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Home » dialog() – Asian Generative Art Exhibition 2024 Held in Shibuya, Tokyo from 8/9 (Friday) to 8/12 (Monday/holiday)

dialog() – Asian Generative Art Exhibition 2024 Held in Shibuya, Tokyo from 8/9 (Friday) to 8/12 (Monday/holiday)

[dialog() – Asian Generative Art Exhibition 2024] Held in Shibuya, Tokyo from 8/9 (Friday) to 8/12 (Monday/holiday)
– An exhibition of generative art by 40 artists exploring new possibilities of expression brought about by an algorithm that travels through four cities: Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, and Beijing –
The dialog() executive committee will be holding an event at space EDGE in Shibuya, Tokyo (Nomura Building, 3-26-17 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) from Friday, August 9, 2024 to Monday, August 12, 2024 (holiday). “dialog() – Asian Generative Art Exhibition 2024” will be held at the venue (1st floor).
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Key Visual by Ayumu Nagamatsu “dialog()” is a generative art exhibition connecting four cities: Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, and Beijing. Works by a total of 40 artists from around the world will be brought together to explore the expressive possibilities brought about by algorithms. We aim to be a place to open up new creative perspectives through multidimensional dialogue that transcends language and cultural differences. This exhibition will start in Tokyo in August 2024, and will then travel to other cities. At the Tokyo venue, in addition to introducing Kazuki Takakura’s works as a Tokyo-only exhibition, a variety of special projects will be held, including a documentary screening and meet-up event by Bright Moments, and a live performance by Den-Onken at the closing event. Masu. We also plan to hold official programs such as talk sessions and workshops with invited guests. We aim to provide visitors with an opportunity to grasp the possibilities of generative art from a broader perspective, and to make this exhibition a place for rich dialogue through generative art for artists and visitors alike. ■Exhibition overview “dialog() – Asian Generative Art Exhibition 2024” Period: Friday, August 9, 2024 – Monday, August 12, 2024 (Holiday) *Open every day during the exhibition Venue: space EDGE Address: Shibuya, Tokyo 1F Nomura Building, 3-26-17 Shibuya, Ward Access: 5 minutes walk from Hachiko exit of JR Shibuya Station Opening hours: 11:00 – 20:00 Admission fee: General / 1,200 yen (early bird discount 1,000 yen) University students / 600 yen ( (Early bird discount: 500 yen) High school students and under / Free *The admission ticket for this exhibition is a pass that allows you to re-enter as many times as you like during the exhibition period. Ticket sales site: Peatix: (English): Sales start: Thursday, July 4, 2024 Official website: https: // Generative Art Promotion Foundation, Bright Moments, IO Data Equipment Co., Ltd., Highlight, Media partners: MASSAGE MAGAZINE For details on related programs during the exhibition, please visit the dialog() official website (https:// We will keep you updated on “dialog() – Asian Generative Art Exhibition 2024” traveling exhibition schedule: Taipei Period: October 11th (Friday) – October 20th (Sunday), 2024 Venue: C-LAB Art Space IV 1F and East LawnSeoul 서울 Period : Friday, November 8, 2024 – Saturday, November 30, 2024 Venue: Uncommon Gallery & S-LIVEBeijing Beijing Coming Soon *Project contents are subject to change. Please note. Statement Art that is generated by computer algorithms that began in the 1960s eventually came to be called generative art, and has formed an iconic scene in the rise of NFT in 2021. “Generative” means “to generate,” and is characterized by the fact that works are created by computer algorithms without human intervention. There should be great potential there, but due to the impact of the advent of NFT and generation AI, it is sometimes only used as a method to mass produce patterns, or only for momentary enjoyment with the moment of generation peaking interest. There are also some notable trends. Furthermore, many generative art works in recent years have been released via online platforms as
two-dimensional works written in JavaScript and running on a web browser. If the basis of generative art lies in computer algorithms, its possibilities should be diverse and not limited to the web. Contemporary art is sometimes talked about as if it were some kind of game whose rules were formed by the West. Similarly, in generative art, amid the evolution of technology that has developed mainly in the West, artists do not unconsciously choose to use existing tools and create within the framework of a prepared environment. Is not it? This exhibition is an effort to reconsider the uniqueness of generative art and expand its possibilities. To this end, we aim to present forms of generative art based on our own interpretations while reconsidering the unique cultures of those of us who live in Asia. This exhibition is also an opportunity to learn more deeply about the cultures of Asian countries. For example, we can see that Japan has a unique culture in games, audiovisuals, video, VR space, etc., but we also realize that we are surprisingly unaware of the similarities and differences between Japan and neighboring Asian countries. As you continue to communicate with other countries, you will be troubled by language barriers and realize that you lack understanding of cultural backgrounds. This exhibition, which is being sent from Asia to the world, can be said to have great significance in itself by trying to learn about each other’s cultures through art. Against this
