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Home » Retribe Co., Ltd. Event Report Sponsored by Retribe Co., Ltd. “What to learn now? “Points to focus on” in reskilling that leads to business growth” held on June 13th (Thursday)

Retribe Co., Ltd. Event Report Sponsored by Retribe Co., Ltd. “What to learn now? “Points to focus on” in reskilling that leads to business growth” held on June 13th (Thursday)

[Retribe Co., Ltd.] [Event Report] Sponsored by Retribe Co., Ltd. “What to learn now? “Points to focus on” in reskilling that leads to business growth” held on June 13th (Thursday)
Press release: July 4, 2024
[Event Report] Sponsored by Retribe Co., Ltd. “What will you learn now?” “Points to focus on” in reskilling that leads to business growth” held on June 13th (Thursday)
*Retribe Co., Ltd., which operates a business matching service (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Sato) Genki) held an event sponsored by the company “BeaTRBES HuB” on June 13, 2024. * BeaTRBES HuB event hosted by Retribe Co., Ltd. June 13, 2024 Retribe Co., Ltd. is based on the corporate philosophy of “Encounter business, and Retribe creates sustainable friendships.” *
We operate BeaTRIBES*, a community service for building friends and teams who share the same purpose.
As part of community formation, our offline in-house event is a place to learn about tech trends* “BeaTRIBES HuB”*
is held regularly.

This time, the theme is “*Reskilling*”, with a PITCH section featuring companies that are engaged in technology-related reskilling
initiatives, and *
Mr. Hideki Ninomiya of Orient Co., Ltd.*
We set up a seminar section on reskilling for software development companies, and all participants deepened their understanding of the key points of “reskilling” necessary for business growth.

Event: “What will you learn now? “Points to focus on” in reskilling that leads to business growth”
June 13, 2024 BeaTRBES HuB “What will we learn now? “Points to focus on” in reskilling that leads to business growth”
At this BeaTRIBES HuB, we will be talking about “What will we learn now? The theme of the event was “Points of Interest” in reskilling that leads to business growth.

Although we recognize that “reskilling is important”, we are facing the issue of not knowing how to actually promote and work on it, even though the words are too early.

In this event, we focused on the keyword “reskilling” and focused on directly impacting businesses such as increasing sales, and explained the key points and priorities based on PITCH and SEMINAR.

PITCH: “Technology x Re-skilling Tips”
In the PITCH section, we will talk about the use of technology that is closely related to reskilling initiatives. *In “Offshore development”, Beetech Japan Co., Ltd.
Mr. Touji Kanemoto* and Mr. Shoichi Mochizuki of RASH LLC* took the stage on “AI/GPT Utilization”.

* “Offshore Development” BeetechJapan Co., Ltd. COO Yuji Kanemoto* BeetechJapan Co., Ltd. COO Yuji Kanemoto, PITCH speaker
BeetechJapan Co., Ltd.* is an offshore development company
headquartered in Hanoi, Vietnam, with two branch offices in Vietnam and a Japanese corporation in Tokyo.*
The company promotes rapid development with a development team consisting of Japanese PMs and Vietnamese developers, as well as a wealth of human resources.

In this PITCH, as part of reskilling for offshore utilization, we will discuss the background behind the change in the characteristics of offshore development from cost merit to scale merit, the points of choosing Vietnam as an offshore base, the merits of Vietnam offshore, and working with Vietnamese people. Explains important matters to keep in mind as you proceed.
Based on the support rate for the IT industry in Vietnam and the job change market, we also introduced the reskilling situation in other countries where there is a pool of human resources with an attitude of constant learning.

BeetechJapan Co., Ltd. Mr. Kanemoto’s PITCH digest video can be viewed from the URL below.
Digest video:

“AI/GPT Utilization” Mr. Shoichi Mochizuki, CEO of RASH LLC
Mr. Shoichi Mochizuki, CEO of RASH LLC, speaking on PITCH
Attracting customers using behavioral economics/brain
science/psychology/design education/
With strengths in entrustment/support and idea-thinking/positive thinking, RASH LLC provides accompanying support for the “unsolved problems” that clients require.
As one way to improve the capabilities of the entire organization through reskilling, we presented the possibility of utilizing “AI/GPT”, which has been the focus of recent attention.

We introduce specific examples of reskilling using ChatGPT, what content is currently available for use, and detailed introduction steps for business development, making it a powerful learning and business platform. The use of GPT as a support tool was recommended.

You can view the PITCH digest video of Mr. Mochizuki from RASH LLC from the URL below.
Digest video:
SEMINAR: “Transforming into competitive software development” In the SEMINAR section, * Mr. Hideki Ninomiya, President and Representative Director of Orient Co., Ltd. *
He took the stage and spoke mainly about the points of view that software development companies should reskill in order to grow their business.

We will introduce the topics of this seminar.
Orient Co., Ltd. Hideki Ninomiya Seminar Speaker 1
Challenges in domestic software development
Many development companies in Japan often improve their skills in order to hone their own technology, but if you look at the main purpose of business activities, “secure sales, profits, and
sustainable growth,” reskilling is Priorities need to be determined by thinking deeply about business vision and goals.

