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Home » Atex Co., Ltd. Digital moxibustion that does not use fire, “Fem-on-Tech Onmoxibustion,” wins the “2024 H ospitality Selection”

Atex Co., Ltd. Digital moxibustion that does not use fire, “Fem-on-Tech Onmoxibustion,” wins the “2024 H ospitality Selection”

Atex Co., Ltd.
Digital moxibustion that does not use fire, “Fem-on-Tech
Onmoxibustion,” wins the “2024 Hospitality Selection”
Atex Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, President and CEO: Keiko Harashima, hereinafter referred to as Atex), a wellness company that manufactures and sells health and beauty equipment and sleep comfort bedding, has been awarded the “Hospitality Selection 2024” for its “Femontech Onmoxibustion.”
[Image 1:×940.jpg] The “Omotenashi Selection” is an award created with the purpose of discovering products and services that are full of Japan’s excellent “hospitality” and disseminating them to the world.
Certification is conducted by a foreign expert residing in Japan, and awards are given to “OMOTENASHI” and “GLOBAL,” which recognize special techniques born out of concern for the people who use them, and activities that continue to inherit tradition while continuing to improve for the modern era. will be evaluated based on the criteria. Our non-flame digital moxibustion device, Fem-On-Tech Warm
Moxibustion, has been certified as a product that is “overflowing with the uniquely Japanese charm that we want to share with the world.”
Award history of “Femontech Warm Moxibustion (AX-HPL151)”
Takarajimasha “Linen” January 2023 issue “Living Tools Award 2022” Home Beauty and Care Category Award
Shueisha “MORE” March/April 2023 issue “Home appliances AWARD 2023” Health Beauty Home Appliances Category Award
Shinyusha “MONOQLO” June 2013 issue “Moxibustion without fire section” Best Buy Shinyusha “MONOQLO” January 2024 issue “Moxibustion without fire category” Best Buy of the Year 2023
Awarded “Omotenashi Selection 2024”
About product
POINT 1: Digital moxibustion that does not use fire is effective. By warming the areas of concern, it is effective for daily worries. Effects: ・Improve blood circulation ・Relieve muscle stiffness ・Relieves muscle fatigue ・Relieves pain from neuralgia and muscle pain ・Recovers from fatigue ・Activates gastrointestinal function
[Image 2:×423.jpg] POINT2: Uses graphene, a new material with excellent heating speed and 3-stage temperature control function, which has high thermal conductivity. It heats up quickly and has almost no waiting time. The temperature can be set in 3 levels. When you press the button in the center of the device, the LED color changes to clearly indicate the temperature change. The design takes into account that it won’t get too hot, so the temperature will drop once it reaches the maximum temperature.
[Image 3:×232.jpg] POINT3: Comes with a charging case that is convenient to carry.The charging case can be stored tightly in the main unit, and it is lightweight at 120g (moxibustion unit + case). Charging starts just by inserting the charging cable into the case.
[Image 4:×2093.jpg ]
Product specs
[Image 5:×282.jpg] Product name: Lourdes Beaute Fem-On Tech Moxibustion product number: AX-HPL151pk (nude pink) / AX-HPL151sv (silver) Price: 9,900 yen (tax included) Size and weight : Moxibustion body (approx.) φ46 x H22mm / approx. 30g (pieces) Charging case (Approx.) W115 x L60 x H36mm / approx. 60g Power supply: Lithium ion rechargeable battery
temperature: Low (maximum approx. 43℃), Medium (maximum approx. 50℃), Strong (maximum approx. 56℃) Timer: Approx. 15 minutes Accessories  : Charging case, AC adapter, charging cable, adhesive stickers (18 unscented sheets, 12 mugwort sheets) *Adhesive stickers are also sold separately. Medical device certification number: 304AKBZX00027000 [Controlled medical device] Purpose of use or effect Substitute for moxibustion by heating the local area. For general household use. Recovers from fatigue, improves blood circulation, relieves muscle fatigue, relieves muscle stiffness, relieves neuralgia and muscle pain, and activates gastrointestinal function■ Atex Co., Ltd. [Business description]
[Head office] 3-3-24 Nagayoshi Kawanabe, Hirano-ku, Osaka 547-0014 Official website
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