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Itochu Enex Receives “Eco Mark” for renewable diesel

[Itochu Enex] Receives “Eco Mark” for renewable diesel
*Itochu Enex*
Press release: July 4, 2024
Obtained “Eco Mark” for renewable diesel
*~First certification as “synthetic fuel (biodiesel)”~*
Itochu Enex Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director, President and CEO: Yoshida)
Tomoshi (hereinafter referred to as “Itochu Enex”) is a
next-generation biofuel “Renewable Diesel” handled by Itochu Enex under the Eco Mark system implemented by the Japan Environmental Association, a public interest incorporated foundation.
We would like to inform you that Diesel (hereinafter referred to as “RD”)” *1 has acquired the environmental label “Eco Mark” *2. This is the first certification as Eco Mark Product Type No. 165 Class A “Biodiesel fuel consisting of hydrocarbons produced from fats and oils” *3.

Eco Mark Certification Ceremony 1. Left: Hidenori Yamagata, Managing Director, Japan Environmental Association
Right: Tomohiro Akaishi, Environmental Business Manager, Itochu Enex Eco Mark Certification Ceremony 2. Itochu Enex Environmental Business Department All involved

Itochu Enex, based on its management philosophy of “Partner for Society and Lifestyle,” provides a stable supply of energy as an energy company, and continues to strive to popularize products and services that reduce environmental impact, aiming to contribute to a sustainable society. I will continue to do so.

■Eco Mark certification overview
Product brand name Renewable diesel
Certification number 24 165 001
Product type name No.165 “Synthetic fuel (biodiesel/GTL fuel) Version 1.0” Category A “Biodiesel fuel consisting of hydrocarbons produced from fats and oils”
Certification date June 21, 2024
renewable diesel
Environmental label “Eco Mark”
*1 Neste MY Renewable Diesel and Renewable manufactured by Neste Diesel is manufactured from waste cooking oil, waste animal and vegetable oil, etc. that does not compete with food, and achieves up to a 90% reduction in GHG emissions compared to petroleum-based light oil based on a life cycle assessment. As a “drop-in” fuel, RD can utilize existing vehicles, machinery, and refueling-related
facilities, and it already has a wide distribution track record, mainly in Europe and the United States. As a next-generation biofuel that can minimize the introduction costs associated with
decarbonization measures and greatly contribute to reducing GHG emissions, it is expected that its use will further expand in the fields of construction and transportation in the future. ITOCHU ENEX is working with ITOCHU Corporation to popularize RD in Japan.

The Eco Mark is a mark given to products that have been recognized as having a low impact on the environment throughout their life cycle, from production to disposal, and are recognized as contributing to environmental conservation. The aim is to help create a sustainable society by encouraging consumers to make environmentally conscious product choices and by encouraging related companies to make efforts to improve the environment. Eco Mark is Japan’s only Type I
environmental label certified by a third party in accordance with the international standard (ISO14024).

Eco Mark Product Type No. 165 Classification A “Biodiesel fuel made from hydrocarbons produced from fats and oils” is a biodiesel fuel made from hydrocarbons produced from fats and oils as an alternative fuel to light oil used as fuel for diesel engines in automobiles, heavy machinery, generators, etc. Biodiesel fuel consisting of hydrocarbons is eligible, and applications for certification will begin in January 2023, with requirements such as lower greenhouse gas emissions during its lifecycle compared to diesel fuel. I did.

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