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Home » World Rose Conference Fukuyama Executive Committee Recruiting couples to participate in Rose Expo FUKUYAMA 202 5 collaboration event “Blue Wedding” of roses and denim

World Rose Conference Fukuyama Executive Committee Recruiting couples to participate in Rose Expo FUKUYAMA 202 5 collaboration event “Blue Wedding” of roses and denim

World Rose Conference Fukuyama Executive Committee
Recruiting couples to participate in the rose and denim collaboration event “Blue Wedding” planned at Rose Expo FUKUYAMA 2025
~Wedding-style event held in Fukuyama, the town of roses~
The World Rose Congress Fukuyama Executive Committee will be collaborating with Fukuyama City’s proud roses and denim at the “Rose Expo FUKUYAMA 2025” venue, which will be held in conjunction with the “World Rose Congress Fukuyama 2025″ to be held in May 2025. We are planning a wedding-style event called “Blue Wedding.” Therefore, we are looking for couples who would like to participate in this project.
[Image 1:×1280.jpg] Event overview
Since the time of post-war reconstruction, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture has been working on creating a town of roses, advocating a “Rose Mind” that represents “compassion, kindness, and mutual help.”
The approximately 70 years of efforts have been praised both domestically and internationally, and the 20th World Rose Congress Fukuyama 2025 will be held in Fukuyama City from May 18th (Sunday) to May 24th (Saturday), 2025. Masu.
In conjunction with the World Rose Congress, the rose festival “Rose Expo FUKUYAMA 2025″ will be held at Fukuyama Transporting Rose Arena. “Blue Wedding,” held as one of the events at Rose Expo, sees couples wearing denim wedding dresses and suits walk through a beautiful rose garden and receive blessings from the audience. It is a wedding-like event where you can bathe.
We will provide you with an unforgettable day not only for the participants but also for everyone present, as you will experience the history and tradition, technology, and sincerity of Fukuyama. The World Rose Conference Fukuyama Executive Committee is looking for couples to participate in this project.
There will be a limited number of 3 groups, so if there are a large number of applications, the winners will be determined after a screening process.
Please note that the dress/suit will be a one-of-a-kind item that will be measured to fit the winner.
Recruitment details will be explained later
●Event overview
Date: May 17th (Sat) – May 19th (Mon), 2025
Time: 10:00-17:00 *Dates and times are negotiable
Venue: Fukuyama Transporting Rose Arena
  〒720-0804 2-2 Midoricho, Fukuyama City
Click here for the flyer↓ ●Service content
・Dressing costumes
・Hair and makeup
・Denim bouquet present
・Wedding style ceremony
・Commemorative photo shoot
[Image 2:×742.jpg] *Contents are subject to change. Please note.
[Image 3:×278.png ]
※The image is an image.
About recruitment schedule
●Application conditions
Those who live in the Bingo area (Fukuyama City, Mihara City, Onomichi City, Fuchu City, Takehara City, Sera Town, Jinseki Kogen Town, Kasaoka City, Ibara City) and fall under one of the following categories:
・Those who have been married within the past 5 years (those who have already had a wedding are also eligible)
・Those who are planning to get married soon
●How to apply
Please apply by accessing the application form below.
●Application deadline
Wednesday, July 31, 2024
If there are a large number of applications, the World Rose Congress Fukuyama Executive Committee will select the winners and contact the winners directly (around early August).
*Winners will have their dress/suit measurements taken by the end of August. *Please participate in meetings, measurements, etc. (Date and time will be determined after consultation)
*Only suits and dresses are available. Winners must prepare their own shoes and accessories (bridal underwear, stockings, neckties, etc.). Business introduction
The following businesses in Fukuyama City will be in charge of producing the wedding dresses, suits, and bouquets used for the event.
[Image 4:×1080.png ]
[Image 5:×1080.png ]
Wedding dress: Apparks Co., Ltd., Alpha Planning Co., Ltd.
Suit: Discover Link Setouchi Co., Ltd.
Bouquet: Sichuan Co., Ltd.
Fabric: Shinohara Textile Co., Ltd., Sanyo Senko Co., Ltd.
About Fukuyama Denim
Fukuyama City is famous as the number one denim production area in Japan, producing high quality denim products. Cotton cultivation, weaving, and dyeing have been popular since the Edo period, and in the latter half of the Edo period, Bingo Kasuri, one of the three major Kasuri in Japan, was born. The weaving techniques for thick fabrics and dyeing techniques such as indigo dyeing cultivated here became the background for the development of the area as a denim production area. Our denim products, backed by advanced technology, have received high praise from overseas as well. Today, many denim-related companies have gathered here, making it one of the top denim production areas in Japan.
[Image 6:×269.png ]
About the World Rose Congress
[Image 7:×1379.png ]
The World Rose Congress is an international conference that brings together approximately 700 rose growers, researchers, and other people who love roses and have experienced their beauty. Once every three years, participants from each country work to educate and spread knowledge about roses, as well as tour the host country’s rose gardens.
About Rose Expo
To commemorate the holding of the “20th World Rose Congress Fukuyama 2025”, a rose festival “Rose Expo FUKUYAMA 2025” will be held during the convention period (Saturday, May 17, 2025 – Monday, May 19, 2025). It will be held.
In this event, we will communicate the history and charm that Fukuyama and Rose have woven together. As exemplified by “Blue Wedding,” which is one of the projects, we aim for the sustainable development of Fukuyama City as a co-creative event held in collaboration with businesses and citizens in Fukuyama City.
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