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Home » Akachan Honpo Co., Ltd. Akachan Honpo | Co-sponsored by Pigeon, the event “Connecting the Baton of Childcare through Baby Bottles Recycling” will be held for the first time ~ Collecting and recycling 17,000 baby bottles ~

Akachan Honpo Co., Ltd. Akachan Honpo | Co-sponsored by Pigeon, the event “Connecting the Baton of Childcare through Baby Bottles Recycling” will be held for the first time ~ Collecting and recycling 17,000 baby bottles ~

Akachan Honpo Co., Ltd.
Akachan Honpo | Co-sponsored by Pigeon, the first event “Connecting Childcare Baton through Baby Bottles Recycling” will be held ~ 17,000 baby bottles collected and recycled ~
Akachan Honpo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Osaka and Pigeon Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Norimasa Kitazawa) aim to recycle plastic and other resources, Since August 2022, we have been conducting a “Nursing Bottle Collection and Recycling” activity to collect Pigeon nursing bottles*1 that are no longer used.
To commemorate the cumulative number of baby bottles collected reaching 17,000 *2, Pigeon will hold a nursing bottle collection and recycling awareness event, “Connecting Childcare Baton through Baby Bottle Recycling,” at Grand Tree Musashikosugi Smile Square. It was held on Friday, June 28, 2024 in collaboration with.
[Image 1:×232.jpg] Overview of “Baby Bottle Collection and Recycling”
Pigeon’s nursing bottles, which have an 85.4% market share in Japan*3, come in two types: plastic and heat-resistant glass. Regarding plastic baby bottles, there is no system to separate and collect the plastic by material, and heat-resistant glass baby bottles are made of special glass, so they are generally considered “non-burnable waste” rather than “recyclable waste”. Currently, there has been little progress in recycling baby bottles. Regarding this nursing bottle, Akachan Honpo, Pigeon, and Pantech Co., Ltd., which mainly produces total plastic recycling, are collaborating to begin a demonstration experiment to recover the product and recycle resources. We have set up collection boxes at 126 Akachan Honpo stores nationwide to collect baby bottles from customers.
*1 Nursing bottle: One product consisting of a baby bottle (container) + nipple + food cap
*2 Only the number of bottles (excluding parts and nipples) Period: March 17, 2023 to May 31, 2024
*3 According to Pigeon research (2023 INTAGE POS nationwide combined expansion estimate of baby shops and drug stores)
Event summary
[Image 2:×202.png ]
The “Baton of Childcare through Recycling of Baby Bottles” is a collection of cherished nursing bottles used by babies, which are transformed into a maternity mark through the recycling process, and used as a “baton” to pass on to unborn babies and their families. I connected it. We held an awareness event to raise awareness of recycling and to create a society where it is easier to give birth and raise babies, so that used nursing bottles can be used for the next person.
At the event, in addition to explaining the concerns faced by families regarding nursing bottles and recycling issues, we also presented breastfeeding certificates to families who had actually used nursing bottles, and some of the nursing bottle parts collected for maternity mothers. A maternity mark made from the ingredients was presented. In the workshop that followed, maternity mothers and their families were able to experience making their own original maternity marks. -Introduction of initiatives-
[Image 3:×209.jpg] We released a video introducing the project and introduced our “Baby Bottle Collection and Recycling” initiative. We reiterated that there was no system in place to properly separate, collect, and recycle baby bottles, and that there were environmental and social issues. -Collection of baby bottles, presentation of graduation certificate & presentation of maternity mark-
[Image 4:×205.jpg]
[Image 5:×204.jpg] Place the baby bottle in the collection box and receive a “graduation certificate.” A representative family member said that a baby bottle is filled with a lot of feelings, both good and difficult memories, and that it also makes them feel a little lonely.
A maternity mother received a recycled maternity mark from a family who participated in the baby bottle collection. He said that through this event, he was able to learn about the fact that baby bottles were once disposed of as garbage, and the importance of this initiative. -Maternity mark keychain workshop-
[Image 6:×207.jpg] We held a “Maternity Mark Keychain Making Workshop” for maternity mothers and their families.
A total of 39 people participated. We had them create their own original maternity mark key chain by choosing their favorite color and pattern and combining it with stickers, chains, etc.
-Click here for a movie introducing events and initiatives-
~Introduction movie of the initiative~
[Video 3:]
~ Passing the childcare baton by recycling baby bottles ~
[Video 4:] Event details
-View of the venue-
[Image 7:×207.jpg] -Baby bottle collection-
[Image 8:×214.jpg] -Maternity mark-
[Image 9:×206.jpg] Collection box installation at Akachan Honpo store
Baby bottle collection boxes have been installed at 126 Akachan Honpo stores nationwide. Please bring your Pigeon’s baby bottle that you no longer use at home and leave it in the collection box.
[Image 10:×200.jpg] -Thoughts on promoting sustainability-
Akachan Honpo has supported many children raising children through its products and services.
Nursing bottles are a representative product, and each nursing bottle has a variety of stories related to child-rearing, and each bottle we collect is filled with important feelings. This activity is an honorable initiative that allows us to hear about the joys and hardships surrounding raising children through the products we have sold in the past. We support this initiative not only as a resource recovery initiative, but also because we are mindful of the thoughts of our customers and want to convey those thoughts to future babies. We will continue to expand our collection activities to give nursing bottles that are no longer used at home a new role, not as garbage, but as something that will remain in the future.
[About Akachan Honpo]
Akachan Honpo’s corporate message is “Smiley childcare. Akachan Honpo,” and we aim to provide products, services, and information that are tailored to the needs of our customers.
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