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Asuno System Co., Ltd. Asuno System supports the “Bibai Workation Plan” in Bibai City regional revitaliza tion corporate activities

[Asuno System Co., Ltd.] Asuno System supports the “Bibai Workation Plan” in Bibai City regional revitalization corporate activities *Asuno System Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 4, 2024
Asuno System supports the “Bibai Workation Plan” in Bibai City regional revitalization corporate activities
*[Look, touch, eat, and learn, summer plan] Parent and child workday in Bibai 2024 monitor tour now recruiting participants (deadline Saturday, July 20th)*
Asno System Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo/President Saito
Teppei Kusunoki, head of the Media Services Department of the Web Business Headquarters at Takeiku (hereinafter referred to as “Asuno System”), will be working on the “Bibai Workation Plan” as part of his activities as a Bibai City regional revitalization entrepreneur, a position he will take on from April 2023. As part of the program, “[See, touch, eat, and learn, summer plan] Parent-child workday in Bibai 2024”
We are planning a “monitor tour” and recruiting participants (deadline: Saturday, July 20th). The tour period is 3 nights and 4 days from August 22nd (Thursday) to August 25th (Sunday), 2024.

In Bibai City, Hokkaido, we provide a place for children to learn about the nature and content of Bibai, mainly for parents and children living in urban areas such as the Tokyo metropolitan area, while providing parents with telework opportunities that are rich in nature and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We are creating a parent-child work program unique to Bibai, which provides an environment, and this year we will be holding a monitor tour for only three groups. We are looking forward to your participation if you want to practice workation with your children or want to experience life in Hokkaido!
* -Application Requirements-*

* ■Participation conditions*
・Both children and parents must be interested in the program and willing to actively participate.
・Be able to cooperate with feedback and post-surveys
・Ability to take photos/videos, interview, etc.
・Please understand that due to the nature of the monitor tour, it is not a complete program or service.

* ■Event overview*
Event date and time: August 22, 2024 (Thursday) 15:00 gathering – August 25 (Sunday) 12:00 dissolution
Venue: Bibai City, Hokkaido
Target audience: Families with elementary school-aged children, mainly living in urban areas such as the Tokyo metropolitan area.
*Siblings of elementary school students can also participate (up to 2 children per family)
*Preschool children cannot participate in the learning program. Please note that we are unable to store your belongings (participation in the tour is possible).
Participation fee: Free
Number of applicants: 3 groups *If there are many entries, we will draw a lottery and contact you individually.
Application: *Application deadline: July 20th (Sat) 23:59

* ■Contents provided by the secretariat*
・Program and transportation of children during the program
・Accommodation (3 nights *Multi-purpose accommodation facility “Tomare Bibai”) ・Children’s lunch (2nd and 3rd day)/Dinner (2nd day *Social gathering) ・Pocket WiFi (1 unit)
・Travel insurance

*Transportation expenses to the site and other expenses for free activities at the site not mentioned in the program are to be borne by each participant.
*Please arrange your own rental car as you will be meeting and disbanding locally. Please contact us if you would like to rent a car in Bibai City.
*If you are coming by JR, please contact us separately regarding transportation to and from the station.
*Reservations for the tour must be made with the designated travel agency (Stay Bibi General Incorporated Association), and if a cancellation fee is incurred, it will be in accordance with the travel agency’s regulations.

* ■Reward*
We will pay 50,000 yen per family as a reward for participating in the monitor.

* ■Inquiry/Organizer*
Sponsored by: Bibai City Economic Department Economic Tourism Division Management office: Asno System Co., Ltd.

* ■Monitor tour program*
During the day, children participate in learning programs and parents work remotely.

* ■About learning programs for children*
This program offers STEAM education (education that integrates the five fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics). ) approach, we will try to think about things from various
perspectives through “experiences of seeing, touching, eating, learning, and communicating your thoughts.” Also, during the activity, we do analog work such as taking pictures with an instant camera and writing them down in a notebook.

15:00 Gather at Bibai City Hall
After a general orientation, we will have an icebreaker for the children. (Check-in and accommodation facility usage information will be provided during the ice break)

Theme: Bibai history and culture
10:00 [Local History Museum]
At the Bibai City Local Museum, you can have fun learning about the history, culture, and nature of Bibai City. You can learn about the development of the region through the history of pioneering and coal mining, and experience the way people lived in the past by coming into contact with traditional lifestyles and folk tools.
There are also exhibits about Bibai’s rich natural environment, flora and fauna, which will help you understand the nature of the region.

