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Home » JUN Co., Ltd. Life&Beauty by JUN ONLINE POP UP SHOP will be held for 3 days only. There will be a variety of special topics, including the launch of the Korean brand “MOSS ORIGIN,” which will be arriving in Japan for the first time.

JUN Co., Ltd. Life&Beauty by JUN ONLINE POP UP SHOP will be held for 3 days only. There will be a variety of special topics, including the launch of the Korean brand “MOSS ORIGIN,” which will be arriving in Japan for the first time.

Jun Co., Ltd.
Life&Beauty by JUN ONLINE POP UP SHOP will be held for 3 days only. There will be a variety of special topics, including the launch of the Korean brand “MOSS ORIGIN,” which will be arriving in Japan for the first time.
Life&Beauty by JUN ONLINE, an online shopping store focused on Lifestyle, Beauty, and Wellness, operated by Jun Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Susumu Sasaki), is located at (tefu) yoyogi uehara. We will be holding a 3-day limited POP UP SHOP event from July 19th (Friday) to July 21st (Sunday).
[Image 1:×800.jpg] A POP UP SHOP will be held at Yoyogi Uehara’s event space (tefu) Yoyogi Uehara for 3 days only from July 19th (Friday) to July 21st (Sunday).
In order to allow you to experience the world of Life&Beauty by JUN ONLINE in a more spacious space than ever before, we will be selling collaboration items with popular brands “DAMDAM TOKYO” and “LAN”, items sold only at POP UP SHOP, and even Japan. We have prepared many special topics, including the launch of the Korean body care brand “MOSS ORIGIN,” which is making its debut.
This is a special 3-day event where we will have a selection of noteworthy items from among the many select brands available at Life&Beauty by JUN ONLINE, from lifestyle goods to beauty care items to drinks that refresh and soothe your mind and body.
Please take this opportunity to try out items that are usually only available online.
Life&Beauty by JUN ONLINE
POP UP SHOP at (tefu) yoyogi uehara
Event period: 2024.7.19 (Friday) – 7.21 (Sunday)
Venue: (tefu) yoyogi uehara
3-1-10 Nishihara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1F
(5 minutes walk from Yoyogi-Uehara Station on the Odakyu Line / 7 minutes walk from Yoyogi-Hachiman Station)
[Image 2:×556.png ]
Business hours: 11:00-19:00
*7.21 (Sun) only 17:30 CLOSE
Payment method: Credit card / electronic money / QR payment
*Please note that cash is not accepted.
A skin care buffet will be held from “DAMDAM TOKYO”, a clean skin care brand made in Japan. Life&Beauty by JUN ONLNE limited
collaboration eco bags are also on sale!
[Image 3:×300.png ]
We are holding a skin care buffet where you can get great deals when you purchase 2 or more of your favorite skin care products. Your chosen item will be delivered to you in a drawstring or bamboo blind package.
We also have a limited edition color change of the eco bag currently on sale at DAMDAM TOKYO to a cool yellow. It has a wide gusset and is a nice size that can fit a lot, making it useful for leisure activities.
South Korea’s popular body care brand “moss origin” has finally landed in Japan for the first time!
[Image 4:×1080.png ]
Moss Origin, a beauty lifestyle brand that provides natural rest and vitality to tired modern people, has finally landed in Japan for the first time. It will be unveiled for the first time at this POP UP SHOP.
Life&Beauty by JUN ONLINE is the only place where you can buy moss origin in Japan by the end of 2024.
Please take a look at the body care items, which come in two scents inspired by nature, and the sophisticated package design.

Two types of L&B custom made incense holders are on sale from the glass work brand “LAN”
[Image 5:×300.png ]
Two types of custom-made incense holders are now available from LAN, a glasswork brand that creates products that take advantage of the individuality of glass textures and color blends. This is a special item available only at Life&Beauty by JUN ONLINE.
glass plate stand (left)
¥15,180 in tax
glass tray mini (right)
¥11,000 in tax

From the glass vase brand “ANDSPACE by TOUCHU”, hydroponically grown plants are available exclusively at POP UP SHOP. New glass planters are also available.
[Image 6:×1080.png ]
ANDSPACE by TOUCHU, which uses upcycled glass and is known for its delicate vases that focus on the material “glass” and heart-tickling names, sells hydroponic plants exclusively at the POP-UP SHOP. We will also be unveiling a new glass planter that will clear your mind during the sweaty season.

