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Home » Japan’s best 6-year track record in PR and promotion in the Web3/virtual currency field! Started “CTJP Acceler ator”

Japan’s best 6-year track record in PR and promotion in the Web3/virtual currency field! Started “CTJP Acceler ator”

Japan’s best 6-year track record in PR and promotion in the
Web3/virtual currency field! Started “CTJP Accelerator”
*Urara International Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 4, 2024
Japan’s best 6-year track record in PR and promotion in the
Web3/virtual currency field! Started “CTJP Accelerator”
*~Accelerate the growth of Web3 products with CT acceleration~* * Urara International Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Mitamura), which operates Cointelegraph Japan, a media specializing in Web3 and virtual currencies
Hoyo) has started the “CTJP Accelerator” to support Web3 projects and entrepreneurs. *

Cointelegraph (based in New York) is a virtual currency media founded in 2013, and is known as the world’s largest virtual currency media based on the number of monthly visitors*. Cointelegraph Japan (abbreviated CTJP) was launched in 2017 as the official Japanese version and has many readers. (*Similar Web research)

“CTJP Accelerator” is a Web3 consulting and PR department that is completely independent from the media management and editorial team, and has supported numerous domestic and international projects since 2018.

This time, “CTJP Accelerator” will not only provide consultation on PR and marketing in the Web3 field, but will also grant PR slots worth a total of 1 million yen to 3 million yen that can be used for promotions on Cointelegraph Japan to the first 3 companies.

We also provide support for 6 to 24 months depending on the strategic goals of the project.
Kei Iwashima, who heads CTJP Accelerator, originally has long experience in the digital advertising industry, and has supported numerous domestic and international Web3 projects and exchanges since 2018.

We build networks both domestically and internationally, and are thoroughly committed to creating the conditions for a project’s success. Our strengths are our advice and execution capabilities backed by a deep track record. Since he was raised in the United States as a child, he is fluent in English.

Iwashima has the following to say about CTJP Accelerator:

“We have supported a variety of projects from major domestic and international companies to startups.We continue to support innovative Web3 projects such as games, social networking, DeFi, cross-chain, layer 1/2, privacy, zero-knowledge proofs, meme coins, AI, and DePin. I want to support startups that are developing products.”*

“CTJP Accelerator” has provided support to many famous Web3 projects both domestically and internationally. We have provided support for marketing and promotion of virtual currencies (crypto assets) for startups at a wide range of growth stages, from startups at the seed stage to projects that have already listed their tokens.

Only Web3 startups that can commit to results as a “CTJP Accelerator” will be supported. Using strict standards, we will work with you to ensure that the selected project achieves maximum results.

This is an acceleration for Web3/blockchain projects that are committed to achieving the KPIs of the supported project and aim to build a successful team, plan and support funding strategies, strengthen marketing and promotion, and expand the user base. Support record (partial)
“*They implemented various measures in an appropriate and timely manner*” elemental knight online
“*The comprehensive support from community management to campaign design and promotion was extremely helpful*”
SHRAPNEL did not have a presence in Japan, but thanks to their support, we were able to approach Japanese people efficiently and increase our presence. *”
“*Full support system is amazing*”
It will accurately notify you of updates. He has great communication and his weekly team calls are very serious. I also like posting on X, doing giveaways, and working with influencers*

CT acceleration support area
The main areas of support are:

*Support utilizing Cointelegraph Japan’s assets and advertising space* – Provision of media grants that can be used for PR
*Advisory to keep your project moving in the right direction* – Advice from experienced experts who are familiar with the Web3 blockchain industry
*Media strategy advice*
– Domestic and international media mix proposal media/influencer planning *Build a team for success*
– Recruitment support for appropriate Web3 talent, bilingual talent and marketers
*Funding strategy planning and support*
– Developing an effective fundraising strategy with Web3
– Financing execution support
* Listing strategy planning and listing support *
– Strategic support for listing tokens (crypto assets)
– Selection of token listing destination
*Planning and execution of marketing strategies*
– Develop and implement effective marketing and promotion plans – Efficient strategy planning using SNS
– Design and shipping practices such as giveaway whitelist etc. – Introduction of campaign tools
*Community management*
– Domestic and international community building and management support for the Web3 project
– Event planning and management
If you are interested in CTJP Accelerator, please feel free to contact us here.

*For inquiries* *Click here*
About the independence of the editorial department
No staff, officer, shareholder, manager, or representative of “CTJP Accelerator” may direct or override editorial matters of Cointelegraph Japan Media, and the sole and absolute We cannot, at our discretion, request the publication of content that is misleading or that violates the principles of fair and honest reporting.

Information regarding companies, tokens, and projects introduced by “CTJP Accelerator” does not recommend investment in them, nor does it recommend acquiring or investing in companies, projects, tokens, etc. introduced by “CTJP Accelerator”. But it’s not investment advice. *About details about this release*

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