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Home » Spice Factory starts supporting career education for students again this year, aiming to accept students from 50 schools, 1.5 times more than last year

Spice Factory starts supporting career education for students again this year, aiming to accept students from 50 schools, 1.5 times more than last year

Spice Factory starts supporting career education for students again this year, aiming to accept students from 50 schools, 1.5 times more than last year
*Spice Factory Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 4, 2024
*To all members of the press*
Spice Factory starts supporting career education for students again this year, aiming to accept students from 50 schools, 1.5 times more than last year
*Updates including expanding the scope of acceptance and increasing opportunities for employees with a wide range of careers to appear on stage*
*It is also possible to interview lectures during company visits. Please contact us for more information.
* Spice Factory Co., Ltd., which supports digital transformation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Takagi
Hironosuke) has started career education activities for junior high and high school students in 2024, which had been carried out from June 2023 to December 2023. Our employees come on stage to talk to junior high and high school students visiting Odaiba on school trips and field trips about their career development and career choices. Last year, executives and managers took turns giving lectures, but starting this year, we will actively provide opportunities for employees to give lectures.
By doing so, we believe that junior high and high school students will have more opportunities to come into contact with working adults with a variety of careers, and it will also be a good opportunity for employees to deepen their understanding of their own jobs and roles. Furthermore, we plan to provide support for university students in order to deepen industry-academia collaboration. *
■Problems faced by junior high and high school students

According to the “Awareness Survey on School Life and Career Education*1” conducted by RePlayce Co., Ltd., which operates the career exploration service “Hatarakubu” for junior high and high school students, to clarify the awareness and actual situation of junior high and high school students living nationwide. 24.7% cited opportunities for work tours and work experience as something that was not being done enough, and 16.7% cited opportunities for work experience as something that was not being done enough.

The only adults close to them who can consult about their career paths are parents or teachers, and there is a growing need for opportunities for career education to talk to working adults as adults outside the company. Recruit Advancement Research Institute conducted the “11th In the 2023 survey of high school students and their parents regarding their career paths, 83.0% of high school students and 89.4% of their parents answered that they would talk to each other about their career paths. Regarding the content, the most common answer was “About a specific career path after graduating from high school” (64.4%), followed by “What kind of job do I want to do in the future” and “My dreams for the future” at over 50%. This revealed that in addition to their immediate career paths, they were also talking about long-term prospects such as employment and the future.

However, when asked by parents, “Do what you like, do what you want to do” was by far the highest (65.9%), indicating a strong tendency to value high school students’ independence and questioning high school students’ independence. Masu. In the survey, we also asked about independence, and while “independence” (51.5%) was the top ability that high school students thought would be “required in the future,” they were also asked about “independence” (51.5%). The number of high school students who thought so was 25.2%, indicating a large gap. Similarly, 12.0% of high school students believe that they currently have the ability to execute, which is the second most important ability they will need in the future (37.2%). It is hoped that these gaps will be resolved in the future through the promotion of “independent learning” in educational reform.
*1: “Awareness survey regarding school life and career education”
*2: “11th High School Students and Parents Awareness Survey 2023” ■ Spice Factory initiatives this year

Spice Factory recognizes these issues and wants to contribute to the young people who will be responsible for the future.Since last year, we have started career education activities for junior high and high school students and have accepted approximately 300 junior high and high school students. By having junior high and high school students actually talk to working adults and learn about the current situation, we hope that as many young people as possible will have a positive image of working in society.
With this in mind, we are planning the following initiatives for this year. 1. * We plan to increase the number of schools accepting students to 50 schools, which is 1.5 times as many as last year, to provide learning opportunities for even more students. *
2. * Increase the number of speakers within the company, expanding the range to include not only management and business managers, but also leaders and general members. *
In addition to face-to-face presentations, we have also started initiatives that allow remote members to take the stage. In addition, we are accepting applicants not only at our Tokyo Odaiba head office, but also at our Fukuoka base, and we are building a system that will ensure that speaking opportunities are not hindered by location or place of residence. *
4. * We plan to provide career education not only for junior high and high school students, but also for university students in collaboration with Musashino University. *

Lectures being held remotely

In 2024, we aim to have 50 schools accept the event, and we will build a system for career education activities, including increasing the number of speakers and creating opportunities for remote members to speak. Eventually, we would like to turn this into an initiative that serves as an opportunity for members to understand and explain the company as part of employee training, and contributes to improving self-affirmation and engagement.
*If you are an educational institution who is interested in this initiative, please use this address to inquire about accepting company visits.
* ⬛︎About Spice Factory’s CSR activities*

At Spice Factory, we created the Hummingbird Project on the occasion of our 6th anniversary in March 2022, with the aim of realizing a “sustainable society that balances economic growth and solving social issues.” From 2024, we have decided to revamp this project and budget 3% of net income every year. In addition, we have decided to make the Hummingbird Project a general term for the social contribution activities that we carry out, and have decided to strengthen our efforts based on support for the children who will create our future. *
Normally, net income is the source of returns to shareholders, but we believe that building our brand through donations and social contribution activities will lead to shareholder profits in the medium to long term. *
Hummingbird Project Press Release
* -Achievements of social contribution activities to date-*
– Supporting career education for junior high and high school students and accepting continuous company visits
– In 2023, 31 schools will accept 291 students
– Support for the unique “Scholarship Program (Spice Kids)” implemented in the Republic of the Philippines
– As of June 2024, supporting 3 students
– Monthly corporate donation to D×P, a certified NPO that solves isolation among teenagers
– Efforts to strengthen local communities through the cultural social contribution project “One Million People Classic Live” Donating 1% of sales to Japan Bone Marrow Bank

Spice Factory Co., Ltd.
Spice Factory is a DX support company that acts as a “catalyst (spice)” that brings about digital transformation in companies and government agencies with an agile mindset that accelerates DX. To date, he has been involved in DX in various industries such as education, medical care, local government, primary industry, logistics, manufacturing, and entertainment, and has achieved rapid value creation using an agile development approach, worked to solve problems for society and customers, and We have supported the growth of
As a 360° digital integrator involved in all aspects from management issues to solving on-site business issues, we respond to a wide range of issues in the digital domain. We provide comprehensive support including support for business service planning, system development, UI/UX, and marketing support.
At the same time, we go beyond the traditional framework of
commissioned development and collaborate with client companies and government agencies with a focus on user-centered design, increasing our responsiveness and agility to change and working with them to derive solutions.
Our mission is to be a catalyst for innovation, and our purpose is to make the world a better place, one pixel at a time. We pursue solutions to social issues and contribute to the creation of new businesses and innovation.
Company name: Spice Factory Co., Ltd.
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