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Home » KnowledgeSense Co., Ltd. RAG service for businesses “ChatSense” has updated its security functions. OneLogin now supports SSO authentication

KnowledgeSense Co., Ltd. RAG service for businesses “ChatSense” has updated its security functions. OneLogin now supports SSO authentication

Knowledge Sense Co., Ltd.
ChatSense, a RAG service for businesses, has updated its security features. OneLogin now supports SSO authentication
Knowledge Sense Co., Ltd. provides “ChatSense”, a RAG service for companies that utilizes ChatGPT. We have recently updated our security features to meet a wider range of needs for businesses. Among these, we would like to inform you that we have officially supported SSO (single sign-on) authentication with OneLogin. ChatSense’s “additional learning function” is a function that allows you to easily create “generative AI (RAG) that responds based on internal data.” Please see here for details.
Knowledge Sense Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Atsushi Kadowaki, hereinafter referred to as Knowledge Sense), which speeds up the intellectual activities of large companies, is pleased to announce that OneLogin We would like to inform you that we have officially added support for SSO. We have made it possible to use the “additional learning” function (a function that uses in-house data to train generated AI, using RAG), which is a function where security is particularly important, so that it can be used with more flexible authentication methods. This makes it possible to meet the needs of governments and corporations that require advanced security settings, such as “utilizing proprietary internal data” and “automating internal inquiries using generated AI.”
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Corporate rag service security onelogin sso
Starting today (July 4, 2024), users with a business plan or above can use the SSO function using OneLogin.
■ Background – High security such as SSO is required to use RAG services for businesses.
ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that can converse in natural Japanese. ChatGPT is starting to be introduced by many corporations for the purpose of streamlining business operations and improving service quality. Knowledge Sense’s “ChatSense” has attracted attention for its strengths for corporations, such as its highly secure environment and additional learning functions for internal data, and has been introduced by more than 300 companies, including major companies, including those listed on TSE Prime.
In addition, the “additional learning” function provided by ChatSense (RAG function that imports in-house data into the generated AI and returns customized answers/RAG function) is a particularly popular function. However, we have received multiple requests from companies and local governments implementing the system that they would like to see support for SSO authentication using OneLogin as a login method. Up until now, ChatSense has already supported a wide range of SSO by supporting SAML authentication, and in fact SSO authentication with OneLogin was also possible, but as there was no official documentation or support, I was in a situation where I couldn’t tell you that it would be supported. Therefore, ChatSense is making the “Additional Learning” feature available to more people, which allows you to “easily create a generative AI (ChatGPT) that is knowledgeable about your business and easily share it with internal members by simply uploading internal data.” To help you, we have officially supported SSO with OneLogin, and have established a help page, system tests, and support system.
*Following the previous support for Microsoft EntraID and Google Workspace, it will also be compatible with OneLogin.
We use the SAML authentication method, so you can continue to log in using flexible SSO tools that suit your needs.
■ Features of the new function that allows you to add and learn unique data to ChatGPT
[Image 2:×1080.png ]
Easy construction of ChatGPT using internal data rag service for companies 1. Unique features not found in ChatGPT – Building AI that
incorporates in-house data –
With ChatSense’s new “Additional Learning” plugin feature, you can upload documents in the following file formats and configure the AI ​​to respond based on them.
Unique data formats that can be uploaded: txt, csv, doc, docx, pdf, html, specify a specific page by URL
In addition, it is possible to read multiple files, create multiple AIs, and learn up to 1 million sheets of manuscript paper (increasing the upper limit can be negotiated).
[Image 3:×720.png ]
RAG function that reads in-house data and responds to ChaGPT SSO compatible 2.Always show the reference source of the answer and see through AI lies One of the disadvantages of ChatGPT is that you cannot check the information sources used to generate answers. However, ChatSense’s additional learning feature allows you to always see references to internal data used in answers. This allows you to check the original document at any time and double-check the authenticity of the AI’s answers.
[Image 4:×720.png ]
ChatGTP Internal data generation AI Display reference source of answer RAG service for companies
For more information about the introduction of ChatSense’s “additional learning function”, please see the introduction page below.
■ What is ChatSense, a ChatGPT service for corporations?
“ChatGPT” is a type of large-scale language model released by OpenAI in the fall of 2022. ChatSense, provided by Knowledge Sense, is a service that uses ChatGPT with enhanced security and is
cost-effective, improving the business efficiency of corporations and local governments. It has the following characteristics.
[Image 5: &S3=73671-106-05b0b0f67C27703D3983C39848444444444444444444444 62db-1920×1080.png]
For companies Improve the efficiency of corporate, administrative, and local government operations with chatgpt
1. Function to protect chat content from AI learning
This is a common feature that is available for all Enterprise plans, Standard plans, and the free Starter plan.
2.A wealth of unique features, including the ability to share prompts internally It features business features not found in regular ChatGPT. In addition, we are constantly updating features such as bulk management of members and folder and drag organization functions, and most of these are applicable even in the free plan.
3. ChatSense has no initial cost and no minimum usage period. In order to respond to the sentiment of companies that say, “You won’t know until you try it,” we are lowering the hurdles to introduction as much as possible and greatly expanding the range of services that can be used free of charge.
Click here for an article to learn more about ChatSense
■ About Knowledge Sense
Knowledge Sense provides ChatSense, a ChatGPT service for
corporations, and business consulting in order to accelerate corporate DX and improve the productivity of all employees. In addition to ChatSense, we have released multiple services related to generative AI and have a track record of providing them to users around the world. At Knowledge Sense, we welcome inquiries from companies that want to utilize generative AI to accelerate the work efficiency of their employees.
KnowledgeSense is committed to using generative AI to significantly improve employee productivity and promote digital transformation. that’s all
■ Company profile Company name: Knowledge Sense Co., Ltd. Head office: 2nd floor, Sumitomo Fudosan Roppongi Dori Building, 7-18-18 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Atsushi Kadowaki, Representative Director and CEO
Established: April 10, 2019
Business details:
・Planning and operation of “ChatSense” and generative AI testing service “Ozone”, etc.
・DX strategy consulting using generative AI
・Development of solutions for internal and external use
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web browsing
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