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Home » Satoyume Co., Ltd. Satoyume, a regional revitalization producer, and FSX, a leader in Japan’s “hospitality culture,” enter into a capital and business alliance

Satoyume Co., Ltd. Satoyume, a regional revitalization producer, and FSX, a leader in Japan’s “hospitality culture,” enter into a capital and business alliance

Satoyume Co., Ltd.
Satoyume, a regional revitalization producer, and FSX, a leader in Japan’s “hospitality culture,” enter into a capital and business alliance
~Creating new value while inheriting culture, revitalizing the region, and developing new markets~
Satoyume Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Shunpei Shimada, hereinafter referred to as “Satoyume”), which produces regional revitalization projects in more than 50 areas nationwide, is working with Satoyume Co., Ltd. to “create new hospitality sensations and spread the word around the world.” FSX Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kunitachi City, Tokyo, President and CEO: Katsuyuki Fujinami, hereinafter referred to as “FSX”), which engages in wet towel rental and product development, has the mission of “Delivering smiles to people” and is involved in the business and development of towels. We have entered into a capital and business alliance with the aim of developing and providing services in the area of ​​regional revitalization by utilizing our human resources.
[Image 1:×630.jpg] Background of the partnership
Satoyume’s corporate mission is “Making hometown dreams a reality,” and we have been providing accompanying consulting in the field of regional revitalization in more than 50 locations nationwide. FSX has transformed the industry by adding new value to hand hygiene and hospitality by combining technology, design, and science with a focus on the Japanese hospitality culture of “Oshibori.”
We believe that it is possible to revitalize regional revitalization efforts by leveraging the businesses and knowledge of both companies, inheriting various ancient Japanese cultures, and adding new value to them. We have concluded a capital and business alliance.
Overview of business partnership
・Establishment and development of tourism aimed at corporate health management and personal wellness
We will further enhance the programs we provide by utilizing cosmetics and other high-value-added products that apply the patented antiviral and antibacterial technology VB developed by FSX to the forest therapy that Satoyume supports in various parts of Japan. I’ll try. We will also plan tours that include medical tourism and attract customers. ・Promote the inheritance of traditional culture by developing products with market advantages and strengthening sales domestically and internationally
In order to spread Oshibori, a traditional Japanese culture that was developed based on FSX’s reliable technology, not only in Japan but also overseas, we will expand the market with Satoyume’s promotion support, We will carry out the inheritance of In addition, we will continue to develop products such as towels and related products with an eye on overseas expansion, and plan collaborative products with various regions.
・Support for people-centered regional revitalization through human resource development exchanges between both companies
By sending employees from each company to Satoyume’s local support activities and FSX’s work in the countryside, we aim to develop human resources and revitalize the region starting from people through learning about the region and agriculture.
[Image 2:×1600.jpg] FSX’s high-quality towels are also provided to customers at
restaurants operated by Satoyume Group companies.
Comments from each representative
[Image 3:×407.png ]
・Comment from Katsuyuki Fujinami, President and CEO of FSX Co., Ltd. My first encounter with Satoyume was when we went climbing Mt. Shashi, one of Yamanashi’s 100 Famous Mountains, and I never imagined that climbing would be the first step that would lead to this capital and business partnership. did not. I believe that Satoyume is a genius who finds gemstones, polishes them, and turns them into treasures, as exemplified by the “Railway Entire Hotel” (*1).
I’m glad that FSX, which operates under the vision of “reinventing towels,” has discovered the potential of the raw stone. I am deeply grateful for the relationship that Shushiyama has forged with me, and I am very excited about the co-creation that will begin soon. Please look forward to future business centered on regional revitalization as both companies continue to take on challenges without being bound by preconceived ideas.
(*1) “Entire hotel along the line”
“Entire hotel along the line” is a project that “edits” the local resources scattered around the station and the surrounding villages, creating a world view that looks like the entire area as “one hotel.” (
[Image 4:×404.png ]
・Comment from Shunpei Shimada, Representative Director and CEO of Satoyume Co., Ltd.
At the facility produced by Satoyume, we had been using FSX’s single-use towels even before this investment was announced. Satoyume offers a variety of products that you will fall in love with, such as excellent designs that set them apart from other wet towels, unique patented antiviral and antibacterial technology, and a series that uses aromas extracted from Japanese trees. I felt that the quality of the work I was aiming for and the worldview I was aiming for were similar. I am very much looking forward to having this kind of relationship with FSX and deepening our collaboration in the future.
I would like to work with FSX to spread the word about the world-class “hospitality” from the local community.
the next deployment
We will utilize FSX’s outstanding technological capabilities and product development capabilities, as well as Satoyume’s various knowledge and achievements in regional revitalization, to advance regional revitalization projects that value “tradition and
[Image 5:×1600.jpg] [Satoyume Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Satoyume is an escort-type business production company specializing in regional revitalization, whose corporate identity is “Local Business Incubator – A company that creates business in the region with people as its starting point.” We work with local communities in more than 50 areas nationwide, from planning to business launch and operation. In collaboration with JR East, we have created an “Entire Railway Hotel” (Okutama Town, Tokyo) and “NIPPONIA Kosuge Source Village” (Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture) with the concept of “a village of 700 people turned into one hotel.” , the “Healing Forest Project” (Shinanomachi, Nagano Prefecture), which creates a resort area through collaboration between local communities and businesses, and
“Kahokurashi” (Kahoku Town, Yamagata Prefecture), a town-based antenna shop and local trading company business. We are working to create new businesses.
Address: 801 Villa Apex Ichigaya, 3-4-5 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Established: April 17, 2012
Business content: Business production specializing in regional revitalization, accompanying consulting
[FSX Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Founded in 1967 as Fujinami Towel Service, a rental towel business based on the philosophy that “Oshibori is not a physical service, but a mental service.” Since then, we have been based in Kunitachi City, Tokyo, and have engaged in a wide range of business activities centered on towels. Starting with the development of towel materials and processing machines, we have developed a patented technology for adding aroma, antiviral and antibacterial hygiene technology “VB”, and “REION”, a towel refrigerator that provides towels at the optimal temperature. In addition, we are engaged in development that creates value for towels from both the software and hardware aspects, such as EC management and partner business for competitors. On the occasion of our 50th anniversary, we changed our company name to “FSX
Corporation”, and for the next 50 years, we will develop innovative services to bring out new possibilities for towels and widely spread OSHIBORI culture both domestically and internationally. We will develop a business that creates Address: 1-12-3 Izumi, Kunitachi City, Tokyo Established: September 20, 1967 Business: Rental, manufacture, and sale of towels, planning and development of towels and related products, etc. URL: https://www.fsx.
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