What we call a shortage of human resources in Japan can actually be translated into a lack of ability from a technical and business perspective.

In order for Japanese software development companies to increase their own value and secure large profits, they need to change their perspectives and reskill as described below.

– Unsatisfactory UI/UX: Adoption of outdated technology, quality recognition, and excessive feature proposals result in a mismatch with the quality desired by customers.

Choosing methods that don’t make you money: You give discounts without being asked, and you end up having to take a new job, creating a cycle of being busy and not making money.

Loss of growth opportunities for engineers: As a result of low profits, they are unable to free up work and spare time, and are unable to produce output that increases the value of the company.

Points to reskill for business growth
Orient Co., Ltd. Hideki Ninomiya seminar presentation 2
In order to achieve your goals, it is important to get the necessary work. Recently, in addition to requests from IT departments, there has been an increase in requests for direct development consultations and requests from business departments, and the number of requests is increasing year by year. In order to get a big job, it is necessary to receive an order from the management.

When making proposals for non-IT departments, the “appearance/UI” of the proposal makes a decisive difference. In an era where the number of customers who are not IT experts is increasing, an
“easy-to-understand look” that doesn’t make you feel like a nuisance is better than anything else.

We believe that visualizing and improving the appearance at the time of proposal is important as a starting point for reskilling. In addition, it is important to be aware of the need to use templates and external partners so that reskilling itself does not take too much time.

Focus on profitable IT companies overseas
Orient Co., Ltd. Hideki Ninomiya Seminar Presentation 3
Companies in Central and Eastern Europe are achieving remarkable growth in the IT field. There is a large population of engineers, and highly skilled human resources are entering the market. In addition, the UI design skills mentioned earlier are also very good.
By making proposals with visuals including UI/UX, we can eliminate any discrepancies in understanding with customers and quickly solidify requirements and specifications.

In addition, to ensure development speed and quality, we use modern development languages ​​and technologies, and a small number of experts work together as one team, so we have an approach that directly links speed and cost performance to delivery.
By using these overseas human resources not only for the purpose of resource procurement, but also by learning points and tips through work and applying them to our company, we can form an appropriate team, speedy delivery, and respond to any consultation from clients. You will be able to make proposals using your network, which will contribute to business growth.
Utilizing the time machine strategy to achieve early results In summary, Mr. Ninomiya said that by learning and incorporating the methods of “selling” companies overseas, rather than proceeding with the same methods as before, the possibility of achieving early results would increase, stating that the company’s The session concluded by sharing points that can be applied right away, such as not only focusing on the current situation, but also paying attention to initiatives outside Japan and other countries, and making good use of partner collaboration.

Social gathering/social gathering
June 13, 2024 “BeaTRBES HuB “What should we learn now? Points to focus on in reskilling that will lead to business growth”” Group photo of participants
After the PITCH and SEMINAR sections, a networking session was held for the speakers and audience members. The venue was filled with excitement until the end of the event, as participants delved deeper into the themes that emerged from each section and engaged in dialogue about business collaboration.

* summary*
Retribe Co., Ltd. will continue to hold its own event, BeaTRIBES, on a regular basis.
If you would like to speak on stage, be interviewed, provide a venue, or receive information about the next event, please contact us at

* [BeaTRIBES by Retribe “What will you learn now?” “Points to focus on” in reskilling that leads to business growth” Overview*

・Date and time: Thursday, June 13, 2024 Doors open: 17:45~ / Performance starts: 18:00~
・Venue: 9F, 3-14-15 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(Retribe Co., Ltd. Seminar Room)
・Theme: “What will we learn now?” “Points to focus on” in reskilling that leads to business growth”
PITCH “Technology x Re-skilling Tips”
・BeetechJapan Co., Ltd. Mr. Touji Kanemoto
・Shoichi Mochizuki, RASH LLC
  SEMINAR “Transforming into competitive software development” Speaker:
Mr. Satoshi Imai, Fujitsu Limited
Orient Co., Ltd. Hideki Ninomiya

・Sponsor: Retribe Co., Ltd.

[About Retribe Co., Ltd.]
With our corporate philosophy of “Encounters in business, Retribe creates sustainable friendships,” client companies that want to order and consult on work in the IT and creative fields find development and production companies that meet their requirements. We are developing “Rikaizen,” a web service that allows you to search, and
“BeaTRIBES,” a community service that uses collaboration and networks between companies to solve problems faced by companies, such as business co-creation and partner collaboration, in addition to ordering and receiving work.

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[About BeaTRIBES]
A community service that goes beyond ordering work to solving problems faced by companies, such as business co-creation and partner collaboration, using collaboration between companies and networks. BeaTRIBES is a regularly held offline event themed around IT trend technology. HuB, BeaTRIBES CONNECT, which strengthens collaboration between Rekazien users, and workspace BeaTRIBES Work
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