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Home » For companies that do not have dedicated human resources! We have explained 3 tips for collecting applications f rom job seekers for free! 《7/3 (Wednesday) 12:00 ~ Free online seminar report》

For companies that do not have dedicated human resources! We have explained 3 tips for collecting applications f rom job seekers for free! 《7/3 (Wednesday) 12:00 ~ Free online seminar report》

Sales Hack Co., Ltd.
For companies that do not have dedicated human resources! We have explained 3 tips for collecting applications from job seekers for free! 《7/3 (Wednesday) 12:00~Free online seminar report》
How to collect applications without spending money? I told you the specific method!
Sales Hack Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Hiroshi Sasada) and Re.make Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative: Shota Ikejiri) co-sponsored a webinar. The date and time is Wednesday, July 3, 2024 from 12:00 to 13:00, and participation is free. The theme this time is “How to collect job applications for free.” In this world where the birthrate is declining and the population is aging and there is a shortage of human resources, the importance of recruitment activities is increasing. In it, we thoroughly explained the points to collect applications without spending money!
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Event details
・”We don’t have a lot of applications because we’re not a major company.” ・“There are not many job seekers in the area.”
・“We want to recruit people with specialized skills and experience, but we have a smaller budget than other companies, so we don’t have enough money.”
・“We want to continue hiring, but business growth is slowing because recruitment is not stable.”
If any of these make you think, “This is about us,” please join us for a little longer.
Sales Hack’s sales have quadrupled from the year before last to last year. The reason is simply that we were able to scale and expand the recruitment of sales personnel.
Our company operates a tele-appointment agency business, which is a labor-intensive business model. If the number of employees does not increase, the pace of business growth will slow down.
Therefore, since the year before last, we have strengthened our recruitment efforts and our call team has tripled in size.
However, the budget for recruitment was 0 yen.
Recruitment is not determined solely by capital.
Recruitment power = corporate power x recruitment conditions x recruitment public relations x recruitment practices
It is determined by this multiplication. If you look only at our company’s strength and recruitment conditions, there are 50,000 companies that are more famous and offer better pay than ours. If you can lead to successful recruitment under such circumstances, it lies in “recruitment public relations and recruitment practices”. We held a webinar this time to introduce what kind of recruitment we have done and what we specifically worked on together with Remake, who supported us behind the scenes.
Event overview
Date and time: July 3, 2024 (Wednesday) 12:00-13:00
Participation fee: Free
Venue: Online
Webinar simple minutes
1. Case where the number of applications increased
This is a case in which 110 people applied last week. Administrative positions are often considered to be highly popular, but applications were received equally widely, including sales positions. The reason for this result was that we continued to use the PDCA cycle. We held regular weekly meetings and continued to update the upgrades on a weekly basis.
Example: Review of publication media, and consider how to publish on media that is performing well.
As of July 2024, the medium that is doing well is Air work. There are multiple options among free media, so which media to choose is also important.
2. 3 tips to attract job seekers for free
Tip 1. Recognition
Nothing can start unless people know that “we’re recruiting” as a springboard for action. It is possible to spread awareness even for free. For example, if you think about Air work, one way is to have it published on Indeed. Currently, Indeed’s algorithm does not say that “paid users are more likely to be searched,” but rather that information that genuinely matches job seekers is more likely to be displayed at the top.
Another important point when considering the job seeker’s perspective is to listen to the voices of people within the company and include them, such as, “What are the reasons for the people currently working at this company?” There may be good points as well as bad points, but you can listen in-depth to the reasons why they haven’t changed jobs. Job openings at Hello Work are subject to strict screening, and many companies do not offer them. However, by taking the time to post job offers, you can differentiate yourself from other companies. The most important thing is that “jobs continue to be posted on the
Internet.” Recruitment media also come in and out of fashion, so it is important to post in multiple media if possible rather than relying on one.
It is also recommended to use SNS for recruitment purposes. This will not change even if you create an account now.
In addition to gaining recognition, the use of SNS also makes a big difference in the application rate in terms of “empathy,” which will be discussed later. There was even a case where the application rate quadrupled just by adding the catchphrase “I started Instagram.” Tip 2. Empathy
After becoming aware of the job offer, job seekers read the job posting and view the images. At that time, we need to make people think, “This is a great company.” That’s why it’s important to consider to what extent you take the job seeker’s perspective into account when creating your manuscript.
What is important when writing a manuscript is whether you can imagine the person from the text.
Many companies simply write job descriptions in bullet points, but it is effective to change the way you write things to, for example, “I interviewed Mr. ___! An actual day.” It is important to create an image of what it is like to actually work. It is only when job seekers have such an image that they form the criteria to decide whether “I might want to work here” or “This company is not a good fit for me.”
One of the tips for writing to convey an image is to use a
conversational style. A conversational format, such as a Q&A format, is easier to get people to see than a simple explanatory text. 90% of job seekers view job information on their smartphones, so you should be very conscious of how it looks when viewed on a smartphone. Due to internet search algorithms, even if an application does not result in an application, the more views it has, the more likely it will be ranked higher in the search results. Even if job seekers don’t apply because they don’t feel connected to this company, just having them look at it will likely lead to an increase in the number of applications in the future.
Tip 3. Systematize
It is very important to keep records that say, “This action produced results,” and “This action did not work.” The first step is to record numerical facts. When it comes to the number of applications and PVs, be conscious of what actions you took to reach these numbers. Sometimes it is important to obtain information about other companies. When searching for job information from companies in the same industry, it is important to note that “product/business
competition” and “job information competition” may be different. When rewriting a manuscript, it is more effective to delete the original job information and create a new one rather than making corrections. Please note that the display ranking may be lowered based on the AI’s judgment criteria, or if you leave the original job information as it is, it may be considered a conflict and both articles may not be displayed.
Speaker introduction
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Re.make Co., Ltd. Representative Director Shota Ikejiri
After gaining experience in rental sales at a real estate company in Fukuoka, he joined a human resources company in Tokyo as a founding member. After that, in February 2022, he founded Re.make Co., Ltd. We are developing the recruitment support service “HITOTEMA” for companies that do not have dedicated human resources personnel, mainly local companies. In the two years since our establishment, we have supported over 70 small and medium-sized businesses. With the mission of “reducing recruitment worries to zero through dedicated human resources”, we strive every day to create a new common sense in recruitment. In my previous job, I started a job change agency specializing in people in their 20s with my colleagues.
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Sales Hack Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President Hirotsugu Sasada started his sales career at the age of 20. He joined a major human resources company as a new graduate and became the top sales performer within six months of joining the company. After changing jobs to a mega venture, he became independent as a sales freelancer. After becoming independent, he provided sales support to over 100 companies through sales agency and consulting businesses. In April 2018, he founded Sales Hack Co., Ltd. with the mission of “reducing sales problems to zero.” He also operates a sales community and has supported over 200 salespeople to date. In 2022, he will be the winner of the 6th S1 Grand Prix, one of Japan’s largest sales competitions, receiving a unanimous vote in the final battle.
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About Sales Hack Co., Ltd.
Sales Hack Co., Ltd. is a company that “helps you double your sales” and “reduces your sales worries to zero.” Based on Mr. Sasada’s experience and experience, we believe that by solving the lack of sales force we can create a successful organization, and we are developing a sales agency business that includes sales management consulting. As a “sales consultant who knows more about the field than anyone else,” we conduct fact-finding and analysis on sales, and are always on the lookout for what sales are in line with the times.
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