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Shikokuchuo City, Ehime Prefecture Uma Forestry Association Let’s experience the charm of forestry! Saturday forestry course held

Uma Forestry Association
Let’s experience the charm of forestry! Saturday forestry course held Uma Forestry Association holds free course in Shikokuchuo City for general public
The Uma Forestry Association (headquarters: Shikokuchuo City, Ehime Prefecture, representative director: Koichi Karita,, which operates under the slogan “Forests, Water, and Workers,” is involved in the forestry industry. As part of our efforts to strengthen our efforts to allow interested young people and the general public to experience the appeal of forestry, we hold Saturday forestry lectures. In the forestry industry, where the shortage of workers is becoming a serious problem, we carry out projects with various themes each time, with the hope of conveying the appeal of forestry to many young people and citizens and providing an opportunity to aim for a future career as a forestry worker. Doing. ▼Click here for details and application
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About the Saturday forestry course held by the Uma Forestry Association The Uma Forestry Association holds free lectures on the first and third Saturday of every month so that as many people as possible can learn about the role of forestry, which utilizes forest environment taxes and maintains forests.
The content of the course differs each time, and you can learn about forestry in each season throughout the year. Please take this opportunity to experience the charm of forestry.
The 3rd Saturday Forestry Course will be held on June 15th.
The Uma Forestry Association held its third Saturday forestry lecture on June 15, 2024. In this course, participants spent the morning and afternoon loading eucalyptus and mitsumata seedlings into light trucks, and experienced the actual work of preparing the ground, digging planting holes, and planting. After the lunch break, we also held a drone demonstration at the Tomisato Nakadoba, and held classes throughout the day to learn about forestry.
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About application for participation
Tuition fee: Free
Participation conditions: Those who are interested in forestry Process after application: We will contact you by email or phone within 2-3 business days after receiving your application.
Date and time: First and third Saturday of each month (*Please check the annual schedule.)
Participants should prepare: Lunch box, water, boots, clothing for light work, gloves, hat, writing utensils (*Helmets will be provided by the union)
Others: If you own a mountain in Shikoku Chuo City and live in another prefecture or city, and you are traveling by JR, we will pick you up at JR Iyomishima Station. If you wish to do so, please contact us in advance.
Annual schedule
*Please note that course content is subject to change. The latest information is constantly updated on our association’s homepage. Please check the details
[4th] (7/6) 1. On-site road building course with instructor Sakagami 2. Wooden (CLT) building tour Onishi Kogyo
[5th] (7/20) 1. Bamboo forest maintenance experience training (Shikoku quality) 2. Wooden house preview (Yoshioka)
[6th] (8/3) 1. Kiriyama in Kawanoe or Sugitani in Shingu Satoyama small mountain climbing (Mr. Matsumoto guide)
[7th] (8/17) 1. Basics of wooden architecture, former instructor of Takenaka Corporation Sato 2. CLT building tour
[8th] (9/7) 1. Tour of sawmill etc. (Suzuki Mokuzai) *Closed in the afternoon due to forestry association representative meeting [9th] (9/21) 1. Forest surveying practice 2. Tour of sawmill etc. (Urimori Wood Store + Sanno Housing)
[10th] (10/5) 1. Woodworking training at Reinan Woodworking
Association 2. Outside Shingu elementary and junior high school forest survey
[11th] (10/19) 1. Forest surveying tour/practical training 2. Tour of sawmill etc. (Snadaya)
[12th] (11/2) 1. Preparation for Shikoku Chuo City Industrial Festival (dried shiitake mushroom sorting practice)
[13th] (11/16) 1. Shikoku Chuo City Industrial Festival (attending woodworking class instruction)
[14th] (12/7) 1. Tree climbing (led by Mr. Ryuga Ueda)
[15th] (12/21) 1. Forest GIS operation training, etc.
[16th] (1/4) 1. Greetings to the mountain god 2. Timber market acceptance inspection training
[17th] (1/18) 1. Thinning training (using a handsaw)
[18th] (2/1) 1. Observation and practical training of Japanese paper production (supervised by Mr. Manou Onishi)
[19th] (2/15) 1. Practical branch removal (using a handsaw)
[20th] (3/1) 1. Practical limb removal (using a handsaw) 2. Bouldering (Mr. Shigetani)
[21st] (3/15) 1. Closing ceremony 2. Interview with forest union job seekers
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The Uma Forestry Association is actively recruiting new employees. In order to secure new human resources to take on the forestry industry, the Uma Forestry Association is actively recruiting young people through activities such as short-term internships and Saturday forestry courses. We also welcome applications from people with a wide range of backgrounds, from those with an interest in forestry to experienced professionals.
For more information and how to apply, please visit the Uma Forestry Association website. We look forward to receiving your active applications.
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What is Uma Forestry Association?
Approximately 70% of Japan’s land is forest, and approximately 70% of this is privately owned forests. Forestry cooperatives are
cooperatives established under the Forestry Cooperative Act and whose members are forest owners. The Uma Forestry Association’s biggest mission is to effectively utilize the forest resources created in a recycling-oriented society. It is said that interest in forestry is decreasing due to a generational change among cooperative members. We will work together to protect our rich forests. Company name: Uma Forestry Association Headquarters Location: 465-5 Gusada-cho, Shikokuchuo City, Ehime Prefecture Industry: Forestry Established: July 2005 Representative: Representative Director, Association Chairman Koichi Karita Capital: 178 million yen https:
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