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Home » AlphaDrive AlphaDrive takes over the business of coconova from SocialDesign and establishes a new base “Ryukyu Alpha Drive”

AlphaDrive AlphaDrive takes over the business of coconova from SocialDesign and establishes a new base “Ryukyu Alpha Drive”

AlphaDrive takes over the business of coconova from SocialDesign and establishes a new base “Ryukyu Alpha Drive”
Press release: July 3, 2024
AlphaDrive takes over the business of coconova from SocialDesign and establishes a new base “Ryukyu Alpha Drive”
*With community park coconova at the core, we will contribute to the startup ecosystem in central and northern Okinawa, and accelerate the strengthening of new business development capabilities of companies in Okinawa Prefecture*
* Alpha Drive Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director, President and CEO)
As of July 1, 2024, Yoichi Aso (hereinafter referred to as
“AlphaDrive”) will be appointed as Social Design Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture, Representative Director) From Yuki Kitano and Yuki Kano (hereinafter referred to as “Social Design”), Community Park coconova
) (hereinafter referred to as “Coconova”*1), and we would like to inform you that we have inherited the business of AlphaDrive, and have established a new regional base of AlphaDrive, “Ryukyu Alpha Drive” in Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture. *

Upon business succession, Social Co., Ltd.
Design will continue to shape its involvement as the founder of Coconova in order to foster connections to the region as AlphaDrive’s local partner.
Regarding the two representative directors, Yuki Kitano will continue to be involved in the management and development of Coconova from the perspective of community management centered on the Nago area, and Yuki Kano, the designer of Coconova, will continue to be involved in the operation and development of Coconova from the perspective of an architect. I’m coming.

* Background of establishment of Okinawa base *
Since its founding, AlphaDrive has been a supporter of “Frogs” (“Ryukyu Frogs” in the Okinawa region), a next-generation leader discovery and development program for students that started mainly in Okinawa Prefecture and spread nationwide, and has been supporting the people who will lead the future of Okinawa Prefecture. We have supported the creation of wealth.

In addition, as of July 2024, AlphaDrive representative Yoichi Aso is an advisory fellow at the Okinawa IT Innovation Strategy Center and a member of the University of the Ryukyus.
Concurrently serving as a visiting professor, I have been involved in discovering and nurturing many Okinawan entrepreneurs.
The Okinawa Startup Ecosystem Consortium will be established in December 2022, and will utilize the new business development capabilities, open innovation methods, and We decided to establish an Okinawa base because we thought we could make a contribution using our network.
* Background of coconova business succession *
Social Co., Ltd. in December 2021
Coconova, founded by Design, was established as a co-creative community facility built by renovating a former clinic, and has operated 500 events and attended 30,000 people since its establishment through community-based management even during the coronavirus pandemic. realized the number of visitors. In terms of program and community management in the business field, we have produced 10 entrepreneurs and have established ourselves as a new business and community base in northern Okinawa Prefecture.
This time, Ryukyu Alpha Drive, established by AlphaDrive, which has strengths in launching and nurturing new businesses and has an innovator network in diverse regions across Japan, will become the operating entity, and will operate the northern Okinawa/Nago area with Coconova at its core. Believing that we can further develop the business community in the area, we have established Social Co., Ltd. We have decided to transfer ownership from Design to Ryukyu Alpha Drive. Also, Social Co., Ltd.
In order to achieve sustainable development while inheriting Coconova’s diverse cultural soil and community-based spaces created by Design, we provide operational and development support as a local partner. Through cooperation through systems such as Co-Ownership, we expect co-creative development between the two companies during succession, such as flexibly incorporating the involvement of the founders, while creating new businesses that will realize business development. We will also work on ways of succession.
* AlphaDrive regional expansion “AlphaDrive REGION” *
In addition to AlphaDrive Kochi Co., Ltd., a 100% subsidiary established in Tosa Town, Kochi Prefecture in July 2019, AlphaDrive will open AlphaDrive Tokai (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) in August 2023, and AlphaDrive Kansai (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture) in September 2023. We have established a base in Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture. In addition, Ambitions Co., Ltd. will launch a regional business media “Ambitions” targeting the Fukuoka/Kitakyushu area in November 2023.
UNIDGE Co., Ltd. is developing UNIDGE Kansai as its Kansai base. By linking each regional base in a network, the scope of AlphaDrive Group’s activities as a whole is as of July 2024 in Hokkaido, Iwate Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, Tochigi Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture, and Aichi Prefecture. , spread to Mie, Niigata, Hiroshima, Kagawa, Kochi, , Fukuoka, Saga, Kumamoto, and Nagasaki prefectures.

