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Home » 6/24 Lou’s forest, an ornamental plant store, opened near JR Sumiyoshi Station. Become the local “second liv ing”

6/24 Lou’s forest, an ornamental plant store, opened near JR Sumiyoshi Station. Become the local “second liv ing”

Lou’s forest LLC
6/24 Lou’s forest, an ornamental plant store, opened near JR Sumiyoshi Station. Become the local “second living”
We have opened Lou’s forest, a shop that mainly sells houseplants, offers light drinks such as coffee and sweets, interior miscellaneous goods, and lifestyle items, about a 4-minute walk from JR Sumiyoshi Station in Yamate.
Our green coordinator, who trained at Japan’s largest foliage plant production corporation in Okinawa, selects foliage plants from popular foliage plants such as ficus (rubber trees) and dracaena, to tuberous and succulent plants. We provide high quality plants, including rare plants, at reasonable prices.
The store’s spatial concept is a “second living room” where locals gather. In addition to simply arranging lots of houseplants, we have created a living corner where you can imagine how you would like to display plants and miscellaneous goods in your living space.
In addition, by adding a dog-friendly cafe, it will become a place where people who come for a walk or return from shopping can take a breather while admiring the houseplants. We want to provide products and services that make your daily life more perfect.
Why Kobe? Why Sumiyoshi?
At my previous job, I was transferred to Kobe due to the coronavirus pandemic, and I was working remotely and could only communicate with people online. What soothed my daily life was the beautiful mountains and trees of Kobe that I could see from my window, and the presence of my cat Louree.
Also, Sumiyoshi, where I live, is a quiet residential area with a beautiful river and cityscape.
We decided to open a store in Sumiyoshi because we wanted to have casual conversations with people in the town where we live through the products and services we provide.
[Image 1:×1814.jpg] Why a houseplant store?
It happened when my husband and I, who had lived apart for many years due to work, went on a trip. My husband said, “I want to build a forest in Kobe.” “I want to be able to add solace and moisture to people’s daily lives with houseplants.”
I realized that while communication with people was restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic, we were spending our days comforting each other with houseplants.
[Image 2:×1773.jpg] Therefore, with the desire to “make everyday life more perfect,” I decided to open “Little Forest,” a store in Kobe that mainly sells ornamental plants.
[Image 3:×2364.jpg] It is no exaggeration to say that the bright green color of
houseplants gives you solace, and when the new buds start to sprout one after another, you can even get the energy to live.
I would like to convey the meaning of growing plants and living together with them.

Just a Perfect Day
What would a perfect day look like?
What made me think this way was my encounter with the song “Perfect Day” by British artist Lou Reed (1942-2013).
Our cat, Louree, which is also the name of our shop, is named after Lou Reed.
[Image 4:×935.png ]
The song “Just a perfect day” begins. What follows is drinking sangria in the park and heading home. Feed the animals at the zoo, watch a movie, and then go home. Ah, what a perfect day…
Yes, a “perfect day” is not an anniversary or a day with a special event. I realized that this is a normal everyday life.
The ordinary everyday life is the perfect day.
We want to provide products and services that make your daily life more perfect. With this feeling in mind, we have included the phrase “just a perfect day” in our logo.
Houseplants we handle
Many of the ornamental plants we sell at our store are purchased directly from farmers in Okinawa. The varieties range from common ornamental plants such as ficus (rubber trees) and dracaena to rare plants such as tuberous roots and succulents.
[Image 5:×1229.jpg] Okinawa’s tropical climate is a paradise for ornamental plants. We produce plants from a wide range of origins, including Southeast Asia, South America, and Africa, and localize them to Japan’s climate to achieve high quality. Farmers in Okinawa continue to work tirelessly every day.
Our green coordinator gained experience working at Japan’s largest *1 ornamental plant production corporation in Okinawa. We have seen and listened closely to not only the plants themselves and production methods, but also distribution and marketing, as well as the various problems faced by farmers, and have worked to solve problems. Backed by this wealth of experience, we are able to provide high quality and reasonably priced products.
[Image 6:×2365.jpg] Survey results show that approximately 70% of people have a desire to purchase plants, and 30% of respondents said they “want it right away” or “want it within a year”*2.
However, from my own experience and that of those around me, I have learned that even after I buy a plant, it dies immediately, what should I do if it dies, and I don’t know what to do when the leaves are in a different condition than when I bought it. I was in a situation where I couldn’t get rid of my anxiety and didn’t know who to ask.
Therefore, we would like to create a relationship with customers that makes it easy for them to ask questions about any problems they may have with their plants even after purchase, and strive to provide after-sales service so that customers can live with their plants for as long as possible.
*1: According to our research
*2: Daiichi Gardening “Questionnaire Survey on Ornamental Plants” A second living room where local people gather
The store’s spatial concept is a “second living room” where local people can gather.
[Image 7:×1773.jpg] In addition to selling houseplants, we have set up a cafe space where dogs are welcome, so people can stop by on their way home from a walk or shopping and take a breather in a soothing space filled with plants. I hope to become a place like that.
[Image 8:×2391.jpg] In the future, we will hold workshops on plants by our green coordinator and events in collaboration with other stores and artists, so that as a store that is constantly changing, you can meet new things and people every time you visit. I’m also aiming for a store.
[Image 9:×1999.jpg] Employee background
Representative: Yasuko Kojima
For over 20 years, worked in academics, sales management, and internal public relations at a foreign pharmaceutical company. For the next two years, she worked at an IT company, managing Instagram and
crowdfunding, selling products (manufacturing and selling
accessories), and leading new projects.
Green Coordinator: Hitoshi Kojima (Masashi Kojima)
For over 20 years, he has held executive positions in corporate planning, product planning, and marketing departments at trading companies and major IT companies. After that, he spent two years training at a major ornamental plant production corporation in Okinawa. I learned a wide range of things from production of ornamental plants to distribution and services.
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