. Masu.
[Image 1:×810.jpg] [Safety Conference] *Held once every six months
Date and time: July 6th (Saturday) 9:30-16:30
Location: Morning Seminar Park (1062 Akihojima, City, Prefecture)
Afternoon Tamura Enviro Co., Ltd. Head Office (10363-7 Shimokosaba, City, Prefecture)
Participants: All employees, Group Representative Iyuki Tamura, Vice Representative Eiji Kawamura,
Contents: 9:30-11:20 (opening speech, accident report, recitation of the 7 rules of safety)
13:30 – 16:30 (Practice: Reporting training for falls during unic work, falls of heavy machinery, etc.)
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[Tamura Enviro Co., Ltd.]
We provide a one-stop service for collection, transportation, intermediate processing, and final disposal of industrial waste. We also have a recycling plant that primarily handles waste plastics, and we have one of the highest volumes handled in the prefecture. There are three major strengths.
・In addition to a comprehensive intermediate treatment facility for waste, we also have one of the largest stable final disposal sites in western Japan (Carrot Tamura Ltd.) located in Misumi, Nagato City, Prefecture.
・We have built an extensive network with other companies in the same industry throughout in order to realize the treatment of a wide variety of special waste.
・We have a wide variety of vehicles and over 800 containers, and have realized a collection flow that accommodates a variety of waste. By leveraging our strengths, we have built a support system that takes maximum advantage of unified management from waste collection to processing, and are solving our customers’ problems.
We are also working on various environmental recycling initiatives, such as intermediate processing of wood chips and processing them into wood chips that can be used as combustion improvers in furnaces, in an effort to curb global warming. As a result, we were certified as an “Eco-Factory” by Prefecture, as a company that significantly contributes to reducing waste generation and recycling. As a business that meets the essential requirements for environmental management, we have been recognized by the Ministry of the Environment as an “EcoAction 21 certified/registered business.”