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Home » STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics launches “ST Edge AI Suite,” an integrated software and tools set th at accelerates the development of embedded AI-compatible products.

STMicroelectronics STMicroelectronics launches “ST Edge AI Suite,” an integrated software and tools set th at accelerates the development of embedded AI-compatible products.

STMicroelectronics launches ST Edge AI Suite, an integrated software and tools set that accelerates the development of embedded AI-enabled products
Consolidates development tools/software/resources in one place and contributes to quick and smooth development as a starting point for all embedded AI development
[Image:×1350.jpg] STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM, ST), a global semiconductor
manufacturer that provides semiconductors for a wide variety of electronic devices, is consolidating its embedded AI development tools, software, and knowledge to enable simpler and faster edge AI application development. We have launched the ST Edge AI Suite, a comprehensive set of software and tool integrations to help you. ST Edge AI Suite integrates software tools that simplify the development and implementation of embedded AI applications. From comprehensive data collection to final hardware implementation, we support both optimization and implementation of machine learning algorithms to optimize workflows for a wide range of users.
ST Edge AI Suite provides development tools for a wide range of ST products, from smart sensors to microcontrollers and microprocessors. It is also compatible with the “STM32N6 series” microcontroller equipped with an AI accelerator, which is scheduled to be announced in the future.
Alessandro Cremonesi, Executive Vice President, Chief Innovation Officer and General Manager Systems Research & Applications at ST, commented: “ST Edge AI Suite is available on the ST website as a new starting point for embedded AI development, helping today’s
imaginative innovators transform the world around us intelligently, autonomously and efficiently. ST Edge AI Suite includes simplified model and data source selection, quick and easy tool selection, optimization and benchmarking, and helps enable the next generation of smart devices that can detect, infer, and respond. It includes features such as automatic code and library generation, all of which can be leveraged in one integrated framework, making development simpler.
ST Edge AI Suite works on multiple hardware platforms to meet the needs of a variety of users, including data scientists, embedded software developers, and hardware systems engineers.
It also provides seamless access to online tools (ST Edge AI Model Zoo, ST Edge AI Developer Cloud, etc.) as well as desktop tools for data tuning and model optimization on any hardware platform. These tools include the machine learning library automatic generation tool “NanoEdge AI Studio” and STM32Cube.AI / MEMS Studio / which can perform model optimization for each STM32 product / MEMS inertial sensor / automotive microcontroller “Stellar”. It includes Stellar Studio and more, all of which are available for free.
With the launch of ST Edge AI Suite, MEMS Studio now includes ISPU NN Model Optimizer and MLC feature and filter automatic selection, the world’s first innovative technology for AI applications. .
Customer adoption examples
As examples of how MEMS Studio and Stellar Studio included in ST Edge AI Suite have contributed to accelerating and simplifying embedded AI development, we will introduce case studies at Honeywell, SOXAI, and HPE Group.
Israel Herrera, firmware architect and embedded systems engineer at Honeywell Fire, commented: “We value the innovative advances that ST has made in the area of ​​sensor-based edge computing. – It has been proven to be an excellent software development tool that allows you to conduct tests in a short period of time using modules. PoC (proof of concept) was easily realized using the code generation function. Studio is also extremely useful for testing a variety of proprietary machine learning and data analysis algorithms.
Tatsuhiko Watanabe, president and founder of SOXAI, which uses ST’s Edge AI sensor, commented as follows: “When ST announced the world’s first sensor with built-in AI functionality, we immediately adopted this sensor to improve the performance of the smart ring “SOXAI RING 1” that we were developing.ST Edge Thanks to the machine learning core software tools provided in AI Suite, we were able to quickly integrate this new technology and maximize the performance of our new SOXAI RING with minimal effort. 1 represents a major innovation in wearable technology, with over 10 hours of extended battery life compared to the first generation.
Andrea Bozzoli, CEO of HPE Group, commented: “HPE is working with ST to lead the transformation of the automotive industry by leveraging Stellar microcontrollers and Stellar Studio software included in the ST Edge AI Suite. will leverage AI to enhance predictive maintenance and control systems to enable proof-of-concept for next-generation automotive powertrains. The synergies of this collaboration will not only improve the performance of electric vehicles, but also enable richer digital It will enable a cockpit experience and set a new standard for smart and sustainable mobility.”
ST Edge AI Suite is available from the website
( About STMicroelectronics
ST is a global integrated semiconductor manufacturer with more than 50,000 employees, a comprehensive supply chain and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. In cooperation with over 200,000 customers and thousands of partner companies, we are working to develop semiconductor solutions and build ecosystems that support customer business creation and a sustainable society. ST’s technology enables smart mobility, efficient power energy management, and the
proliferation of cloud-connected autonomous devices. ST aims to be carbon neutral (part of Scope 1, 2 and 3) by 2027. For more
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