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Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan Asakusa Samba Carnival participating team will appear at the Brazil & Latin Festival!

Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan
Asakusa Samba Carnival participating team appears at the Brazil & Latin Festival!
An event hosted by the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan, which marks its 17th year this year, will be held in Tokyo. ……
The teams participating in the Asakusa Samba Carnival, which is said to be the world’s largest samba carnival held outside of Brazil, will be participating in the Brazil & Latin Festival, which will be held on July 20th and 21st this year by the Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (CCBJ). will participate for the first time.
[Image 1:×1600.jpg] The two days of the event are full of samba from morning to night, and the venue, Yoyogi Park, is filled with a carnival atmosphere. This time, with the cooperation of the Asakusa Escola de Samba Association (AESA), samba performances will be held not only in the parade but also on stage.
Five teams have been confirmed to participate: Alegria, Barbaros, Jiyu no Mori Gakuen Samba Band, Liberdade, and União.
Percussion corps, dancers, porta bandeira (female dancers holding team flags), and mestri sala (male dancers escorting female dancers holding team flags) will add excitement to the Brazilian and Latin Festival. The Asakusa Samba Carnival is a samba parade in which Escola de Samba, made up of Japanese members, participates, and has been held in Asakusa, Tokyo every August or September since 1981. It is scheduled to be held on September 15th in 2024.

[Video 2:] About the 5 participating samba teams
“Alegría” means “joy” in Portuguese. Alegria is a group of people who love samba and enjoy life. It was born in November 1995 at a festival in Warabi City, Saitama Prefecture, and has been participating in the Asakusa Samba Carnival First League every year since 2001. We are actively working to bring joy to many people through samba.
[Image 2:×1351.jpg] G.R.E.S. BARBAROS (Nakamise Barbaros)
G.R.E.S. Nakamise Barbaros is a long-established ESCOLA (samba team) that was born on August 1, 1980 from a group of festival-loving friends in Asakusa, and has participated in every Asakusa Samba Carnival since the first. When the company first started, there was almost no information about samba in Japan, so the founder, Tatsu, actually traveled to Brazil to procure instruments and learn samba there. This sense of authenticity has continued to this day, and we are proud of having won 18 times at the 31 Asakusa Samba Carnival. The bandeira (team flag), which features the team colors of “blue and white,” is the only Japanese team to have won a championship in Brazil.
Since our founding in 1991, we are a team that has been enjoying samba in a natural way. If it weren’t for samba, it would be ordinary people, young and old, men and women, like a sample for a public opinion poll. However, when we come together at Liberdade, we find a group of people who all let their individuality shine, but also concentrate their passion and radiate enormous energy. The team colors are orange and yellow. The team name “Liberdade” is free in
Portuguese. We have participated in the Asakusa Samba Carnival continuously since its founding. Throughout the year, we participate in various events and parades mainly in the Kanto region.
[Image 3:×2925.jpg] G.R.E.S. UNIAO DOS AMADORES
One of the largest samba teams in Japan, run mainly by university students from the Kanto region. Salad Bowl’s selling point is its youthfulness, and it has been participating continuously since its opening in Asakusa, making it a perfect mix of old and new. The “lovers” who love the sun and are passionate about samba know no limits.
G.R.E.S. BOSQUE DA LIBERDADE (Free Forest School Samba Band) It was formed in 1998 mainly by students taking the “Samba” elective course at Jiyu no Mori Gakuen High School. In 2000, they participated in the Asakusa Samba Carnival for the first time as a high school team. In 2013, they won their first championship in the S2 League and were promoted to the S1 League, which was their dream place. It is made up of mainly course students, junior high school students, graduates, and teachers. The goal is for as many students as possible to enjoy samba for the rest of their lives. It is characterized by its youthful and lively dance and performance.
About the stage program
In addition to samba, the Brazilian & Latin Festival stage will feature live performances of various genres such as MPB, bossa nova, foho, pagogi, sertanejo, rap, rock, and Latin. This will be your chance to experience the Brazilian atmosphere in Tokyo, so please come and visit us.
This year, Brazilian singer SUPLA will be visiting Japan and appearing at the end of the stage on Sunday (July 21st). Celebrating their 40th anniversary, Supra’s repertoire ranges from rock, punk, hardcore to bossa nova, and includes songs related to Japan such as “Eu Vou Ate Tokyo” and “Japa Girl.” This will be their first live performance in Japan in 20 years since their performance in Japan in 2004.
Supra’s history
Hailing from São Paulo, Supra is one of Brazil’s leading rock artists. With a style that incorporates not only rock, punk, and hardcore, but also bossa nova, he has also performed at Rock in Rio and Rock in Portugal. Debuted in 1984 as a member of the rock band Tokyo. As a solo artist, he has hit songs such as “Eu vou ate Tokyo”. The album “O Charada Brasileiro” achieved sales of 1 million copies in 2001. “On My Way,” released in collaboration with her brother Joanne Splicey, was named one of Rolling Stone’s 20 Best Songs of 2012.
[Image 4:×1600.jpg] In addition to Supra (Sao Paulo City), this year’s stage will also include Ricardo Baselar (Ceará State), Heitor Mendonça (Sergipe State), and Netto Pio (Sao Paulo State) from Brazil.
Saturday, July 20th
[Image 5:×2600.jpg] MC: Simonet, Keita Brazil
11:55 – Mei Kotohira (harp player)
12:15 – Opening Ceremony/Roberto di Candido (opera singer)
12:50 – Net Pio (MPB)
13:25 – Campos Novos & Paulista (Sertanejo)
14:00 – Jorge Diaz (Latin)
14:15 – Juan Guida (tango)
14:30 – Samba Team Alegria
14:50 – Tomohiko a.k.a. Rei Capoeirap (rap)
15:20 – Heitor Mendonça (Foho, MPB)
15:55 – Davi Zeus (Pop Rock)
16:20 – Samba Parade Alegria
16:40 – Carnavacation (J-Pop, Samba)
17:20 – Ricardo Bacellar (MPB)
18:00 – DA-Dee-Mix, ACE, BENTO KIDZ (rap)
18:40 – Samba Parade Unian
19:00 – Misto Quente (Samba, Pagogi) Capoeira Tempo
19:40 – Samba team Unian
20:00 – End

