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Home » A collaboration between h.u.g-flower and Ikebukuro’s flower cafe “HANABAR” where there is a long line! “Lavend er Blueberry Cheese Terrine” will be on sale from July 4th (Thursday)

A collaboration between h.u.g-flower and Ikebukuro’s flower cafe “HANABAR” where there is a long line! “Lavend er Blueberry Cheese Terrine” will be on sale from July 4th (Thursday)

A collaboration between h.u.g-flower and Ikebukuro’s flower cafe “HANABAR” where there is a long line! “Lavender Blueberry”
“Cheese Terrine” will be on sale from July 4th (Thursday)
*HUG-FLOWER Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 4, 2024
A collaboration between h.u.g-flower and Ikebukuro’s flower cafe “HANABAR” where there is a long line! “Lavender Blueberry”
“Cheese Terrine” will be on sale from July 4th (Thursday)
*h.u.g-flower TOKYO (Roppongi Hills) To express our gratitude for the 3rd anniversary, we are running a nationwide free shipping campaign! * * Gluten-free cheese terrine specialty store [h.u.g-flower] operated by HUG-FLOWER Co., Ltd. (Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, President: Yuichi Endo)
(Hug Flower)] has partnered with Ikebukuro’s flower cafe “HANABAR”, which has a long line of people, to develop limited-time products from the “Hanasaku Series”. For a limited time from July 4th (Thursday), “Lavender Blueberry” will be available at stores and the official online shop.
We will start selling “cheese terrine”. Also, h.u.g-flower
To express our gratitude for the 3rd anniversary of TOKYO (Roppongi Hills), we will be running a nationwide free shipping campaign. * Collaboration between two brands with the theme of “flowers” “HANABAR” is Japan’s first dried flower cafe and bar that opened in 2017 at the west exit of Ikebukuro, Tokyo, and provides a unique space that fuses the culture of flowers and food. In keeping with the store’s name, the inside of the store is decorated with handmade dried flowers, and edible flowers are abundantly used in food and drinks.

On the other hand, h.u.g-flower is a gluten-free cheese terrine specialty store that started out as a flower shop and is developing the “Hanasaku Series” brand with a flower motif.

“HANABAR” and “h.u.g-flower” have formed a partnership based on their common philosophy of “delivering a gift experience that is filled with emotion, just like giving a bouquet of flowers,” and have jointly created a cheese terrine using edible flowers. has been developed. This collaboration aims to leverage both brands’ passion and expertise in flowers to create products that are both visually and gustatory. This new product combines the charms of flowers and food to provide customers with a new taste experience.

* Launched “Lavender Blueberry Cheese Terrine” with the motif of early summer flowers, lavender*
Lavender is known for its bright color and aroma, and is also a popular herb for its relaxing effects. In recent years, its charm has been rediscovered in the world of gourmet food. It can add a unique flavor and flair, especially to sweets.
At h.u.g-flower, we are celebrating the season when the beautiful lavender flowers bloom most vividly, and we are offering “Lavender Blueberry”
“Cheese Terrine” will be released. A refreshing summer cup-style cheese terrine that combines the gorgeous scent of in-season lavender and fruity blueberries. This product is available for a limited time from early summer to summer, when lavender flowers are at their peak. “Lavender Blueberry”
“Cheese Terrine” combines smooth cream cheese with lavender flower essence and blueberries to create a mild yet impressive taste. The subtle scent of lavender and the freshness of blueberries blend with the richness of the cheese, giving you a hint of sweetness and floral aroma with every bite.
On hot days, you can enjoy the coldness of ice cream by eating it partially defrosted.
In addition, the flower language of lavender includes “waiting for you,” “expectation,” “cleanliness,” “grace,” and “happiness is coming.”
Please enjoy the limited-time “Lavender Blueberry Cheese Terrine” in various situations, such as summer greetings to your loved ones or as a reward for yourself.

* Product Summary*
〇Product name
Lavender blueberry cheese terrine

〇Release date
Thursday, July 4, 2024

〇Sales destination
・h.u.g-flower YOKOHAMA (Yokohama)
・h.u.g-flower TOKYO (Roppongi Hills)
・Official online shop

Product name Price (tax included)
cup style cheese terrine
(Lavender Blueberry) [1 piece] 1,050 yen
Cup style cheese terrine presentation box set
(Lavender Blueberry) [6 pieces] 6,800 yen
Cup style cheese terrine presentation box set
(3 standard cheeses, 3 lavender blueberries) [6 pieces] 6,300 yen Cup style cheese terrine assortment presentation box set
(2 standard cheeses, 2 chocolates, 2 lavender blueberries) [6 pieces] 6,500 yen *Single pieces are only sold in stores.

