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Home » Family Tech Co., Ltd. Starts advance acceptance of credit cards for Reiwa couples to eliminate the gender gap

Family Tech Co., Ltd. Starts advance acceptance of credit cards for Reiwa couples to eliminate the gender gap

Family Tech Co., Ltd.
Start accepting advance orders for credit cards for Reiwa couples to eliminate the gender gap
Family Bank, a super app for families, now offers a credit card that eliminates financial imbalances for dual-income couples.
Family Tech Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Kiichi Nakamura) will begin issuing credit cards (family cards) that allow dual-income couples to centralize payments on the family-friendly super app “Family Bank.” .
Family cards help eliminate financial imbalances between couples and help them lead a smooth married life.
If you would like to use the service in advance, please apply using the form below (*If there are many applicants, a lottery will be held)
Background of family card development
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In recent years, the number of dual-income households has expanded to about twice the number of households with full-time housewives, and instead of the traditional family image in which the man is the breadwinner and supports the household finances alone, husbands and wives are now sharing housework and childcare duties, and are now paying more attention to living expenses. It is becoming more common for the husband and wife to split the payments.
As a result, each husband and wife in a family now have to make payments from their respective bank accounts, making it difficult to decide who will pay what living expenses, how to divide the money paid in half, and how to make the total monthly payment. There are many people who are confused about how to calculate it and how to use it. Furthermore, there are cases where couples do not know their monthly payments, which creates a sense of inequality and leads to quarrels between husband and wife.
In addition, in recent years, as families have become more diverse, including common-law marriages and LGBTQ partners, and are no longer limited to family registers, there are also issues that cannot be addressed by traditional financial services.
Based on this background, we have started issuing family cards that allow families to easily manage their finances on an app, targeting all families who share a living, regardless of their relationship on the family register. did.
This family card was made possible to issue through the & JCB Fintech Program developed by JCB Corporation.
Family card overview
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A family card is a credit card that can be issued to each member of the family, with the same bank account being used as a common withdrawal destination. Once you apply, you can immediately check your card number on the app and use it for payment.
If you use this card to pay for daily food, utility bills, children’s allowance, etc., all payment information will be aggregated on the app and all payments will be debited from one account, allowing you and your spouse to cover your family’s expenses together. You will be able to manage it efficiently.
This card can be used with common-law partners, LGBTQ partners, cohabiting partners before marriage, and friends who live together, regardless of their relationship on the family register.
In addition, like a traditional credit card, it can be used to pay for rent and subscription services, so using this card and the Family Bank app, all payments can be managed automatically and centrally like a household account book. It can also be used to review spending in these days of rising prices.
Currently, we are providing a beta version to a limited number of users, but we plan to make it available to everyone from around fall 2024.
▼Advance application form
Features of family card
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1. Cards can be easily issued on the app
– Can be issued on the same day on the app. You can also register for Apple Pay/Google Pay.
・Details at the time of use are also reflected in the app in real time. 2.Parent control
・You can set your own spending limit for each card on the app. Therefore, you can feel safe giving it to your child as pocket money. 3. Make an original card with family photos
-You can select a photo of your pet, child, etc. as your credit card design and issue an original card.
4. Grandparents’ bank account can be set as the withdrawal source ・It can also be used as pocket money from grandparents to
grandchildren. Furthermore, when you use that pocket money, you can also get reactions from your grandparents!
We plan to release these features gradually during 2024.
▼Advance application form
The world that Family Tech Co., Ltd. aims for
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As the number of dual-income households increases, “busyness” has emerged as a new issue for many dual-income households with children. Furthermore, in recent years, digital transformation (DX) has been rapidly progressing to streamline the activities of individuals and companies.
In response to these changes in society and the progress of current technology, we feel the need to transform society into DX at the family level.
For this reason, together with the Family Card that we have started issuing this time, our policy is to provide a total solution to help each family member lead a better life through the Family Bank app. We will continue to expand our services and improve their quality so that families can feel true value in their daily lives. Together with the Family Bank app, we will create a new form of family life. About Family Tech Co., Ltd.
Company name: Family Tech Co., Ltd.
Location: JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower 18F, 4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kiichi Nakamura, Representative Director
Main business: Providing “Family Bank”, a super app for families URL:
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