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Home » KATE DANCE CAMP 3rd edition held! “KATE SCHOOL” special class where you can discover your new self through m akeup and dance

KATE DANCE CAMP 3rd edition held! “KATE SCHOOL” special class where you can discover your new self through m akeup and dance

KATE DANCE CAMP 3rd edition held! “KATE SCHOOL” special class where you can discover your new self through makeup and dance
*Kanebo Cosmetics Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 4, 2024
KATE DANCE CAMP 3rd edition held! “KATE SCHOOL” special class where you can discover your new self through makeup and dance
*-Co-hosted with SEPTENI RAPTURES, a professional dance team participating in D.LEAGUE, 38 members of Saitama Prefectural Tokorozawa High School dance club participated-*
The global makeup brand “KATE” has launched the “KATE
As a special class of “KATE DANCE”, you can meet your new self through makeup and dance.
SEPTENI is participating in the professional dance league D.LEAGUE with “CAMP” It is co-hosted with RAPTURES. The third event, held on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, was attended by 38 students from the Saitama Prefectural Tokorozawa High School dance club.
-KATE DANCE CAMP#3 video- [youtube]

* ■About “KATE SCHOOL”*
Since the launch of the brand in 1997, KATE has been proposing “makeup that is not bound by rules” under the slogan “NO MORE RULES.” “KATE “SCHOOL” is aimed at a generation that is bound by various invisible rules such as social pressure to conform and stereotypes, and is worried about not being able to identify themselves. Through makeup, they can discover who they are and find new ways to express
themselves. We started this course with the desire to provide an opportunity to expand one’s sexuality. Rather than learning how to apply makeup, the students will be able to freely apply makeup using colors and application methods they have never used before, allowing them to discover a new side of themselves and feel the joy of expressing their individuality. I would like to.

“KATE DANCE” held as a special class of “KATE SCHOOL”
CAMP is a workshop that not only teaches students how to make up and dance, but also allows them to reconsider who they are. Students create dance choreography for each team theme, and then create makeup that matches the theme. At the end, they will announce the makeup x dance theme and key points and perform.
-KATE DANCE CAMP page-: -KATE DANCE CAMP#3 video- [youtube]

* ■About the “KATE DANCE CAMP” program*
* [Pre-homework] *
Participating students listened to the original songs used in the dance workshop in advance, and verbalized the inspiration and emotions they received from the songs. In addition, Kate’s monochromatic eyeshadow “The
Select from “Eye Color”. On the day of the event, groups will be formed with members who share similar feelings to each other and the program will be conducted. This time, the program was divided into five groups: “Enthusiasm/Enthusiasm,” “Expectation/Hope,” “Enjoyment/Enjoyment,” “Liberation,” and “Emotional.”
-The Eye Color Product Page-

* [On the day] *
While there are many cases where you dance the given choreography in a regular dance workshop, “KATE DANCE
CAMP” is where you express the given song the way you feel with dance and makeup.

1. Class purpose explanation
2. Dance workshop held
・Groups are formed by members who have similar feelings towards the original songs they listened to in advance.
(This time, there are 5 groups:
Enthusiasm/Enthusiasm/Expectation/Hope/Joy/Enjoyment/Release/Emotional) ・In the first half, professional dancers lecture on common choreography ・In the second half, the students themselves created original choreography to match the group name, and professional dancers supported them.
3. Makeup workshop held
・Distribute an eyeshadow palette to each student made with a pre-selected color from “The Eye Color”.
・Students discuss makeup themes that match the group name and dance choreography.
・Practice applying makeup to your face using an eyeshadow palette while receiving advice from a makeup artist
Four. announcement
・Each group announces the makeup x dance theme and key points, and then performs the dance.
*Comment from the director of Tokorozawa High School Dance Club*

I learned to express myself through make-up and dancing. It was very difficult to express a theme that I don’t normally think about through dance and makeup, but by sharing my opinions with my friends, I was able to learn about various opinions and made many new discoveries. I was nervous about makeup at first, but it was a lot of fun and I learned a little more advanced makeup that would look great on stage, so I’m looking forward to using it in the future.

Lastly, a performance by SEPTENI RAPTURES players

This time, KATE DANCE was held at my alma mater, Saitama Prefectural Tokorozawa High School.
I was very moved by the opportunity to hold CAMP. I was also a member of the dance club, so I was very happy to be able to come back to school as a professional dancer and interact with my juniors. KATE’s theme is self-expression, as it is a wonderful school where the students’ sensibilities are further developed because of the free school atmosphere with no restrictions on hair color, makeup, or clothing.
I think it went really well with DANCE CAMP.
Above all, it was wonderful to see the students having fun, seriously discussing the topic, listening to each other’s opinions, and respecting each other, and I myself was inspired a lot by my juniors. The make-up and dancing are all different. I was able to experience many of the sensibilities of my juniors, and it was an opportunity for me to once again appreciate the possibilities and depth of expression. I would like to continue exploring the expressions that only SEPTENI RAPTURES can do, and I would like to show my juniors what I am proud of as an alumnus of Tokorozawa High School.

“A HIP HOP group of seekers who synchronize with all sounds.” Seeking the truth of expression, HIP
A group of seekers who elevate all genres to a higher level with HOP as their core. Led by a member who holds the title of world champion, the group is made up of notable dancers with proven dance skills who are always on the front line in various fields such as contests, battles, artists, and stages. 23-24
SEASON has added 5 new members and aims to further evolve. No matter the situation, he will stick to victory until the end and vows to seize “Raptures”.

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