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National Film Archive Announcement of “Children’s Cinema 2024 Summer Vacation★”

Agency for Cultural Affairs
[National Film Archive] Announcement of “Children’s Cinema 2024 Summer Vacation★”
[Image 1:×2700.jpg] The National Film Archive will hold the “Children’s Cinema” held every summer this year as well.
“Children’s Cinema” is a screening event with explanations for junior high school students and younger, with the aim of nurturing a rich sense of emotion and a high level of visual understanding ability (literacy). Today’s children gather at movie theaters, concentrate in the dark, stare at the big screen together, cry, laugh, get nervous, get excited, and be moved. We will hold this event so that you can enjoy it as well.
A wide range of lineups, from silent films from over 100 years ago to hit youth films from the 1980s.
We offer a wide range of films, from American and Soviet silent films to short films by Japan’s leading animation artists, to “Our Seven Days’ War” starring Rie Miyazawa, all in 35mm film. Before the screening, staff will provide commentary, and silent films will be shown with live music and live music. Perfect for children’s first movie experience.
Make your movie experience even more memorable! National Film Archive’s first participatory project “Let’s try it together” After the screening on Friday, July 26th, we will hold a “Let’s discuss your impressions” session. Children discuss their thoughts and learn that there are many different ways of looking at the same movie. After the screening on Saturday, August 3rd, a “Let’s Become a Benshi” event will be held. Everyone will come up with lines to go with a scene from a silent movie. Together with the benshi and musicians, we will create a scene together.
Participants can enter the 7th floor exhibition room for free on the day of the event!
In particular, the animated short films feature a variety of music by famous composers. Please enjoy this together with the special exhibition “Japanese Film and Music: Composers of the 1950s and 1960s” in the 7th floor exhibition room.
[Image 2:×1567.jpg] “Penguin Boy Lulu and Kiki”
[July 26th (Friday) Animation expression – materials and music -] “Dangobei Torimonocho Open-Sesame Volume [Re-edited edition of “Forty Thieves”]” (1952/Japan/Director: Nobuo Ofuji, Music: Kyosuke Kami/10
minutes/Black and white)
“Penguin Boy Lulu and Kiki” (1958/Japan/Director: Tadahito Mochinaga, Music: Hikaru Hayashi/16 minutes/Black and white)
“Moonlit Night and Glasses” (1966/Japan/Director: Tatsuo Shimamura, Music: Kei Ichiyanagi/8 minutes/Color)
“The Ugly Duckling” (1968/Japan/Director: Kazuhiko Watanabe, Music: Takajun Saito/20 minutes/Color)
[Image 3:×1359.jpg] “Our Seven Days War”
[Saturday, July 27th] Don’t obey fake adults! ]
“Our Seven Days War” (1988/Japan/Director: Hiroshi Sugawara/94 minutes/Color) Cast: Kenichiro Kikuchi, Rie Miyazawa, Masaki Kudo
[Image 4:×1433.jpg] “House on Trubnaya Street”
[What does it mean to work on Friday, August 2nd? A work comedy set in a big city]
●Katsuben and screening with live music
“The House on Trubnaya Street” (1928 / USSR / Director: Boris Barnet / 87 minutes / Black and white / Original title: Дом на Трубной Трубной)
[Image 5:×1878.jpg] “covered wagon”
[Saturday, August 3rd] Enjoy the great nature of the American West and the action unique to western movies! ]
●Screening with live music and live music
“covered wagon”
(1923/USA/Director: James Cruise/99 minutes/Black and white/Original title: The Covered Wagon)
*English subtitles only, but you can enjoy the explanation by the benshi. Katsuben and live performance performers on August 2nd and 3rd Benshi: Nanako Yamauchi (2nd), Naohiro Oda (3rd)
Musicians: Electronic piano: Kaname Tanhara (2nd), Synthesizer: Mari Sakamoto (3rd)
Post-screening project on July 26th and August 3rd: “Let’s try it together” ・July 26th “Let’s discuss our impressions”
・August 3rd “Let’s try being a benshi”
Facilitator: Seiko Funokawa
Event overview
*We do not accept applications from high school students or older who are not accompanying or chaperoning children (junior high school students or younger).
Project name: Children’s movie theater 2024 summer vacation★ Venue: National Film Archive Small Hall (1st basement floor) Date and time: July 26th (Friday) – 27th (Saturday), August 2nd (Friday) – 3rd (Saturday), 2024 Starts at 14:00 each day
Capacity: 151 people (all seats are free)
*Advance application required. Registration starts from 16:00 on Friday, July 5th. Registration will close as soon as capacity is reached. Please see the website for details.
Fees (pay on the day): Free for junior high school students and under/General 520 yen/High school/university students/310 yen for ages 65 and over
Project website: Contact: Hello Dial 050-5541-8600
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