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Home » Welcome Japan General Incorporated Association Toward achieving sustainable economic growth by addressing soci al issues. Now accepting applications for the first (2024) certification of the “Cultural Diversity Index,” an index that evaluates effort

Welcome Japan General Incorporated Association Toward achieving sustainable economic growth by addressing soci al issues. Now accepting applications for the first (2024) certification of the “Cultural Diversity Index,” an index that evaluates effort

Welcome Japan General Incorporated Association
Toward achieving sustainable economic growth by addressing social issues. Now accepting applications for the first (2024) certification of the “Cultural Diversity Index,” an index that evaluates efforts toward cultural diversity in organizations.
We certify organizations and work environments that are comfortable for people with migration backgrounds, including refugees and evacuees. From creating organizations where people with diverse backgrounds can experience a sense of “well-being at work” to realizing a society of coexistence and mutual assistance that is uniquely Japanese.
“Indicators for evaluating cultural diversity initiatives in organizations” developed as a project by the Inclusion Index Committee of the Employment Subcommittee of Welcome Japan, an intermediary support organization aimed at increasing the inclusion of diverse refugees in Japanese society as a whole. We would like to inform you that acceptance of the first (2024) certification entries for the Cultural Diversity Index has started on World Refugee Day (June 20th). Details on how to enter, entry sheets, and downloads of teaching materials to deepen your understanding of the Cultural Diversity Index are now available on the Cultural Diversity Index official website. ■“Cultural Diversity Index” official website:
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The “Cultural Diversity Index” (hereinafter referred to as CDI) is an index that evaluates an organization’s efforts toward cultural diversity to create a work environment in which all people can thrive, regardless of language or cultural background. “Indicator”. CDI certification uses this CDI to certify organizations and work environments that are comfortable for people with immigrant
backgrounds, including refugees and evacuees.
Entries, screening, and certification for the 2024 CDI certification will be handled by the Certified NPO Living in Peace
(, which played a central role in developing the indicators. This will be done by establishing a committee. Your company’s initiatives listed on the entry sheet will be scored on 39 items that are expected of organizations and workplaces that are inclusive of cultural diversity. Based on the scoring results, the workplace environment will be ranked in five categories (platinum, gold, silver). , bronze, green). The application period is from Thursday, June 20, 2024 to Tuesday, August 20, 2024. Please apply by all means.
This index and certification system will serve as an engine for many companies and organizations to realize organizational and work environments where each employee with a variety of backgrounds can experience “well-being at work” and to be inclusive of cultural diversity. We sincerely hope that this information will be useful in promoting sustainable business growth and innovation. Cultural Diversity Index 2024 Certification Application Guidelines 1. Purpose Cultural Diversity Index (hereinafter referred to as “CDI”) is a system that allows diverse people to work together regardless of nationality, ethnicity, race, skin color, culture/customs, language, religion, etc. This certification system, which is based on the CDI, aims to achieve two goals: (1) Deepen the corporation’s understanding and actions regarding cultural diversity and promote the inclusion of “people with immigrant backgrounds” into Japanese society and local communities. (2) Inclusion of cultural diversity that the corporation is working on Learning from best practices and accelerating efforts at other corporations
2. The certification body (certified corporation) CDI2024
Certification Office is established within the certified NPO Living in Peace (hereinafter referred to as “LIP”) and conducts recruitment, selection, scoring examination, and certification. .
3. Application period and schedule [Entry sheet download starts] March 28, 2024 (Thursday) [Application reception begins, application form website released] June 20, 2024 (Thursday) [Application deadline] August 2024 20th (Tuesday) [Scoring review completed, certified company decision and notification] Late September 2024 (scheduled) [Certification results announcement event] October 2024 (scheduled) 4. Entry qualifications
Entries are limited to corporations established in Japan based on Japanese law, regardless of the type of legal entity, such as public or private, for-profit or non-profit.
5. How to apply
The designated entry sheet will be available on the CDI official website (URL: from Thursday, March 28, 2024. If you are applying, please download and use it. Entrant corporations shall agree to the “Cultural Diversity Index 2024 Entry Terms and Conditions” and the “Cultural Diversity Index Entry Declaration.”
“Cultural Diversity Index Entry Declaration”
We strive to create a working environment that is inclusive of cultural diversity.
We will listen to voices and strive to improve the workplace environment so that people with immigrant backgrounds can thrive. We aim to create a workplace that is fair and just for all people, regardless of differences in nationality, ethnicity, race, skin color, culture/customs, language, religion, etc.
