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One Eighty Co., Ltd. CTI function released CRM tool “DIGITALEYES” collaborates with Amazon Connect

[One Eighty Co., Ltd.] [CTI function released] CRM tool “DIGITALEYES” collaborates with Amazon Connect
*One Eighty Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 4, 2024
[CTI function released] CRM tool “DIGITALEYES” collaborates with Amazon Connect *CRM/CDP tools for customer management are additionally equipped with CTI functions to streamline telephone response operations. By displaying customer information linked to the phone number when a call arrives, operators can respond more smoothly. *
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One Eighty Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Miura
Takuro) is introducing Amazon as a new feature of the CRM/CDP tool “DIGITALEYES”.
We have released a CTI function that works with Connect (Amazon Connect).

By linking CRM and CTI, when you receive a call from a customer, the customer information in CRM associated with the phone number will be displayed.

Call center/contact center operators will be able to respond to customers while checking customer information, which can be expected to improve customer satisfaction and foster loyal customers.

*■CTI function details*
CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) is a system that connects computers and telephones.

By aggregating customer information in the CRM tool “DIGITALEYES” in advance, when a customer receives a call, the customer information associated with the phone number is automatically searched within the CRM tool and the details are displayed on the operator’s screen. Masu.

In addition to being able to distinguish between new and existing customers, operators can respond to existing customers while checking customer information, making call center operations more efficient.

* ■What is Amazon Connect?*
Amazon Connect is a service provided by AWS (Amazon Web Services) for contact centers and call centers.
One of its features is that it is cloud-based, which allows call center operations to be performed from any location, and there is no need to install any equipment, allowing for speedy implementation.

* ■What is DIGITALEYES?*
This is a database marketing system developed and sold by OneEight Co., Ltd. We create, integrate, and process databases without code, and provide the optimal tools for various DX issues for each company and product.

We regularly conduct vulnerability assessments by a third-party organization, and because our system has a proven track record of being implemented by major clients, we guarantee that the data we accumulate internally will be stored with high security and with care. DIGITALEYES also values ​​the concept of “co-creation.”

We have dealt with concerns such as “I want to create a large-scale website”, “I want to create a secure CMS”, “I want to retain customers”, and “I want to do effective advertising promotion” in various industries. We have worked hard to solve the problem by adding new functions.

It is a cloud-based service that is constantly updated, and the CTI function released this time was born from the concerns of companies. For companies with call centers, this is a new feature that will lead to improved response quality and customer satisfaction.

* ◆One Eighty Co., Ltd. Company Profile*
Location: JP-2 Building 3F, 2-10-24 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Representative: Takuro Miura

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