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Jamm Co., Ltd. Started providing “Digital cash payment! Jamm” subscription payment function

Jamm Co., Ltd.
“Digital cash payment! Jamm” subscription payment function launched Subscriptions can now be used directly from your bank account ……
Let’s get Jammin’!
Jamm Co., Ltd. (Representative Director and CEO Masashi Hashizume, hereinafter referred to as Jamm), which aims to realize a free payment society, has started providing a subscription payment function in its A2A payment (*1) brand payment service “Digital cash payment! Jamm”. Ta.
“Digital cash payment! Jamm” is a payment brand that allows online businesses to receive fees from users’ bank accounts.
“Digital cash payment! Jamm” will now be available for businesses that provide D2C and digital content as subscriptions.
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■Background of the start of subscription function
For subscriptions that pay online, the payment methods available are limited. In the case of digital payments, cash on delivery is not possible, and even with convenience store payments, monthly payments are required for subscriptions, which increases the burden of payments on users.
“Digital cash payment! Jamm” allows users to register for a
subscription from the comfort of their home and set up payment directly from their bank account. No action to pay later is required. ■How to respond to online business subscriptions
You can use “Digital cash payment! Jamm” by implementing the payment option with the front-end SDK and storing the token issued when the user registers for payment in the user DB.
This is a simple implementation that uses tokens to debit the payment amount from the user’s account when performing the payment at a later date.
For more information: ■Future outlook
Based on the addition of this function, we will promote the
introduction of “Digital Cash Payment! Jamm” to D2C EC businesses and businesses providing digital subscription services.
In order to introduce “Digital Cash Payment! Jamm” to all companies that make online payments in the future, we will continue to develop the product, focusing on improving the developer experience when implementing it, and further improving the usability of the API. I’m planning on going.
■About “Digital cash payment! Jamm”
“Digital cash payment! Jamm” is a new payment service that allows online businesses such as e-commerce to receive fees from users’ bank accounts. Users can complete the payment with one click by selecting “Digital cash payment! Jamm” as shown below on the EC payment page. Online businesses implementing the service will be able to receive payments from users’ financial accounts with over 300 banks, and at the same time, users will be able to make payments at all “Digital Cash Payment! Jamm” member stores by registering an account once. (*1) A2A payment: Abbreviation for “Account to Account,” a payment service that allows direct debit from a bank account.
[Service image]
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■Digital cash payment! Features of Jamm
1. Low transaction fee of 1.8% per transaction
Payment fees are scheduled to be 1.8% until the end of 2025 (planned to be 2.5% from 2026 onwards). Online businesses can use the SDK/API of “Digital Cash Payment! Jamm” as a payment method on their own sites by linking it with their billing management system.
You can check the implementation method here: 2. Highly convenient UI/UX
Users register their bank account once and complete payments using biometric authentication linked to their smartphones.
You can check compatible financial institutions here:
Please check the link below for more details: ■About introduction
We are accepting new installations of “Digital cash payment! Jamm”. Businesses considering implementation should apply from this link.
Please note that if the number of businesses considered at the same time exceeds a certain number, we will use a waitlist system. ■About Jamm Co., Ltd.
Unleashing everyone with the power of fintech.
Jamm is a movement that “releases” everyone through fintech. “Digital cash payment! Jamm” is a payment service that solves two social issues: 1. High payment fees for businesses receiving payments, and 2. Rampant excessive lending to consumers.
We hope that businesses and consumers will join the movement and work together to realize a better society.
[Company name] Jamm Co., Ltd.
[Office location] 502 Kowa Building 35, 1-14-14 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo [Representative] Satoru Hashizume, Representative Director and CEO [Established] March 2023
[For inquiries regarding recruitment]
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