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NEWONE Co., Ltd. NEWONE launches the “Recommended Workplace Lab” to research workplaces that you would wan t to recommend and introduce to others

NEWONE Co., Ltd.
NEWONE launches “Recommended Workplace Lab” to research workplaces that you would want to recommend and introduce to others
Researching how to create a “workplace that people can recommend” through research and analysis of workers
NEWONE Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shuhei Kamibayashi, / NEWONE) will launch the “Recommended Workplace Lab” as a research institution on July 4, 2024, with the concept of “Science work and transform it into a “recommended workplace.”
[Image 1:×433.jpg] Purpose and background of the recommended workplace lab
With the promotion of work style reforms that have been implemented since 2019, measures to improve productivity and reduce overtime hours have expanded, while “work satisfaction”, which refers to the sense of fulfillment and satisfaction gained from work, a sense of growth, and a positive response, has expanded. Issues related to improvement have become apparent in many companies.
Additionally, the following comments are often heard from workplaces these days: “I don’t feel much job satisfaction.”
“Growth is difficult and I feel anxious about future market value.” Aren’t we promoting the creation of an environment that is too kind, due to system revisions that place too much emphasis on ease of work and relationships that are fearful of harassment? NEWONE’s goal is not to create a workplace that is too friendly, but to create a workplace where people who want to contribute in a positive manner come together and who want to recommend and introduce their work to others. In a survey conducted in December 2023, only 18% of people answered that their workplace is a “workplace they can recommend.” (NEWONE Co., Ltd., survey on work/workplace, n = 618 people)
‣Reference URL: Through research and analysis of workers, the Introducing Workplace Lab reveals the characteristics and trends of workplaces that are more encouraging and too kind, and provides information on the elements, specific systems, and workplace initiatives needed to transform workplaces that are more encouraging. We will continue to send out information.
Details of recommended workplace labs
At the Reusable Workplace Lab, we will implement and disseminate the following initiatives.
・Issuance of regular investigation reports
・Columns by researchers
・Holding free seminars based on research reports
・Introduction and interviews of recommended workplace initiatives across the country
・Introducing effective tools for creating a workplace you can encourage Opening commemorative event
We will invite experts from each company to hold an online seminar for personnel in charge of human resources, recruitment, public relations, and general affairs who want to create a workplace that can be promoted in the future.
Application URL:
[Image 2:×606.jpg] -Seminar overview-
Title: Engagement Summit 2024 “Recommended Workplace Lab” Opening Commemoration                                                                     ” Date: July 11, 2024 (Thursday) 13:00-17:30 (scheduled to end)       *You can freely enter and leave the room
      *If you apply, we will send you an archived video.
Participation fee: Free
Co-sponsors: Unipos Co., Ltd., PR Table Co., Ltd., Atrae Co., Ltd.,      Hitokara Media Co., Ltd. (in no particular order)
Cooperation: HR Pro
 13:00-13:30: Purpose of the event/speech: “The latest survey results on workplaces that can be recommended”
        NEWONE Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Shuhei Kambayashi 13:30-14:20: “How to create a workplace that attracts people and improves organizational strength”
   Hosei University Professor Kennosuke Tanaka × NEWONE Shuhei Kambayashi 14:30-15:10: “What organizations with high engagement have in common”        Atlae Co., Ltd. Mr. Masashi Hirai × NEWONE Shuhei Kambayashi 15:15-15:55: “The secret to recruiting public relations that makes employees the leading role and conveys their appeal”
PR Table Co., Ltd. Mr. Shoichi Shiramizu × NEWONE Shuhei Kambayashi  16:00-16:40: “Key points for creating an office environment that makes you like your workplace”
      Hitokara Media Co., Ltd. Yutaro Yatsuka × NEWONE Shuhei Kambayashi  16:45-17:25: “Recommendation for promotion within the company ~ How to find “actions that can be promoted” ~”
Unipos Co., Ltd. Minoru Matsushima × NEWONE Shuhei Kambayashi 17:25-17:30: Closing speech Shuhei Kambayashi, President and Representative Director, NEWONE Co., Ltd.
#Recommended workplace campaign
We will ask workers from all over the country to post what they can recommend about their company on X (formerly Twitter) or Instagram using the hashtag #recommended workplaces. By introducing the efforts of each company, we aim to spread the word and make it easier to expand horizontally.
In addition, on the 4th of every month (Popular Workplace), we will announce this month’s “#Pushable Workplace” nominees from among the initiatives posted with the hashtag “#Popular Workplace”.
-Nomination category-
・Recommended boss department
・Recommended culture section
・Recommended service department
・Recommended system category
・Recommended office departments
the next deployment
A sustainable workplace is something that management and employees must work together to create, and cannot be created by just one person. At the Recommended Workplace Lab, we will disseminate information to help diverse companies create better workplaces and work styles through various surveys and interviews with companies. ■NEWONE Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Our company name is “Creating new value that no one else has,” and with the theme of engagement, we provide corporate consulting, human resource development, and organizational services centered on “changing individual awareness” and “improving relationships.” Provide development. Nowadays, when human capital management has become an important issue for companies, Softbank, Kagome, We provide support to many companies, including Mitsubishi Estate Home. *In July 2022, we will release “How to Utilize Human Capital,” a book on management know-how necessary for future leaders, based on our experience working with corporate executives, human resources personnel, and management.
*In June 2024, co-authored the book “The future of your organization will change through employee experience,” which summarizes know-how on creating employee experiences that can be utilized regardless of company size.
・Location: 2-19-4F Hayabusacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
・Establishment date: September 1, 2017
・Representative: Shuhei Kambayashi
・Business content: Consulting, corporate training/organizational development, etc.
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