In each of these regions, the AlphaDrive Group carries out activities such as support for core companies and small and medium-sized enterprises in new business development and new product development, startup support, entrepreneur support, and human resource development support. In the future, we will promote business matching that connects these regional players, open innovation, and initiatives for local production and foreign trade in each region.
* About Ryukyu Alpha Drive *
Name Ryukyu Alpha Drive
Base coconova
1004 Miyazato, Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture
Representative Yoichi Aso
Alpha Drive Co., Ltd. President and CEO
Okinawa IT Innovation Strategy Center Advisory Fellow
Ryukyu University Visiting Professor
Activities * New business development and new product development support for companies in Okinawa Prefecture *
Utilizing the new business development capabilities possessed by the AlphaDrive Group, we will support the new business development of companies in Okinawa Prefecture. We will support everything from formulating new business development strategies, developing skills and human resources for new business managers, and providing growth support through hands-on support for each new business project.

* Contribution to Okinawa startup ecosystem *
AlphaDrive’s network of innovation departments and human resources of large companies, UNIDGE Co., Ltd.’s diverse startup network outside Okinawa Prefecture, AlphaDrive
Leverage REGION’s network of regional innovators from diverse regions across the country. Utilizing UNIDGE’s know-how in “creating collaborative projects that do not end with matching” and providing practical open innovation support, we will create a support system necessary for startups in Okinawa prefecture from the seed stage onwards to achieve growth. Masu.

* New business development and new product development support for companies in Okinawa Prefecture *
Utilizing the new business development capabilities possessed by the AlphaDrive Group, we will support the new business development of companies in Okinawa Prefecture. We will support everything from formulating new business development strategies, developing skills and human resources for new business managers, and providing growth support through hands-on support for each new business project.

* Building a business community in central and northern Okinawa with Coconova at its core*
Ahead of the opening of the theme park, we will establish a business community with a different focus and nature in northern Okinawa Prefecture, where the business world is about to start to flourish, while working in wide-area collaboration with startup communities that have already been established in Naha, Koza, and other areas.

* Contribution to innovator human resource development activities in Okinawa Prefecture, including support for Ryukyu Frogs *
We will continue to support the Ryukyu Frogs, which we have been a supporter of since its founding, and will widely contribute to the development of innovative human resources for middle school, high school, university students, and young working adults in Okinawa Prefecture.

Ryukyu Alpha Drive is recruiting the following personnel.
Apply here
* 1.coconova Community Manager/Staff*
・Coconova facility management. As venue management staff, we will communicate with visitors and revitalize the community.
・It is a rewarding job to build and revitalize a new business community in northern Okinawa.

* 2. Business development project manager/coordinator*
・Supporting new business launches for companies in Okinawa Prefecture and leading/supporting innovator human resource development projects. ・Project management for government ecosystem construction projects and program management projects
Comments from Ryukyu Alpha Drive founding members

*Yoichi Aso*
*Ryukyu Alpha Drive Representative*
* Alpha Drive Co., Ltd. President and CEO*
Immediately after Alpha Drive was founded in 2018, the first press release officially issued by the company was not about the company’s business activities, but was about “supporting the Ryukyu Frogs.” Even before Alpha Drive was founded, and even after it was founded, we have been creating a startup ecosystem in Okinawa that is different from the one centered in Tokyo, and that will create businesses that Okinawa can be proud of to the world. We have done everything we can to achieve this goal.
I am truly happy and humbled to have been able to officially establish Ryukyu Alpha Drive as the successor to Coconova, a regional facility that represents Nago.
Okinawa is home to many deep-rooted historical issues and various social issues, but it is also the region with the most brand and competitiveness in Japan. That’s why we can create one after another new businesses with unique brilliance. Ryukyu Alpha Drive will transform the Alpha Drive Group’s experience into a form unique to Okinawa and launch activities rooted in the region.

