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gaz Co., Ltd. Now offering an “Owned Media Production Plan” that provides total support from site producti on to operation!

[gaz Co., Ltd.] Now offering an “Owned Media Production Plan” that provides total support from site production to operation!
*gaz Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 5, 2024
We now offer an “Owned Media Production Plan” that provides total support from site production to operation!
*[For a limited time only, the monthly website usage fee*¹ is virtually free for one year! ] We support expanding brand awareness and acquiring customers by disseminating content that meets your needs. *
gaz Co., Ltd. (pronunciation: gaz) provides comprehensive design support. Starting today, we will start offering an “Owned Media Production Plan” that covers everything from the planning and production of owned media to its effective operation.
Owned media production plan release image
gaz helps clients achieve their business goals by formulating strategies based on specialized knowledge and extensive experience, and implementing effective content strategies using the latest digital technology.

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By utilizing no-code/AI, gaz’s website production can be delivered in as little as two weeks, and can be efficiently, compactly, and quickly produced within two months on average. Additionally, article content can be created and uploaded while the site is being created, reducing the standby and post-publishing administrative burden. As a result, we have achieved rapid project progress and have received positive feedback, such as doubling the number of marketing initiatives.

At gaz, we use the domestic no-code tool “STUDIO,” which allows anyone other than engineers/designers to update, making it possible to update in-house.In addition, it can be operated for 2,480 yen per month*², reducing the operational burden in addition to production. The feature is that there are few. It is possible to maintain the freshness of content with seamless updateability and reduced operational costs. For a limited time, 12 months’ worth of monthly usage fees for the no-code web production platform “STUDIO” will be virtually free. We have also started a campaign where STUDIO monthly usage fee is essentially free for 1 year. If you are considering starting a media company, please contact gaz.

*¹Monthly usage fee for “STUDIO”
*²If paid annually
* Overview of “gaz STUDIO Monthly Fee 1 Year Practically Free Campaign” * By requesting gaz to create your website, you will receive cash back from the production costs equivalent to 12 months of monthly usage fees for the no-code web production platform “STUDIO”.
– Period: July 5, 2024 to August 9, 2024
– Conditions for application: “I would like to apply for an owned media production campaign” and “Owned media production campaign” when applying.
Please apply with a statement such as “I would like to apply for STUDIO 1 year practically free campaign”
– Website type: Owned media/media site
– Target monthly plans: Starter plan, CMS plan, Business plan – How to apply: Please make a request using the inquiry form on the gazSTUDIO site. (
– Production schedule: Negotiation required
*Voices of results received from customers*
Customer feedback regarding gaz’s web production
* “Increase number of inquiries by 100 times through overall marketing measures” *
* “PV number increased by 116%, maintenance and management costs reduced to 1/10” *
* “The number of PVs doubled and the number of inquiries increased within 3 months after publication” *
gaz STUDIO production introduction interview article: Creating needs and fostering understanding. Smart consultation room service site renewed

*Other articles can be found on the gaz STUDIO production service site (
) will be published sequentially.
* Strengths of gaz’s “Owned Media Package” *
Strengths of gaz’s “Owned Media Package”
* 1. Design output aimed at high ROI *
gaz, which has a track record of producing over 350 sites, will quickly launch production projects and support your business. We support initial production with high ROI and the construction of an operational system with a workflow specialized for production using the domestic no-code “STUDIO” and a one-stop production model that eliminates the division of labor.

* Issues solved by gaz “STUDIO” site production *
– Want to quickly utilize the power of design to achieve business and marketing KPIs
– We are looking for an efficient and speedy process system, and we want to complete the communication smoothly.
– I want this to be an owned media project that requires high performance in both initial construction and operation.
and other various needs.
* 2. Certified as the highest rank “Platinum Expert” by domestic no-code tool STUDIO *
The only person in the world to be certified as STUDIO Expert’s highest rank, “Platinum Expert”*
gaz will perform web design and implementation with “STUDIO”, which allows you to create websites without code. By leveraging the strengths of “STUDIO” and “gaz” to create event sites that are important for attracting customers, we will reduce man-hours and production costs while providing high-quality output from information design to design and implementation.
*As of June 2024 Read the release at the time of certification *Characteristics of gaz “STUDIO” site production*
Features of gaz “STUDIO” site production 1. Cost reduction, high ROI with increased effect
*High ROI with reduced costs and increased effectiveness*
1. Cost reduction through efficiency improvement using AI/no-code 2. Reduction of communication costs through one-stop model 3. Reduced operation and maintenance costs due to flow model web production 4. Ability to create designs with high ROI that are both visual and functional
A feature of gaz’s site production is that the delivery period is short, so in the case of the image above, the man-hours can be reduced by up to 50% and the number of measures executed can be doubled, making it possible to improve operations. You can become more efficient and spend your time where you need it most, such as creating content.
Features of gaz “STUDIO” site production 2. Build a foundation for implementing high-speed marketing measures with gaz’s STUDIO *Building a foundation for implementing rapid marketing measures* After the site is published, it will be possible to update the site without the need for an engineer. By lowering running costs and communication costs, you can reduce labor costs and man-hours, and from a marketing perspective, you can update website content and upload information frequently. As a result, the communication costs from request to implementation of measures and the cycle within a specific period become faster, leading to a significant increase in the number of measures taken.
*Our service comes with a set plan that includes operation lectures, so you can in-house the operation with peace of mind.
*Estimated price*
Estimated price for gaz “STUDIO” site production
* gaz STUDIO production fee plan *
– *Small site less than 3P*
– Estimated price: 400,000-1,000,000 yen (excluding tax) – Estimated delivery time: approximately 1 month

– *Medium size site less than 20P*
– Estimated price: 1 million to 3 million yen (excluding tax) – Estimated delivery time: approximately 2 months

– *Large-scale sites over 21P*
– Estimated price: 3-10 million yen (excluding tax)
– Estimated delivery period: approximately 3 months
Various options can be added. For details, please see the “Owned Media Package” service page.

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* “STUDIO” and monthly fee*
Quoted from the official website: “STUDIO” and monthly fee
STUDIO allows you to choose a monthly plan according to the site you are creating. Please check the “STUDIO” service site for details. ▶STUDIO pricing
* Site example *
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If you are looking for highly cost-effective owned media, please feel free to contact us.
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Gaz in the future
Inc. will further accelerate the democratization of websites and pursue better production experiences and production quality. From Fukuoka and Tokyo, we will visualize the thoughts of companies and local governments around the world through design and support them in solving all kinds of social issues.

*About gaz Co., Ltd.*
gaz Co., Ltd. is a design firm in Fukuoka that develops website production, UI design, and branding businesses with the purpose of “visualizing thoughts through design.” From our founding to the present, we have solved problems for over 350 customers, including mega ventures, major companies, startups, and local governments. Representative from 2021
Yoshioka has been appointed as Fukuoka City DX Designer.
gaz Co., Ltd.
■Company overview
Trade name: gaz Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director Yasuyuki Yoshioka
Address: Kinashi Building 2F, 8-13 Tsunaba-cho, Hakata-ku,
Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0024
Established: June 2019
Business content: Web services, mobile app UI/UX design, CI design, DX design URL:
■Contact information
Public Relations
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