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Home » Nara Prefecture Bunkamura Creation vol.6 Wakaki Kurumi Public production + work exhibition “Restoration Me ” will be held!

Nara Prefecture Bunkamura Creation vol.6 Wakaki Kurumi Public production + work exhibition “Restoration Me ” will be held!

[Nara Prefecture] Bunkamura Creation vol.6 Wakaki Kurumi Public production + work exhibition “Restoration Me” will be held!
*Nara Prefecture*
Press release: July 4, 2024
Bunkamura Creation vol.6 Wakaki Kurumi Public Production + Work Exhibition “Restoring Me” will be held!
*Full of humor, up-and-coming artists and printmakers will be holding public productions and exhibitions at the same time! *
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Bunkamura Creation is an attempt to invite artists who are working on cutting-edge initiatives to produce and present their works, as well as to open up the creative process. For vol.6, we will be inviting artist and printmaker Kurumi Wakagi.

When you see Wakagi’s work, you can’t help but say, “I see…” and “Interesting…!” Backed by reliable technology, we are expanding the possibilities of printmaking by making full use of properties such as reproduction, transfer, and reversal. Above all, there is a sense of heartfelt enjoyment in creating, and a vibrancy that transforms the joys and sorrows of daily life into creative energy. The way he greedily pursues the “interestingness” of his creations, based on technique but without being bound by it, is powerful and flexible.

When he was a high school student, Wakagi’s dream was to become a restorer. It is said that his longing was revived when he visited the cultural property restoration and exhibition building at the Nara History, Arts and Culture Village, a cultural property restoration workshop that is open to the public year-round. In this project, the studio will be used as a restoration workshop, and participants will perform restoration work (production) in the role of a restorer. At the same time, it seems to be an opportunity for Mr. Wakagi to try to “repair” himself.

During the period, public production and work exhibition will be held in parallel every day. Also, although you cannot enter the real restoration workshop, you can talk with the restorer (Mr. Wakagi) here. Please come and visit us again and again to see this
ever-changing space of creation, exhibition, and training.

■Artist’s comment
When I was in high school, I learned that there was a job restoring paintings in Nara and Kyoto, and I was shocked that this was the only path for me, as I was not good at studying but was good with my hands. Although he immediately ordered materials from a restoration school, he gave up on going to a restoration school due to the high tuition fees.
I completely forgot about that and recently visited Nara History, Arts and Culture Village for the first time and toured the restoration workshop. When I remembered my past admiration for handicrafts, my honest thought was, “If I had become a restorer, I wonder if I would have been freed from the struggle of coming up with ideas…” I majored in woodblock printmaking at university, but in pursuit of the possibilities of printmaking, lately I have been focusing on tricky print expressions such as printing waves and roads.
Due to my tendency to get bored, I have mass-produced experimental works without considering the level of perfection, but after experiencing the work of restoring cultural properties, I began to want to sit down and focus on one task until I was satisfied with it. I did.
The work of restoration, which protects and passes on existing works, and contemporary art, which searches for expressions that have not yet been seen, may be inherently incompatible. Still, by confronting the work with the touch and eye of a restoration, wouldn’t you be able to acquire the seriousness to complete the work that you have been neglecting up until now?
I would like to restore my playful approach to production while savoring the happiness of being able to immerse myself in handicrafts in this land called Nara, which is a treasure trove of cultural assets.

Young tree walnut

■Event overview
Date and time: July 20, 2024 (Sat) – September 23, 2024 (Monday, holiday) 10:00 – 17:00
Closed: Mondays (open on 8/12, 9/16, and 9/23), August 13, September 13, and September 17
Location: Nara History, Arts and Culture Village, Arts and Culture Experience Building, 3rd floor, Studio 301/302
Fee: Free

Young tree walnut (Wakaki walnut)
Artist, printmaker, runner. Born in Hokkaido in 1985. Graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts in 2008, majoring in printmaking. In addition to making woodblock prints, he also creates prints that use familiar objects as prints, as well as works in which he himself becomes a part of the work. He is also active as a runner and has completed the 246km marathon/Spartathlon.
Major awards include the 12th Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Award (2009), Rokko Meets Art Award (2013), Kyoto City New Artist Award (2022), and solo exhibitions include “Wakaki Walnut Production Dojo” (Zenzo Sakamoto Museum of Art,
Kumamoto, 2013), “Banran!” (Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art, TAD Gallery, 2018), and group exhibition “Kyoto New Artists Selection Exhibition” (Kyoto Museum of Art, 2018).
2021), “TARO Award Winner III: Beyond Boundaries” (Kawasaki City Taro Okamoto Museum, Kanagawa, 2023), and others.

■Related projects
* ○Restoration-Me-Workshop Tour*
The person in charge of planning will show you around Wakagi’s restoration workshop (studio). There will also be a question corner for Mr. Wakagi along the way.
Date and time: Every Saturday, Sunday, and holiday during the period 15:00-15:30 *No application required

* ○Artist talk*
We will talk to Mr. Wakagi about his past activities, his current attempts, and his responses.
Date and time: September 7th (Sat) 15:00-16:00
Capacity: Approximately 30 people
*No application required

■Past works
“Hirune” 2023 62×87cm
Vegetable print “Yasae” 2024
“Shabu Fuji” 2022 32×44cm
《Wave of Technology》2024 61×49cm
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