STEAM education elements: S[〇]T[-]E[-]A[〇]M[-]

10:00 [Wisteria Tourism]
Taste Bibai’s specialty “torimeshi”. Torimeshi is one of Bibai’s most representative gourmet foods, which has a strong connection to the pioneering and coal mining eras. The predecessor of this shop also settled in the area as a Tondenhei in 1899. It is also the name of the store.”
Fuji” was transplanted from its hometown of Akita Prefecture and is said to be well over 100 years old.

STEAM education elements: S[〇]T[-]E[-]A[〇]M[-]

13:00 [Hometown View Hill Observation Deck ~ Coal Mine Memorial Park] STEAM education elements: S[〇]T[〇]E[-]A[-]M[-]

14:00 [Arte Piazza Bibai]
At Arte Piazza Bibai, you can enjoy learning about the harmony between nature and art. You can feel the charm and creativity of art while looking at the works of sculptor Kan Yasuda installed in the midst of rich nature. Here we will be holding a workshop using coal. This location was also the former Mitsubishi Sumizumi town.

STEAM education elements: S[-]T[-]E[-]A[〇]M[-]

16:00 [Reflection (return to city hall)]
I will compile the daily events I have written down and the photos I have taken.

18:00 [Social gathering]
Parents can join us for a social gathering at “Bibai Barusukima” where you can enjoy local ingredients tailored to the season! Enjoy not only local vegetables but also game dishes such as deer caught in the city. Izawa, the chef
Yuta is from this city, studied cooking in Tokyo and Italy, worked as a head chef in Sapporo, and now runs a farm in the city and is the chef of “Bibai Barusukima”. A young hope who embodies “do” by himself!

Theme: Bibai Hill and Sky

10:00 [Agriculture experience]
You will experience harvesting at a farm run by Chef Izawa. By harvesting edamame and tomatoes, you can experience the difficulty and joy of farming and feel a connection with nature by coming into direct contact with the crops. Develop a new appreciation for food through the taste of freshly harvested vegetables.

STEAM education elements: S[〇]T[〇]E[-]A[-]M[-]

12:00 [Fire making workshop + BBQ]

As you can see at the local history museum, fire became a common practice during the Jomon period. While imagining the lives of our ancestors, let’s start a fire and roast and eat the vegetables we harvested! The experience here will also serve as a learning experience for disaster prevention, where you can experience how to cook a meal in the event of a disaster and how to handle fire.

STEAM education elements: S[〇]T[-]E[〇]A[〇]M[-]

13:00 [Miyajima Swamp]
Miyajima Swamp, one of about 50 Ramsar wetlands in Japan, is located along the Ishikari River in the city. This place serves as an international airport for migratory birds such as white-fronted geese, which come from Siberia and winter in Izunuma (also a Ramsar wetland) in Miyagi Prefecture. Together with the members of the Waterfowl and Wetland Center, we will discuss issues such as migratory birds that freely travel between countries, changes in the water quality of Miyajima Swamp, and the decrease in water area.

STEAM education elements: S[〇]T[-]E[〇]A[-]M[-]

15:00 [Making paper airplanes]
After learning about birds, let’s customize and fly a high-performance paper airplane! Is there a hint that migratory birds can fly for a long time?

STEAM education elements: S[〇]T[-]E[〇]A[-]M[〇]

16:00 [Reflection (return to city hall)]
I will compile the daily events I have written down and the photos I have taken.

Theme: Conveying beautiful music
09:00 [Preparation for presentation of results]

11:00 [Results presentation + Dissolution ceremony]
The children will present on their own what they have experienced on Days 2 and 3. Parents are welcome to join us after checking out.

* ■About telework space for parents*
We will separately provide information on cafes and shared spaces in the city where you can telework.
Please enjoy teleworking in a natural environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
(We will give you one pocket wifi for each pair)

* ■About monitor entry*
Entry reception site: *Application deadline: July 20th (Sat) 23:59
・If there are many entries, we will select a lottery and contact you individually.
・After entry, we may conduct an online interview with your child. ・If you have decided to participate, please fill out a separate application form. Thank you for your cooperation.

* [Asuno System Co., Ltd. Company Profile]*
Company name: Asno System Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takeiku Saito, Representative Director and President Head office location: Takanawa JEBL 2nd floor, 2-16-37 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment: September 1, 2009
Capital: 100 million yen
URL: (corporate site)
Business details: System development business / Offshore development business / SES business / Web integration business
/MVS solution business / Web service business / ERP package sales and maintenance
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