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Happy Smile Co., Ltd. Meiji Yasuda J3 League affiliation FC Osaka introduces photo sales platform service “Minna no”

Happy Smile Co., Ltd.
[Meiji Yasuda J3 League affiliation] FC Osaka introduces photo sales platform service “Minna no”
Contributing to “victory and excitement” in Osaka with soccer and photography ……
Happy Smile Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, President and CEO: Kenichi Sato) and FC Osaka (Location: Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative: Yusuke Kondo) are engaged in photo agency sales. We would like to inform you that we have concluded a contract for the introduction of the platform service “Minna no” (
[Image 1:×1949.jpg] FC Osaka is a club whose mission is to work with the local community as a driving force for the growth and development of the local community. We will focus our efforts on growing into a prestigious J.League club, and we will combine the power and potential of the sport of soccer with cutting-edge technology and services, leading to the creation of new value and appeal for Osaka, and the SDGs. Our management philosophy is to promote a social business that contributes to the creation of a spiritually enriching community that solves the world’s common social issues. More than just a soccer club, we are a soccer club that bears the name of “Osaka” and will liven up “Osaka”, spread the charm, culture, climate and name of “Osaka”, and make “Osaka” a city that can be proud to the world. That’s what I’m aiming for.
Not only during games, but also in practice and in the locker room before games, the players prepare for each game with all their might and work hard to win and move the hearts of the players. FC Osaka’s desire to deliver to all of you and all of our supporters can be realized through the introduction of our services, which led us to this agreement.
[Image 2:×522.jpg] “Minna no” allows you to easily sell not only photos taken during the match, but also off-shots of the players taken by the staff, allowing many people to receive previously unreleased photos. We can deliver it to you. Additionally, since photos can be easily viewed online without registering as a member, supporters can easily view photos of players for free.
Through this service, we hope to strengthen the connection between the feelings of the players fighting on the front lines and the feelings of our supporters, and contribute to FC Osaka’s “victory and excitement.”
We will continue to strive to deliver precious memories to as many people as possible through the exhibition and sale of photographs. ■About “Section 19 vs Tegebajaro Miyazaki” photo exhibition and sales ・Sales start date: Wednesday, July 3, 2024
・Display and sales contents: Off-shot photos of the match “Section 19 vs. Tegebajaro Miyazaki” held on June 29, 2024
・How to view/purchase:
1. Access the exhibition room page of Minna no and log in as a member or guest.
2. Enter the exhibition room code below.
Exhibition room page URL: Exhibition room code: 2T3G67M83 (Automatically entered when accessing from the URL above.)
2. Click “Authenticate” to view and purchase.
■FC Osaka Operation Overview (
[Image 3:×574.jpg] Club name: FC Osaka (FC Osaka)
League affiliation: 2023-present Meiji Yasuda J3 League affiliation February 2020 J League Centenary Concept Club Approval
September 2021 2022 season J3 club license acquired
November 2022 Join J League
Operating company: F.C. Osaka Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President: Yusuke Kondo
■Happy Smile Co., Ltd. Company Profile ( “We will change the culture of photo sales and create a world where everyone involved in photography can be happy through photography.” We believe that the purpose of Happy Smile’s existence is to solve the problems of everyone involved in photography and increase the number of happy customers as much as possible.We are not satisfied with the status quo and are always striving for new ideas. We aim to be a leading company in creating and selling photos.
Omiya Head Office: 195-1 Omiya Solamichi KOZ 11F, Sakuragicho 1-chome, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama 330-0854
*The head office has been relocated from September 1, 2023.
Labo (old headquarters): 1753 Sashiogi, Nishi-ku, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture 331-0047
Number of organizations implementing the system: 7,400 organizations (as of the end of June 2024)
Representative Director, President and CEO: Kenichi Sato
Business details: Operation and provision of photo sales platform service “Minna no”
■What is the photo sales platform service “Minna no” (
The photo sales platform service “Minna no” does not require any costs such as platform introduction fees or registration fees for user organizations, and viewers can view photos for free without the hassle of registering as a member. . It is a service that can be purchased by those who wish to use it, and in recent years it has been used not only in the child care industry, but also in a wide range of industries such as sports (various kids schools and professional teams), entertainment (theater troupes and idol groups), and welfare facilities for the elderly. I have received it.
■Inquiries regarding press releases
Happy Smile Co., Ltd. Person in charge/coverage contact
TEL: 048-729-5259 E-mail:
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