background, this exhibition, named “dialog(),” aims to transcend language barriers and cultural background differences and deepen mutual understanding by repeatedly engaging in dialogue centered around art. I would like to take this as an opportunity. The exhibition brings together works by a total of 40 artists from each city, and will travel to four cities under the same curation. We hope that as a result of this effort to explore mutual differences and uniqueness, we will be able to present to the world a form of generative art that reflects the characteristics of Asian culture. Let’s start by running dialog(). ■Artist
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Tokyo Misaki Nakano / Ayumu Nagamatsu / Saeko Ehara / Karyn Nakamura / Shunsuke Takawo / Kaoru Tanaka / px_periment / Kenichi Yoneda (kynd) / Okazz / Kitasenju DesignTaipei Taipei Natalie.J / Yi-Wen LIN / Newyellow / Che-Yu Wu / Alvis Lee / Jinyao Lin / PING SHENG WU / Chih-Yu Chen / Aluan Wang / ezirarosSeoul 서울Nsyme / Yehwan Song / Choi Gunhyuk / Kohui / Kyuha Shim / SEOHYO / Yang, Minha / Sey Min / Youngkak Cho / oOps.50656Beijing BeijingEllwood Chen / MOses li / Licia He / Samuel YAN / Arctic / DaDa (Qiuyan Da) / Random Combo / Reva Fan / Hexu Wang / Lucio+Damiao (Artists in random order) ■Official program dialog ( ) Various special events for the Tokyo event We are planning a program. Official programs such as talk sessions, workshops, special exhibitions, and meet-ups are held every day. Details will be announced on the official website
( and official SNS. *In addition to being held on-site, the talk session is also scheduled to be live-streamed. Distribution Youtube channel:
NEORT++ There are only two weeks left until the last-minute project X Space Live “dialog() Organizer’s Talk” and “dialog() – Asian Generative Art Exhibition 2024”. Prior to the opening of the exhibition touring these four cities, a special talk session will be held in the X (formerly Twitter) space with organizers from each country. Please join us on the eve of a new dialogue that will finally begin in Tokyo. Date and time: Friday, July 26, 2024 21:00 – Moderator: NoriSpeaker: NIINOMI, Lucia, Arctic, Jo-Lin Hsieh Distribution URL: Tokyo venue limited exhibition: Kazuki Takakura “Things that are visible, things that appear, things that are not”
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We would like to introduce “Things that are visible, things that appear, things that are not” by Kazuki Takakura as a limited exhibition only available at the Tokyo venue. This exhibition depicts a ritualistic process in which the author, viewer, and AI collaborate to summon a new monster through haiku and release it online as an NFT. “Things that can be seen, things that appear, things that are not there” Period: Friday, August 9, 2024 – Monday, August 12, 2024 (Holiday) Location: space EDGE (inside the Tokyo venue)
Kazuki Takakura Born in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1987 Utilizing technologies such as 3DCG, pixel animation, 3D printing, VR, AI, and NFT, she creates works with the theme of rewriting the rules of contemporary art through Eastern philosophy and pursuing new value in digital data.
Bright Moments Documentary Screening & Meetup
[Image 4:×1600.jpg] We will be co-hosting a special screening and meetup with Bright Moments, a digital art community that is attracting worldwide attention. Through the screening of “Venice to Venice: a Bright Moments Documentary,” we will introduce their journey from Venice Beach, L.A. to all corners of the world. At this screening, we hope you will look back on the history of Bright Moments and enjoy a moment of conversation about the future and possibilities of the digital art scene.
Date and time: Sunday, August 11th 18:00 – 22:00 Location: Grill Dining & Music Bar STEREO (Shibuya Sakura Stage 38F) 1-1
Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo SHIBUYA TOWER
Closing Event A live performance by Den-Onken will mark the conclusion of the “dialog()” exhibition at the Tokyo venue. The Electronic Music Study Group (commonly known as Den-Onken) is a platform that explores electronic music and its culture from multiple perspectives such as music, video, architecture, and graphic design. Date and time: August 12th (Monday/holiday) 18:00 – 24:00 Location: Daikanyama SALOON Admission fee: 1,500 yen (1,000 yen for those who have a dialog() exhibition ticket) *Separate drink fee upon admission* Details of each program, schedule, etc. can be found on the official website ( and official SNS (X:, Instagram: / ■Comment from Tokyo Exhibition Organizer NIINOMI (Media Artist/Director of NEORT Co., Ltd.)
[Image 5:×240.jpg] This exhibition was planned with the aim of highlighting Asian characteristics in an art scene that was originally heavily influenced by the West. However, as I continued to communicate with members from each city, I realized that our understanding of each other’s cultures was surprisingly shallow, and that it was difficult to communicate deeply in different languages, and I realized once again the importance of such dialogue. I realized it. We live in an era where we can connect with artists and communities around the world through social media, but I feel that for deeper mutual understanding we need repeated dialogue and opportunities to create something together. We are very happy to be able to jointly hold this exhibition in four cities in Asia with the cooperation of many people. It is our sincere hope that through this exhibition, dialogue through art will become a new form of cultural exchange, helping to build richer mutual understanding and the future. dialog() Executive Committee NEORT, Generative Art Promotion Foundation, Volume Dao, AEON STUDIO, N Pole Art
[dialog() – Asian Generative Art Exhibition 2024] Official website: X: Official Instagram:
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