Everyone in Nago and everyone in Okinawa, we look forward to your continued support. Let’s work together to create a new business that Okinawa can be proud of to the world.

*Ryuji Utsunomiya*
* AlphaDrive REGION Business Manager *
We are pleased to announce that we will be able to establish Ryukyu Alpha Drive as a new base in the region, and we hope to create a social network that will take root in the region.
I am very happy to be able to work with everyone at Design and coconova. With the establishment of Ryukyu Alpha Drive, our company now has four regional bases: Kochi, Tokai, Kansai, and Okinawa. While making full use of the new business and human resource development know-how and network that we have cultivated in Kochi Prefecture and other parts of Japan, we are exploring ways to create industries unique to Okinawa that deeply capture Okinawa’s unique culture, resources, people, and companies. I will continue to do so. We look forward to working with everyone in Okinawa in the future.

*Yuki Kitano*
* Representative Director of Social Design Co., Ltd.*
I started the coconova project right after I decided to move to Nago, and before I knew it, 4 years had passed. Social
From the beginning of Design’s founding, we focused our efforts on managing the place through repeated trial and error on how the local community should function. Thankfully, this facility has gained the sympathy of many people and has become a facility that attracts more than 20,000 visitors annually. However, there were many difficult situations in running a company, and I felt that my own lack of management skills was a failure.
Meanwhile, one of our shareholders, Mr. Aso, suggested that I would consider taking over the business if Coconova were to go away, which led to this business succession. I am grateful to you for lighting the fire that was once dying out and for creating an environment where I can take on further challenges. As a good partner, we will continue to strive to revitalize the local community centered on coconova. Thank you for your continued loving support for coconova.
*Yuki Kano*
* Representative Director and Architect of Social Design Co., Ltd.* We believe that creating and operating coconova means designing the future of the region with our own hands. While facing various difficulties and issues, I believe that through the cooperation and proactive involvement of diverse people, we have been able to create new value that opens up the possibilities of the region.
As a result, as a center of the community where local people gather, its value has been recognized by a wide variety of people, including receiving various design awards, being inspected by governments and community development officials from other regions, startups, and business people. There were many occasions when I received it. With the aim of further developing coconova, we have decided to have AlphaDrive, led by Yoichi Aso, take over coconova. In addition, during the succession, we will retain our involvement as the founder, and our company will continue to be involved in the future of coconova. In Okinawa, where unique issues stemming from historical issues are deep-rooted, there is still little that we can contribute, and there were times when we asked ourselves whether our activities were meaningful.
However, as we take this succession as an opportunity to develop coconova to a new stage, as an architect, we will continue to contribute to the future of the region from the perspective of regional development and town planning, and create social value. I would like to continue doing so.
We would be very happy if you could continue to support coconova. *Ryuji Tokiwagi*
*Ryukyu Alpha Drive*
*Co-Founder Chief Strategy Officer*
High Saigu Suyochu Garabira
Tokki ya bean.
We have decided to establish Ryukyu Alpha Drive with Mr. Aso, a long-time comrade, in order to bring out the potential of Okinawa’s local community and provide careful support. It has been 10 years since I moved to Okinawa in 2014, and I have continued to honestly and honestly continue to support the technology, startup, and Atotsugi groups, while respecting the strengths and cultural backgrounds of the region and each person. I did. As a result, we are now thankfully recognized as “Okinawa’s IT leader” and Uchinanchu.
Promotion of the Koza Startup Shopping District, attracting companies and key people from outside the prefecture to various parts of the prefecture, collaboration between top runners from outside the prefecture and key people in the prefecture, promotion of the northern region, support for startups, support for promoting open innovation, and creation of new businesses. . What I want to achieve through various activities is “The most shining island in the world.” Okinawa”. During the last war, many lives were lost. I wanted to fully understand its meaning, so I decided to move to Okinawa on a one-way ticket. Through the activities of Ryukyu Alpha Drive, we will work to more organically connect the energies of people, nature, and history, and bring out their full potential.
Thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

