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Babolat VS Japan Co., Ltd. Announces a new collection of rackets and other items born from the partnership between Babolat and Wimbledon since 2013

Babolat VS Japan Co., Ltd.
Announcing new collections including rackets born from the partnership between Babolat and Wimbledon since 2013
Babolat, a leading brand of tennis equipment developed by Babolat VS Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Country Manager: Mitsushi Umehara), has been in partnership with Wimbledon, the world’s most prestigious tennis event, since 2013, and together they have 145 It is a brand that has contributed to the development of tennis for over 20 years.
[Image 1:×1092.jpg] Babolat is the official supplier of tennis rackets, tennis bags and tennis shoes to Wimbledon, as well as the official stringer of the most prestigious tournament, Wimbledon.
This year, in its 11th year of long-standing partnership with Wimbledon, Babolat has announced a new collection, including two models of racquets and two racquet bags, on sale from May 24th. In addition, in 2023, which marks the 10th anniversary of the partnership, Carlos Alcaraz, a Babolat player, won his first victory on the grass courts at Wimbledon. The 2024 tournament will feature a battle as the defending champion.
Alcaraz and other players participating in the tournament this year (including over 100 Babolat players participating in various events such as men’s/women’s singles and doubles, mixed doubles, junior men’s/women’s singles and doubles, wheelchair and invitational events) ) Babolat’s expert team prepares rackets for top ATP and WTA players, providing rackets and strings to suit your needs.
Babolat Wimbledon Collection
Among the products being developed as part of the traditional Wimbledon Babolat collection are a special version of the iconic PURE DRIVE racket, as well as new designs for racket bags, backpacks, and dampers. I’m here. During the tournament, Babolat’s Wimbledon model shoes are worn not only by Babolat’s contract players, but also by ball boys, ball girls, ground staff, and other staff.
Additionally, an event was held on June 28th prior to the main tournament at Wimbledon. Influencers and ambassadors from around the world (Vamos Watanabe, who is known as a tennis entertainer from Japan) will be invited to participate in a Wimbledon tour, a stringing class using a string machine, and as the main event, play on a grass court with Babolat contract players. It was a special experience. Defending champion Carlos Alcaraz, 2023 Wimbledon junior champion Henry Searle, Holger Luhne, Karolina Pliskova, Xinyu Wang, Arthur Fils, Jordan Thompson and others appeared.
[Image 2:×2457.jpg] The history of both companies dates back to the 1860s and 1870s. Wimbledon was founded as a croquet club, but when the rules for lawn tennis were established in 1874, part of the croquet lawn was used for tennis, and the first championship was held in 1877. Originally a company that processed sausage skins, surgical thread, musical instrument strings, and natural archery gut, Babolat expanded its scope in 1875 with the invention of the first tennis racket string. . Eric Babolat, president of Babolat and the great-grandson of tennis string inventor Pierre Babolat, said: “Partnership is not the only thing we share with Wimbledon.The two brands are pioneers in their respective fields and are committed to innovation in tennis.” I have been involved in this sport for nearly 150 years, combining it with sports.I am very happy to be back here this year with defending champion Carlos Alcaraz.”
Commenting on the partnership with Babolat, Usama Al-Qassab, Marketing and Commercial Director at the All England Club, said: “We would like to work with great partners like Babolat to make Wimbledon the pinnacle of tennis.By partnering with Babolat, which has a history of nearly 150 years, we are proud to be able to offer products such as rackets, bags, and products that represent the industry. They provided us with shoes and accessories, and we were able to provide excellent racket service (official service) throughout the tournament.” Wimbledon collection product lineup
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-About Babolat-
Founded in Lyon, France in 1875, Babolat is the world’s oldest manufacturer specializing in racket sports. They were quick to adopt innovations, releasing tennis strings in 1875 and tennis rackets in 1994. Family-owned and operated for five generations since its founding, Babolat offers tennis, badminton, and padel equipment (racquets, strings, shoes, balls, shuttlecocks, bags, apparel, and accessories). There are many professionals who use Babolat rackets and strings in their respective sports. We have partnerships with 20,000 clubs in 150 countries around the world, including the legendary tennis brand Wimbledon. Please check this out for details.
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