Please fill out the application form (google form) on the CDI official website, upload the entry sheet, and send it. Applications will be accepted upon receipt of the application form. Please send the application form by the application deadline.
If you are unable to access the application form due to company security, please send your entry sheet to the email address:
The initiatives you have applied for may be used by LIP for PR activities related to CDI, so please be sure to obtain the consent of the company or group to which you belong before applying.
Please do not include any personal information about employees, etc. in the materials you submit, as the contents may be made public at the time of awards, etc.
Regarding initiatives for a single year, it is only possible to describe initiatives or status from January 1, 2023 onwards. Efforts and measures scheduled to be implemented between the start of applications (June 20, 2024) and the application deadline (August 20, 2024) are also eligible, but please clearly indicate “planned” on the entry sheet and include the details. Please also include the dates you plan to hold the event.
6. Application costs
The entry fee, screening fee, and emblem usage fee for “CDI2024” are all free. 7. Scoring method and aggregation
The Certification Secretariat’s scoring review of CDI indicators is based on whether the entered information conforms to the indicator items.
Scoring for CDI2024 will be conducted fairly and equitably by the CDI certification office based on the responses received. For each of the 39 items, 1 or 2 points will be awarded if the specified requirements are met.
The CDI Certification Office may contact applicants if there are any questions or points that require confirmation regarding the content of the initiative, or to confirm whether the actual status of the initiative is consistent with the content of the application. In the unlikely event that after the scoring results are announced, it is discovered that the content of the application differs from the actual efforts, the application may be cancelled.
If there is no specific description, it may be deemed that the requirements are not met.
This evaluation and scoring is based on the information and materials submitted by the entry company, and information and materials not provided through the relevant procedures are not subject to evaluation and scoring.
8. Certification Depending on the scoring results, you will be certified in 5 ranks (Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Green). The points required for each rank are: – Platinum: 60 to 72 points – Gold: 44 to 59 points – Silver: 30 to 43 points – Bronze: 16 to 29 points – Green: 0 points to In addition to the 15 points (*Agreement to the “CDI Entry Declaration” is required), noteworthy initiatives (described) may be awarded as “Good Practices.”
9. Emblem and period of use We plan to give an emblem for each rank to each company that has been certified. Along with notification of the scoring results, certified companies and organizations will be sent an emblem for the year that can be displayed on websites, business cards, news releases, etc. The emblem will be used for one year (from the time the award results are published until the next year’s award results are published). Past emblems can only be used in conjunction with the latest year’s certification logo. Please note that it cannot be used unless it is used in conjunction with the latest year’s certification logo.
10. Use of entry contents in research and publicity materials Companies and organizations that are certified as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Green, or Good Practice will have their names posted on their website as certified companies. is. In addition, the details of your efforts will be used for research on multicultural
coexistence, and may be introduced in LIP’s promotional materials. When introducing our efforts in public relations materials, we will contact you in advance and check with you before introducing them. 11. Handling of personal information Applicants’ personal information will be used within the scope necessary for screening and operation, and will not be provided to any third party. It will not be used beyond the scope of use without the consent of the applicant.
12. Inquiries For inquiries, please contact us from the following email address: -Inquiry email:– We do not accept consultations regarding individual initiatives. Additionally, we may not be able to respond to all inquiries immediately, and it may take some time for us to respond. – Please note that we do not accept inquiries by phone. – If results notification or confirmation is required, the secretariat will contact the person in charge of your application by email. We may not be able to contact you if you enter your email address incorrectly, so please check your email address before sending. Also, in order to receive emails from the secretariat, please set up your email settings so that you can receive the domain “”. About Welcome Japan - – Welcome Japan, a general incorporated association, was established in November 2021 with the purpose of “Refugees and Japan alike”, and is a company that aims to “increase the diversity of Japanese society through the inclusion of refugees”. We are an intermediary support organization that aims to expand diversity and inclusion throughout Japanese society, in order to realize “Refugees’ well-being.” As the refugee issue continues to worsen and inclusion by society as a whole is required, we are communicating with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in order to accelerate multi-sector collaboration towards refugee inclusion in Japan. We have formed a wide range of subcommittees and are engaged in dialogue on important agendas. In addition, we will connect the deliberation process and research materials in the subcommittees to social communication, creating centripetal and centrifugal forces for various social transformations.
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