Comments supporting the establishment of Ryukyu Alpha Drive
* Soichiro Kayo *
*Nago city council member*
Congratulations on the establishment of Ryukyu Alpha Drive! It has already been four years since the coconova project started. It goes without saying that it has become a community facility representing Nago City, hosting over 500 events of all sizes and hosting 30,000 visitors. Social Co., Ltd. so far
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone at Design for their hard work.
Nago City has an ideal of “Nago, a reverberating city,” where people and companies come together to create harmony by leveraging their respective areas of expertise, and a wide range of projects are being developed to realize the smart city Nago model. Various plans are also underway, including a northern theme park scheduled to open next summer, redevelopment of the city center, and development of the entire Nago Bay area. Nago and the northern part of Okinawa’s main island are becoming more and more popular. We hope that coconova, which will take over the business from Ryukyu Alpha Drive and move towards a new stage, will lead the region!

*Takashi Hiyane*
* Representative Director, Umusan Lab Co., Ltd.*
*Lexus Corporation Representative Director*
Congratulations on the establishment of Ryukyu Alpha Drive. And thank you very much.
Alpha Drive, which has contributed to the development of Okinawa’s startup ecosystem in various ways.
However, I have great expectations and am deeply happy that we are finally setting up our base in Nago.
Mr. Aso is resolute in his desire to deepen cooperation even more than ever before and give shape to the “possibilities of Okinawa that can be proud of the world.”

* Ange Ishiyama *
* Digital Agency Sharing Economy Evangelist *
*Representative Director, Sharing Economy Association*
Congratulations on the establishment of Ryukyu Alpha Drive! When I first visited coconova at the end of 2023, I felt that coconova was a symbol of the sharing economy. After that, Nago City became a member of the Sharing City Promotion Council, and we paid a courtesy visit to the mayor of Nago. Alpha Drive, Social
We look forward to accelerating this process through collaboration with Design. Additionally, a bill related to “bi-regional residence” has been enacted, and more than ever, there is a need for places where people with roots in the region and multi-location residents can interact. We look forward to continuing to expand the environment that allows for a balance between life and work, such as the launch of shared houses centered on coconova and joint offices for telework!
*Kenichiro Toyosato*
*Representative Director of Four Seas Co., Ltd.*
*Representative of Koza Startup Shopping Street PJT*
We would like to sincerely welcome the announcement of the
establishment of a new base “Ryukyu Alpha Drive” by Alpha Drive Co., Ltd. As there is a strong need for a new business community in the region, the combination of community management based on Alpha Drive’s know-how and the Coconova base, which has been loved by the region, is an unprecedented initiative that will improve the local community. We are confident that this will lead to further growth.
Until now, Representative Aso has supported many entrepreneurs at Koza Startup Shopping District, our operating base, but from now on, we will further strengthen the partnership between the community of our base in Koza and the Ryukyu Alpha Drive base. I am very happy to be able to work with you as a base that supports the same local community.
*Akira Yamazaki*
* Representative Director/CEO of FROGS Co., Ltd. *
Once again, congratulations on the establishment of Ryukyu Alpha Drive! I was momentarily surprised by the transfer of Coconova’s business, but I quickly became satisfied with it.
The northern part of Okinawa Prefecture is currently a hot area due to various factors. New leisure facilities have also been built, and the smart city concept is accelerating.
Direct helicopter flights from Naha Airport to Nago have also begun, so there are only possibilities.
We are confident that the addition of Ryukyu Alpha Drive will make a significant contribution to the region and Okinawa’s economy. We would like to continue to collaborate with FROGS human resource development, such as the Ryukyu Frogs program for junior high and high school students and the Mirai Academy for elementary and junior high school students, and work together to create the future.

-Company Profile-
Company name: Alpha Drive Co., Ltd.
Established: February 23, 2018
Representative: Yoichi Aso, Representative Director, President and CEO Location: 1F Kurusu Building, 2-17-3 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Company name: Social Design Co., Ltd.
Established: October 30, 2020
Representative: Representative Director Yuki Kitano, Yuki Kano Location: 1004 Miyazato, Nago City, Okinawa Prefecture

Person in charge: Alpha Drive Co., Ltd. Public Relations
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