July 21st (Sun)
MC: Simonet, Fumio Almeida
11:30 – Samba Team Jiyu no Mori
11:45 – Pasion Latina (dance)
12:00 – Ana Hatsumi & Giacomo/Cacheados no Japão (dance)
12:15 – Gruppo Ven Pagodear (Pagogi)
12:45 – Tamaru Yamada and George Nagata (Bossa Nova)
13:10 – Tsubasa Imamura (MPB)
13:35 – Samba Team Liberdade
13:55 – Shin Shinoske (rap)
14:25 – Toma Rose (J-pop)
15:10 – Leo Nakayama & Banda BR38 (Samba)
15:40 – Samba Parade Freedom Forest
16:00 – Puuga Perkução (Pagoge)
16:40 – Cowan Okamoto (J-pop)
17:10 – Samba Team Barbaros
17:25 – Samba Parade Barbaros
17:45 – Supra and Banda Duff (Punk, Rock)
19:00 – End
Program is subject to change due to circumstances.

food and service
[Image 6:×1080.png ]
A number of new menu items will be available in the food court at this year’s Brazilian & Latin Festival. Gelato in various flavors such as mango, cocktails using fruits such as passion fruit, acai bowls, churrasco, caipirinha, tapioca crepes, feijoada, sausage, Brazilian pizza, pamonha, feijon tropeiro, doce… There will be food stalls and kitchen trucks offering a variety of delicious food and drinks, such as churros with liche, coxinha, pastel, Brazilian guarana, dobradinha, salchipapas, choripan, and acai juice. There are booths selling Brazilian-made Havaianas flip-flops, clothing, cosmetics, and accessories, as well as overseas remittance services.In addition to gathering information on Japanese language schools, employment, and immigration, there will also be an earthquake experience using an earthquake generator, a motorcycle traffic safety campaign, and more. There will also be a play corner for children.

Drink a cocktail made with Brazil’s specialty alcohol “Cachaça” and receive a “Cachaça”!
At “Brazil & Latin Festival 2024”, we will hold the “Cachaça Cocktail Grand Prix”, a cocktail contest using cachaça.
Cachaça is a Brazilian distilled spirit made by fermenting and then distilling sugarcane juice, and is exported to more than 75 countries around the world, including Japan.
1: Please receive one coupon for each cocktail at the entry store inside the venue. Half of the coupons are voting tickets, and half are lottery tickets for “Cachaça” gifts. Anyone over the age of 20 can participate.
2: Vote in the ballot box located at one location within the venue (Festival Headquarters). Voting deadline is 6pm on the 20th and 4pm on the 21st.
3: On the 20th (Saturday) and 21st (Sunday), 6 voters each will be entered into a lottery to win one of the most popular cachaças in Brazil, “Belho Baheiro” (1000ml, provided by Imai Co., Ltd.) I’ll give you a present. The lottery will be held at the CCBJ headquarters on the 20th (Saturday) at 18:30 and on the 21st (Sunday) at 17:30, and will be announced on CCBJ’s Facebook page. If you would like to participate in the lottery, please bring your coupon stub (lottery ticket) and come to CCBJ headquarters or check our FB page.
[Image 7:×1080.png ]
7/20 Saturday
12:30 Samurai Capoeira
13:00 GCAP (Experience workshop)
13:30 Filhos the Angola
14:30 Capoeira Gerais
15:20 Angoleiros de Interior (half samba)
16:30 Capoeira Tempo
17:00 End
Sunday 7/21
12:30 ANGOLA TOKYO (experiential workshop available)
13:30 Capoeira Narahari
14:30 Capoeira Hejonow Japan
15:00 Kohadan the Contas
16:00 Capoeira Batuki
17:00 Capoeira Tempo
17:30 End
Brazil & Latin Festival 2024
Date: July 20th (Sat), 21st (Sun), 2024
Time: 11:00-20:00
Venue: Yoyogi Park Event Plaza, Tokyo
free entrance
Sponsor: Brazilian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan (CCBJ) Sponsored by: Embassy of Brazil in Japan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sponsored by: Mitsui & Co., Ajinomoto, Imai, Banco do Brasil, Jose Cuervo, Seara, Taiyo Corporation, Brastel, Kumon, Kowa, Alpha Intel Homepage:
Instagram: @festival.brasil
Facebook: @CCBJ.JP

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