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East Japan Railway Company Regarding the promotion of WaaS co-creation consortium – Towards the realization of a well-being society through open innovation –

East Japan Railway Company
About promoting the WaaS co-creation consortium – Toward realizing a well-being society through open innovation –
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1 About the activity status of the WaaS co-creation consortium JR East established the “Mobility Transformation Consortium” in 2017 in order to realize the “Technology Innovation Medium- to Long-Term Vision,” and through activities until March 2023, we will implement six themes in society, including autonomous driving of BRT. Ta. After that, we expanded our target areas and strengthened our functions, and in April 2023 we established the WaaS Co-Creation Consortium, which aims to create innovations using open innovation platforms to address social issues that are difficult for one company to solve on its own. We are promoting activities aimed at realizing a well-being society. Currently, 67 management members and 42 general members, a total of 109 members (as of June 26, 2024) are
participating, aiming for regional co-creation in collaboration with local governments, and will promote 12 themes in 2023, and demonstrate demonstrations on 9 of them. We conducted an experiment. In fiscal 2024, we are promoting 17 themes, and we hope to lead to as many social implementations as possible and contribute to solving social issues. *Details attached table
[Image 2:×720.jpg] 2 Demonstration experiment example
[Improving the attractiveness of stations and towns through new experiential value] Continued

[Image 3:×2925.jpg] ・You can experience the local area remotely without having to go there ・By inducing people to move to the local area, we aim to create an exchange population and revitalize and enrich the area.
Utilizing digital technology, we aim to create new business through regional co-creation in Ekinaka. Last year, we conducted a
demonstration experiment at JRE MALL Cafe (inside the JR Yokohama Station ticket gate) to provide customers with a virtual experience of visiting a brewery in Nagano Prefecture and riding a rickshaw.
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・Demonstration period: November 2024 (planned)
・Demonstration location: Under consideration
・Demonstration members: JR East Corporation (secretary), Nagano Prefecture [Business verification for the use of “flying cars” that connect stations and the sky] Continued

[Image 5:×1800.jpg] Demonstration in 2023
By linking Shinkansen and air mobility, we aim to provide
high-value-added transportation experiences such as tourism to attractive regions.
With “flying cars” expected to be a new means of transportation, stations are expected to play an important role as transportation nodes. Examining business schemes and verifying air mobility services in preparation for the future use of flying cars based at stations
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・Demonstration period: Around fall 2024
・Demonstration location: Tohoku area
・Demonstration members: Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
(secretary), JR East Planning Co., Ltd., Institute for International Economics, Inc., MS&AD Interrisk Research Institute Co., Ltd., FPV Robotics Co., Ltd., Yamanashi Prefecture, Nagano Prefecture, Nagano City
[Agrisports Health Management Demonstration] New in 2024

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・Maintaining mental and physical health by treating local agricultural experiences as a sport
・Aim to revitalize and enrich the region by creating an exchange population -Summary- We will verify through industry-government-academia collaboration whether it is possible to revitalize local industries in the region, support corporate health management, and create a related population through “Agriculture x Sports x Mobility x Digital”
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・Demonstration period: August to September 2024
・Demonstration location: Iizuna Town, Nagano Prefecture
・Demonstration members: JR East Planning Co., Ltd. (secretary), ASICS Co., Ltd., Nagano National College of Technology, Nara Medical University, Nagano Prefecture, Iizuna Town
[Ticket gate DX ~Advancing remote ticket gate operations~] Continued
[Image 9:×2925.jpg] ・Aim to respond to diversifying customer needs and provide
multilingual guidance to inbound customers
・By automating routine tasks and providing remote support using AI and avatars, we aim to secure time for “work that only humans can do” and realize a work style that is not limited by time or location for employees.
Verifying the compatibility between providing customer service through the use of AI and avatar systems and supporting diverse work styles for station employees
-Demonstration experiment of remote guidance using avatars-
・Demonstration period: July to December 2024 (planned)
・Demonstration location: Under consideration
・Demonstration members: JR East Corporation (secretary), Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Reference – Trial introduction of guidance AI –
・Period: From March 2021
・Locations: Takanawa Gateway Station, Ikebukuro Station, Shinagawa Station, Shibuya Station, Osaki Station, Meguro Station, Shinbashi Station, Kaihin Makuhari Station, Makuhari Toyosuna Station, Shin-Narashino Station
Separate table
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Management structure and overview of the WaaS co-creation consortium
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(1) Promote the well-being of society and region
・JR East Group’s management vision “Transformation 2027” states that by “creating new value and services centered on people” and
“strengthening networks centered on technology and information,” we will create a “spiritually enriching life” for everyone. ” is our goal.
・The “WaaS Co-Creation Consortium” combines the real network, which is the strength of the JR East Group, which has been closely connected to consumers and local communities, with the network of consortium members to promote tourism promotion, experience value creation, DX, etc., and increase the number of exchanges.・We aim to revitalize and enrich the region by increasing the number of people involved and expanding into the area.
(2) Promote through open innovation
・The “WaaS Co-Creation Consortium” invites members from over 100 industries, including companies, universities, research institutions, and local governments, to participate as members. Through open innovation, members share their strengths and experience and know-how with each other. We are conducting demonstration experiments in the real field. We aim to organize and accumulate the knowledge and know-how obtained through theme generation and demonstration experiments, and to implement it at JR East as well as commercialize and social implementation among our members.
[Image 13:×2600.jpg] (3) Role as a social and industrial platform
・By leveraging the strengths of JR East, which has a multi-layered and real network, as a platform for open innovation, we create value by building social acceptance of new technologies, exploring new ways to utilize member companies’ assets and capabilities, and exploring new fields. We will contribute to society through creation.

-Role as a platform for WaaS co-creation consortium-
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