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Home » JR Chuo Line Community Design Co., Ltd. “Chuo Line Beer Festival 2024 Summer” will be held from 7/18-21!

JR Chuo Line Community Design Co., Ltd. “Chuo Line Beer Festival 2024 Summer” will be held from 7/18-21!

[JR Chuo Line Community Design Co., Ltd.] “Chuo Line Beer Festival 2024 Summer” will be held from 7/18-21!
*JR Chuo Line Community Design Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 4, 2024
“Chuo Line Beer Festival 2024 Summer” will be held from 7/18-21! *An annual Chuo Line summer beer event that connects local breweries, restaurants, stations, and residents!
A record 19 breweries are opening! Craft beers from the Tama area will gather at Musashisakai! *
The Chuo Line Beer Festival is an event that colors the summer of the Chuo Line, marking its 6th anniversary since its first event in 2018! This year, we added one new brewery, bringing the record number of 19 breweries from the Tama area, mainly along the Chuo Line! More than 50 types of unique craft beer and carefully selected food will be gathered at Musashisakai.
In addition to drinking craft beer, there will be an original ale brewed with hops grown by station employees, “Poppoya Ale”, for sale at the venue, and a raffle where you can win a JR ticket (beer ticket purchase privilege) that will allow you to go to a brewery that has a stall. , an event where you can experience encounters and excitement. Please enjoy this four-day event with your family and friends as the largest ever gathering of craft beers along the Chuo Line.
* 1. Event overview*
Date and time: July 18th (Thursday) to July 21st (Sunday), 2024      ※Performed in light rain, canceled in case of stormy weather Weekdays 17:00-21:00 (L.O. 20:45)
Saturday 11:00-21:00 (L.O. 20:45)
Sunday 11:00-20:00 (L.O. 19:45)
Venue: *Kyonan Fureai Hiroba Park* Approximately 1 minute walk from the south exit of JR Musashisakai Station
Admission fee: Free
Common store products: Regular cup beer (700 yen including tax/275ml) Purchase method: Beer ticket (ticket system) or purchase at each store *Cash is not accepted and payment for beer tickets must be made with a transportation IC card.
*All payments other than beer tickets, such as single item purchases and food purchases, are made at each store, and the payment methods accepted differ.
Main visual: Yuko Monden (Line painter artist from Tama area) Special site

Venue map
What it will look like when it is held in 2023
*2. For those who want to taste a lot! Comparison beer ticket [includes the privilege of participating in a lottery to win a ticket]*
We will be selling beer tickets that can be used at all participating breweries. If you purchase online in advance, you can save 50 yen per cup! Enjoy comparing craft beers from breweries that interest you. (Beer tickets will also be sold on the day.)

* -Limited to 1,000 sets! Save 50 yen per cup by purchasing online in advance! -*
Sales price: 1 set 3,250 yen including tax / 5 cups, 650 yen per beer! Sales location: “Chuo Line Festival Shop”
■JRE MALL site ( ■App for living with the Chuo Line ( Sales period: Scheduled to be sold from 14:00 on Thursday, July 4, 2024 to 18:00 on Wednesday, July 17, 2024
How to receive: Please show the purchase screen to the staff at the pick-up location below.
July 4th (Thursday) – July 17th (Wednesday) July 18th (Thursday) – July 21st (Sunday)
JR Musashisakai Station, JR Higashi-Koganei Station,
At the manned ticket gates of JR Nishi-Kokubunji Station At the reception desk at the venue during festival hours
*The pick-up location varies depending on the period. Please bring the smartphone you purchased it with when you pick it up.
*It will end as soon as it runs out.
*This will be carried out as part of the demonstration of JR East’s Beyond Stations concept of turning stations into pick-up points.

-Same-day sale-
Sales price: 1 set 3,500 yen including tax/5 cups
700 yen per beer
Sales location: Reception booth inside the venue
     *We have enough products available, but please forgive us if they are sold out.
-Common for advance and same-day sales-
Ticket eligible product: Craft beer (275ml)
All products (food is excluded)
Purchase benefits: ■ Right to participate in a lottery to win tickets (Details below)
■Chuo Line Beer Festival original sticker
beer ticket image
* \Let’s Go Brewery on the train! / Lottery to win JR tickets that can be used from Saturday, August 3rd to Sunday, August 4th, 2024* On the day of the event, bring your beer ticket mount to the special counter at the central ticket gate of JR Musashi-Sakai Station, and by answering the questionnaire, you will be entered into a lottery to win JR tickets. Winners will receive a round-trip ticket that can be used in the following 4 sectors on the spot! Why not visit your favorite brewery or directly managed shop that you discovered at the Chuo Line Beer Festival?

★ Prizes Round-trip ticket section ★
1. Musashisakai Prize: Shinjuku ~ Musashisakai 2. Hachioji Prize: Shinjuku ~ Hachioji
3. I like the Chuo Line. Award: Shinjuku – Uenohara 4. Adventure Award: Shinjuku – Okutama
*3. 3 recommended points of Chuo Line Beer Festival 2024 Summer! * We will introduce the key points of Chuo Line Beer Festival 2024 Summer recommended by the event planner!

Part 1: More than 50 types gathered! You’re sure to find your favorite beer! Tachikawa’s* “Sakamichi Brewing”* will be making its first appearance at the Chuo Line Beer Festival.
You can enjoy comparing over 50 types of craft beers from 19 breweries, the most ever. A beer chart introducing the types of beer will also be displayed at the venue. Please use this as a guide to find your favorite drink.
*The beer chart diagram will also be posted on the special website. (
Over 50 types of unique craft beers
Part 2: “Poppoya Ale” made with hops grown by station employees “Poppoya Ale” began brewing in 2021 using hops grown by JR
Musashisakai Station employees. Currently, hops are grown at 11 locations along the Chuo and Nambu lines, including JR Musashisakai Station. At this Chuo Line Beer Festival, we will be selling limited quantities for the first time at the same venue as other breweries! Enjoy beer made with the thoughts of station employees.
*You can exchange for beer tickets or purchase using transportation IC card/credit card.
Part 3: Enjoy going out this summer at the “Court around the Chuo Line! Brewery Stamp Rally”!
A digital stamp rally will be held on the “Living with the Chuo Line” app to visit breweries participating in the Chuo Line Beer Festival! If you collect three or more stamps, you will win a prize by lottery. After enjoying the beer event, please go out to each brewery and enjoy their proud beer!
Event period: July 13, 2024 (Saturday) to August 31, 2024 (Saturday) Participation fee: Free
How to participate: (For details, please see the special page within the app.) *Design is subject to change.
Target stores: Breweries participating in “Chuo Line Beer Festival 2024 Summer”      *Breweries exhibiting at “National Nominoichi 2024” held on Saturday, July 13th and Sunday, July 14th, 2024 are also eligible.

Sponsor: Chuo Line Beer Festival 2024 Executive Committee
Cooperation: East Japan Railway Company Hachioji Branch, JR Chuo Line Community Design Co., Ltd., Swivel and Knot Co., Ltd.
Musashisakai Shopping Association, Musashino City Tourism
Organization, Tama Shinkin Bank, Let’s Grow Hops in Musashino Executive Committee
Sponsored by: Musashino City
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