* Comments from HANABAR, Nana Yui, Yui Iki*
For the first flower in the h.u.g-flower x HANABAR flower blooming series, we chose lavender, an early summer flower that adds a touch of glamor to the elegant cheese terrine. The surface is decorated with buds that evoke an image of hidden strength and an elegant fragrance, and the flavor is subtly hidden in the fabric.
We hope you can enjoy your time together, beating the heat, relaxing and taking a breather.
Starting with this, we will work with h.u.g-flower to develop products that utilize edible flowers.
Please stay tuned!
* Nana Yui, Yui Iki * Profile
*Nana Yui*
Born in Gunma Prefecture. After graduating from beauty school, she opened her own beauty salon. In addition to working as a hairdresser, after posting dried flower bouquets and wreaths on Instagram, she received calls from all over the world and is also working as a dried flower artist.
Born in Saitama Prefecture. Loop Station/A musician and chef who creates landscapes by sampling natural sounds. Released albums such as “BUS-BUS” (KADOKAWA). He is the music director for Ashikaga town films such as “Yumeiro no Kawa”.
They got married in 2012, and in 2017, they founded HANABAR in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. In 2019, he founded gmgm, which handles baked flower donuts, and in 2020 he launched kohot Co., Ltd., and in 2021, he founded kukka, which handles antiques.
Founded herkka. Currently, he also does space decoration.
【store information】
Address: 3-30-6 Nishiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 11:30-23:00 (L.O 22:00)
Regular holidays: Open all year round
(Information on temporary closures etc. will be announced on Instagram) HANABAR Instagram:

* h.u.g-flower TOKYO (Roppongi Hills) 3rd anniversary project! Nationwide free shipping campaign*
From July 4th (Thursday) to July 11th (Thursday), we will be holding h.u.g-flower TOKYO and h.u.g-flower with our daily gratitude. We will deliver eligible products at YOKOHAMA’s official online shop with [free shipping nationwide].
Target stores: h.u.g-flower TOKYO, h.u.g-flower YOKOHAMA, official online shop Order period: July 4th (Thursday) to July 11th (Thursday)
Target products: Each cup style cheese terrine presentation box set *Bar type products are not eligible. We do not accept shipments of single items. *We apologize for the inconvenience, but the number is limited, so we recommend ordering as early as possible.

▼About this campaign

*About h.u.g-flower’s cheese terrine*
■Standard cheese terrine (1 piece) 800 yen including tax
■Standard cheese terrine (6 pieces) 3,800 yen including tax
■Standard chocolate cheese terrine (1 piece) 900 yen including tax ■Standard chocolate cheese terrine (6 pieces) 4,500 yen including tax

●H.u.g-flower’s original ultimate simple recipe that pursues the quality of ingredients.
●All dairy products are only domestically produced (Hokkaido). ●A rich yet refreshingly light flavor that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. One of its characteristics is that it is rich but has a refreshing aftertaste.

-100% gluten free-
We will conduct periodic inspections and issue certificates. There are surprisingly many products that contain flour in seasonings and additives, even if it’s not in the product itself. h.u.g-flower’s cheese terrine is truly gluten-free.

From manufacturing to packaging to shipping, each item is carefully delivered by hand. The pursuit of a perfectly beautiful terrine shape (rectangular shape) with no bulges or dents and uniform browning. Individual packaging allows you to enjoy each piece one by one without having to cut them yourself.

*About h.u.g-flower*
When it was founded, h.u.g-flower was a flower shop. In 2014, it was renovated as a flower shop with a cafe attached. The cheesecakes served at the cafe at the time were popular, and when sold at local festivals, hundreds of cakes sold out in an instant. This led h.u.g-flower to start developing cheese terrine.
Hug Flower’s cheese terrine is an evolution of the cheesecake, which was very popular at the cafe attached to a flower shop, as an adult sweet that goes well with wine.
We pursue the kind of deliciousness that makes your life more colorful with just one bite.
As a gift for a loved one or as a souvenir from a company. Please use it in various scenes.

* store information*
* h.u.g-flower YOKOHAMA *
Cheese terrine specialty store near Yamashita Park
3 minutes walk from exits 2 and 3 of Nihon Odori Station on the Minato Mirai Line, right in front of Yokohama Port Osanbashi
1st floor, Trade Association Building, 1-1 Kaigandori, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture
TEL 045-323-9380
OPEN 10:00-18:00
*h.u.g-flower TOKYO*
Cheese terrine specialty store on the basement floor of Roppongi Hills 0 minute walk from Roppongi Station on the Hibiya Line. 1st basement floor of Roppongi Hills North Tower, directly connected to the station 106-0032
Roppongi Hills North Tower B1F, 6-2-31 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo TEL 03-6447-4089
OPEN 11:00~20:00
*Open all year round

*Official online shop*
*About details about this release*

*Download press release materials*

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