A “Made in Japan” clean skin care brand born from Japanese
craftsmanship and traditional natural ingredients. Using ingredients traditionally used in Japan since ancient times, such as perilla, rice bran, and konnyaku, we offer minimalistic rituals that satisfy your skin and soul.
[Image 7:×1200.jpg] ■ moss origin | moss origin
A beauty lifestyle brand that provides natural rest and vitality to tired modern people, regardless of gender or age. Encountering a small moss in the middle of the city will free you from the grayness of life and fill your daily life with the colors of nature.
[Image 8:×1080.png ]
■ SEORii | Theory
This project aims to help each of us find our own theories by developing wisdom for a life that allows circulation and coexistence, liberal arts courses, and products that utilize the science of the wild and agricultural chemistry. Based on the idea that gut = skin = mind, we offer a variety of items such as intestinal health, femme care, and skin care.
[Image 9:×1080.jpg] ■ TAU | TAU
A brand created by hairstylist Ayako Yanagi. We are developing multi-use items with a focus on scents that reach the heart.
[Image 10:×1080.png ]
■ yau |
What is kind to your skin is also kind to the earth. Based on this idea, we are a skin care brand that is particular about making the most of natural ingredients. Focusing on conditioning the skin first and foremost, it was created as a skin care product before skin care to create a foundation for the skin.
[Image 11:×1080.png ]
■ mid/night 00.00 | Midnight
We are a natural skin care brand that started in 2019 in search of natural products that use only the simplest ingredients and easy, definitive routines that don’t take much time.
[Image 12:×1080.png ]
■ versatile paris | Versatile Paris
It was born in Paris out of the idea of ​​wanting to go beyond existing ideas and make standardized fragrances even bolder. Inspired by real everyday life, Versatile fragrances are unique, original and genderless.
[Image 13:×1080.png ]
It is a self-care brand that supports women who are working hard to live the “now” and supports them in loving themselves. We will capture the moment when you connect with yourself and propose a habit of loving yourself.
[Image 14:×1080.png ]
We are a glasswork brand that produces products that are simple and can be used seasonally, making use of the individual characteristics of glass such as its texture and color mixing.
[Image 15:×1080.jpg] ■ ANDSPACE by TOUCHU |
A vase brand created by TOUCHU, a company that is fascinated by plants and other natural objects. Focusing on the material “glass”, we launched the vase/pot brand “ANDSPACE” in 2020.
[Image 16:×1080.png ]
■ haec |
haec encounters the beautiful pieces of nature that surround us, transforms them into metal, and develops products that can be utilized in daily life.
[Image 17:×800.jpg] ■ KOST KAMM |
The brand was founded by the Kost family of comb craftsmen and has been passed down for centuries since the mid-19th century. The company continues to produce combs and hair accessories using natural materials, and is still run by a family member.
[Image 18:×1080.png ]
■ Luten | Luten
Through products related to scent, which is closely associated with memories, emotions, and impulses, we offer the joy of integrating tradition into modern life. In addition to enjoying scents and products from ancient times, we also create products that respect the environment by valuing resources.
[Image 19:×1080.png ]
■ vadle |
By clearing your mind, body, and environment, you can become a more relaxed version of yourself that radiates inner brilliance.
Contains pure essential oils from plants that have been used in purification rituals and as medicinal herbs since ancient times, and their scent and efficacy will leave you feeling clear and fresh. _______________________________
– Overview of Life&Beauty by JUN ONLINE – Life&Beauty by JUN ONLINE is an online shopping site that focuses on lifestyle, beauty, and wellness, and proposes items and ideas that will accompany a new daily life for women who are full of curiosity and an inquisitive mind. store. ▼Official Online Store ▼Instagram @lifebeautybyjun
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