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Home » Amutus Co., Ltd. KADOKAWA’s label “LScomic” and “Mecha Comic” will hold a collaboration contest “Magical i-Land Manga Original Contest”!

Amutus Co., Ltd. KADOKAWA’s label “LScomic” and “Mecha Comic” will hold a collaboration contest “Magical i-Land Manga Original Contest”!

Amtus Co., Ltd.
KADOKAWA’s label “LScomic” and “Mecha Comic” will be holding a collaboration contest “Magical i-Land Manga Original Contest”! ……
Amutus Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Masaki Yamashita) has launched the electronic comic distribution service “Mecha Comic” and KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Director, Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO: Tsuyoshi Natsuno) )’s comic label for women, LScomic, is collaborating with “Mecha Comic x LScomic x Mahou no i” to jointly discover new works on the web using the “Mahou no i Land” service. We will be holding a “Rando Manga Original Contest”.
[Image 1:×321.jpg] ■Mecha Comic x LScomic x Magical i-Land Manga Original Contest
-Event period-
Event period: July 4, 2024 (Thursday) to September 20, 2024 (Friday) 13:59 Grand prize announcement time: Scheduled for mid-January 2025 -Awards, prize money, and benefits-
Grand Prize (1 person)
Amazon gift code 30,000 yen (email type), comicalized
*Exclusive advance distribution on Mecha Comic
Honorable Mention (Multiple Names)
Amazon gift code worth 10,000 yen (email type), considering making it into a comic
*Exclusive advance distribution on Mecha Comic
-Application conditions-
Please choose the theme you would like to write about from the four themes in the two categories below and submit your work!
We are looking for works for the “Royal Romance Category” and the “Mushy Style Category.”
●Royal love category theme 1
[Doting love from the heir of a high-speed family] He’s highly educated, tall, and has a high income, and he’s also generous and tolerant, and what’s more, he’s a good-looking guy with a good personality! We are looking for works depicting perfect men who can do anything.
●Royal love category theme 2
[Fake lover with an elite boss] We would also welcome developments such as the fact that the elite’s secret side is actually
dark-hearted, or that there is a face that only the heroine can show. A perfect man who is sexy and pampers you whether you are younger or older…I’m looking forward to a classic doting story with such a wonderful man!
●Mushy category theme 1
[Salary Wife x Transformation x Revenge] Salary Wife x Revenge is not a typical salaried wife’s quick divorce drama, but we expect to see transformation through various developments such as plastic surgery, reincarnation, loops, brilliant job changes, and love. . (Other settings are also welcome if there is a dramatic development) ●Mushy category theme 2
[Affair x Doronuma] What will happen to this unreasonable love, a feeling that can’t be stopped even though you know it’s a bad love… I’m looking forward to a deep human drama, such as the hell of being stuck in the depths and not being able to escape, and the fate of a double affair.
We are looking for manga-based novels with the above theme of 10,000 to 50,000 characters.
The grand prize-winning works will be distributed as original works for comicalization by Mecha Comic x LScomic. I’m looking forward to seeing a work with a higher story quality as an original work that has been adapted into a comic! !
-Application procedure-
Applications will be accepted at “Magical i-Land”. Please check the application requirements for details.
*You will need to register as a free member of “Magical i-Land” in order to submit your work.
■Mecha Comic x LScomic Popular Works
[Image 2:×2480.jpg ]
“Revenge with a pure white wedding dress”
Manga: Michiko Mitsui Original idea: Haruno Kotan Screenplay: Yume Saki was looking forward to her wedding with her fiancé, Riku. However, when Saki returns from a business trip and opens her closet to put away the suit she took off, the dress she had saved is missing! Even though it is an important dress… Saki, who had a bad feeling, contacted Riku and was informed that he had lent it to Manami, who is having a wedding today…!? Why is my husband’s childhood friend wearing my precious wedding dress!?
Read this work for free now
■About LScomic
A label by KADOKAWA for women that deals with themes that resonate with various women.
He has published a number of comic essays on the theme of “I want to read secretly behind my husband”, commonly known as the “My Husband’s Secret Series”. We will deliver exciting works full of comic essays that you can’t talk about to your husband or boyfriend, such as infidelity, divorce, and relationships with moms, but that you can secretly read and empathize with without thinking, “Oh yeah!” First issue date: January 25, 2022 (Tuesday)
X official account: @ls_comic
■About the magical i-land
We started our service in 1999 as a free homepage creation site. Many popular works have been created and it has gained popularity as a brand representing “web novels”. Aiming to be a simpler and
easier-to-use site that fits the current times, on April 1, 2020, it became a site specializing in novel submissions with the catchphrase “We can make your fantasies come true! A novel site for girls.” I was reborn. The number of monthly page views is 300 million PV, and the number of monthly unique users is 1.3 million. “Magical i-Land” continues to support girls’ creative activities.
Service started: 1999
X official account: @mahonovel
At “Mecha Comic,” the “exclusive advance distribution corner” where you can read the latest chapters faster than any other e-bookstore has been very popular, and we will continue to carry out exclusive advance distribution of the latest chapters of popular labels and popular works as a priority measure going forward. So please enjoy.
In addition to exclusive advance distribution, we will continue to provide a rich variety of works so that more customers can enjoy them. [Mecha Comic (Mecha Comic) Basic Information]
Service name: Mecha Comic (Mechacomi) Please see the service introduction here.
■What is Mecha Comic?
“Mecha Comic” is an electronic comic service that started in 2006. The domestic e-book market is booming because you can enjoy the latest popular comics, classic comics, and original comics in vertical reading formats optimized for smartphone screen size, and there are plenty of free comics that you can try out as soon as you’re interested. It boasts one of the highest number of users in the world. -Free campaign page-
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