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Home » Enjoy Lake Shirakaba’s “Lake Opening” on July 20th and 21st, “Lakeside Summer Vacation”

Enjoy Lake Shirakaba’s “Lake Opening” on July 20th and 21st, “Lakeside Summer Vacation”

Enjoy Lake Shirakaba’s “Lake Opening” on July 20th and 21st, “Lakeside Summer Vacation”
*Ikenotaira Hotel & Resorts Co., Ltd.*
Press release: July 5, 2024
Enjoy Lake Shirakaba’s “Lake Opening” on July 20th and 21st, “Lakeside Summer Vacation”
*A new summer experience at a lake resort*
At Lake Shirakaba, a lake resort located in Nagano Prefecture at an altitude of approximately 1,400 meters, four new piers were built in April this year as a symbolic place where you can feel the calm lake up close. For each visitor, there are new options for spending time by the lake.
As an initiative to let you experience the charm of Lake Shirakaba, Ikenotaira Hotel & Resorts Co., Ltd. will hold a lakeside event “Lakeside Summer Vacation” for two days, July 20th (Saturday) and 21st (Sunday). Masu. Please look forward to the “opening” of Lake Shirakaba.

* Points to note about “Summer vacation by the lake”*
– * Comfortable music, relaxing space, and calm Shirakaba Lake – Spend time by the lake while feeling the flow of time *
– * Leisurely read a book, sit on a bench, walk barefoot on the lawn, and freely enjoy the lakeside *
– *Lake activities such as canoeing and SUP cycling where you can enjoy Shirakaba Lake with your whole body*

“Lakeside Summer Vacation” is a summer lakeside event where each visitor can enjoy their own lakeside experience while feeling nature to the fullest.
In April of this year, “Lakeside Park” opened within Shirakaba Resort, You can now enjoy various experiences such as BBQ, tent sauna, bonfire, SUP cycle, etc. as pier activities. This event is an opportunity for you to make the most of your new stay experience at the pier. You can also relax and enjoy the music with a craft beer in hand. You can also enjoy active activities such as canoeing and SUP cycling on the lake. You can also relax on the lawn with your family. We hope that each of you can find the comfort that suits you. Whether you come with friends, family, or alone, you’ll find a comfortable place somewhere. You can experience “lakeside time” with such free time.

* In Northern Europe, lakes are as popular as the sea and rivers. Why is the lake attracting attention? *
In Japan, when we think of waterside leisure, we generally think of the sea or river, but in Scandinavian countries, it is “lake bathing”. is a more familiar activity than swimming in the sea. Each country has its own unique way of enjoying a “lake resort,” such as raft fishing, tent saunas, canoeing, and SUP.
The waves are calmer than the ocean or rivers, so you can enjoy the sounds and scenery of the lake in a space that is in harmony with the surrounding nature. As a result, it has a high value as a place, and there are many villas around the lake, making it a popular resort destination.

* How to enjoy a “summer vacation by the lake” *
A relaxing space where you feel like you are spending time in your living room while being surrounded by nature.
Soothing music playing by the open lake, local food enjoyed with friends and family. The people you spend there, the calm lake surrounded by mountains, and the scenery in front of you all create a pleasant time. You are free to spend your time relaxing or play and move your body to the fullest. Find your own “lakeside time”.

1. Activities that can be enjoyed with the whole body
We offer activities such as canoeing and SUP cycling to enjoy time on the lake, games and crafts related to Lake Shirakaba, and physical play. You can enjoy nature more closely by touching it, feeling it, and playing with it.

2. Relax
The venue space is equipped with furniture such as sofas, chairs, and rugs. In addition, bookstores from within the prefecture will open their stores with selected books perfect for the lakeside so that you can enjoy reading by the lake. You can dip your feet in the lake from the pier and feel the cool water, or listen to soothing music while drinking coffee, and spend some peaceful time away from the noise of everyday life.

3. Handmade Marche for local gourmet food stalls
“8Peaks BREWING”, a craft beer from the foot of Mt. Yatsugatake, and several kitchen trucks selling local gourmet foods will be on display. The annual Handmade Marche, which is held at Shirakaba Resort every year, will also be held on the same day. Crafts made with love and local ingredients are lined up.

“Lakeside Summer Vacation” Event Overview
Venue: Shirakaba Resort Lakeside Park
(1596 Ashida Hakkeno, Tateshina-cho, Nagano Prefecture)
Date: July 20th (Sat) and 21st (Sun) 2024 10:00-18:00
free entrance
Sponsor: Ikenotaira Hotel & Resorts
Planning and Production: Lakeside Summer Vacation Executive Committee Official website:

*The charm and potential of “lakes” that we would like to spread to Japan: Yoshihiro Yajima, President and Representative Director of Ikenotaira Hotel & Resorts*
The charm and potential of “lakes” that we would like to spread to Japan: Yoshihiro Yajima, President and Representative Director of Ikenotaira Hotel & Resorts
Up until now, I feel that the main way to enjoy lakes in Japan has been to enjoy them as things to see, which are a little farther away than in other countries. I work every day to create resorts with the idea of ​​expanding the ways to enjoy and value lakes in Japan, and creating a “Japanese version of lake resort style” where the lifestyle and culture are closer to the lake.
By simply enjoying this “summer vacation by the lake,” we hope that many people will become aware of the “possibility of lakes” in Japan in the future.

* Past “Lakeside Time” events*

* About Shirakaba Resort *
Shirakaba Resort, a lake resort on the shores of Lake Shirakaba. Based on the concept of “THE LAKE RESORT”
We offer resort facilities such as the Ikenotaira Hotel, which has been in operation for about 70 years, as well as amusement parks, zoos, and ski resorts. Small children, experienced travelers, and friends who live here. We will continue to create resorts where everyone can find a place to belong.
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